2019 Thailand Amateur League

The 2019 Thailand Amateur League is the 3rd season of the League competition since its establishment in 2017. It is in the fifth tier of the Thai football league system; this season has 230 clubs. The tournament will be divided into 12 sub-regions with 3 stages in each sub-regions. Qualification stage: This method will be applied when there are more than 8 clubs in a sub-regions; this can be both one-legged knock out or round-robin basis depend on amount of participated clubs in the sub-regions. Group stage: This round divided 8 qualified clubs into play in single round-robin. Only the group winners will qualified to the next stage. Final stage: The groups winners play against each other in one-legged match; the winners of the sub-region will play in the regional final against the winner from another sub-region, in the same region to decide the club to promote to 2020 Thai League 4. 30-minute extra time and penalty shoot-out will be applied after the match is still in tie respectively. Group A1 Group A2 Group A3 Group B1 Group B2 Group B3 Group A Group B The actual result is a 2-2 draw, but Singh Nuea Chiang Mai was 0-2 forfeited due to fielding an ineligible player.

Group A1 Group A2 Group A3 * Northern Tak United won the first place of the group due to better disciplinary points than PL Tech Pitsanulok. Group A4 Group B1 Group B2 Group B3 Group B4 Group A Group B Group A1 Group A2 The match between Roi Et 2018 and Takhon City is cancelled due to Takhon City didn't show up at the match. Group A3 1 Group A4 Group B1 Group B2 Group B3 Group B4 Group A Group B Group A1 Group A2 Group A3 Group A4 Group B1 Group B2 Group B3 Group B4 Group A Group B Group A1 Group A2 Group B1 Group B2 Group A Group B Group A1 Group A2 Group B1 Group B2 Group A Group B Group A1 Group A2 Group A3 Group A4 Group B1 Group B2 Group B3 * Royal Thai Army Headquarters withdraws, so all match which involves Royal Thai Army Headquarters is cancelled, Phoenix F. C. qualified to the next round. Group B4 Group A Group B Group A1 Group A2 Group A3 Group B1 Group B2 Group B3 Group A Group B Group A1 Group A2 Group A3 *Samut Sakhon Warriors withdraw, so all match which Samut Sakhon Warriors will play is cancelled.

** Saraburi Warriors is forfeited due to fielding ineligible players at the match, the actual result is 2-1 to Saraburi Warriors. Group B1 Group B2 Group B3 Group A Group B Group A1 Group A2 Group A3 Group B1 Group B2 *Samut Sakhon City withdraws, so all match which include Samut Sakhon City is cancelled, KU Kampang San qualified to the next round. Group B3 Group A Group B Group A1 Group B1 *Surat Thani United withdrew, so Plai Phraya City and Khun Thalay SRU qualified to group stage. Group A Group B Group A Group B The actual finalist Singha Nuea Chiang Mai was 0-2 forfeited by JT due to fielding an ineligible player. According to FA Thailand's declaration about promoting clubs to the 2020 Thai League 4 by considerate amount of participate clubs in each regions, FAT revealed that there will be 9 clubs to promote to the next season of T4 League. SA Pitsanulok Chiang Rai Lanna Northern Tak United UD Nonghan Air and coastal defense command Royal Thai Air Force Kanjanapat Singha Rakhang Thong Muang Kan Songkhla F.

C. Patong City Supersub Thailand Thailive Thailand Amateur League Fanpage on Facebook

Jim Beatty (musician)

James William Beatty was an American jazz musician who specialized in the clarinet and soprano saxophone. He played on both American coasts and toured the world in countries such as China and the United Kingdom, he appeared on over 50 recordings, 15 of his own, was a guest of honor at 80th birthday of King Simeon of Bulgaria in 2017. Beatty was born to English father, he fell in love with New Orleans Jazz. Growing up in Jamestown allowed Beatty to travel to New York City and other nearby locations to listen to jazz musicians; as a teenager, he would find entrance into bars and clubs and listen to and introduce himself to musicians such as Omer Simeon, "Wild" Bill Davison, Henry "Red" Allen, George Lewis, Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong. Bechet was Beatty's idol growing up, Omer Simeon became a close friend and mentor. Beatty started playing in bands and traveling to hear jazz in places such as New Orleans and Los Angeles. With the onset of the Korean War, he was drafted into the U. S. Army. Due to his playing experience, Beatty was invited to attend the Army Band School.

After doing well in the try-out and finishing basic training, Beatty was sent to the Army School of Music. After training at Fort Dix in Trenton, New Jersey, he was assigned to the 184th Army Band stationed in Fort Eustis, Virginia. Beatty and the 184th played for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip of England during their tour of Jamestown and Williamsburg where he was a featured soloist. After being discharged in 1958, Beatty headed back to Jamestown where he started playing gigs in Jamestown and western New York, he was hired in 1961 to perform with a band in Bahamas for the winter season. While there he became friends with Bulgaria's King in exile, King Simeon, while meeting his future wife, Pauline. After the Bahamas, Beatty travelled throughout the U. S. and Canada playing a variety of jobs. In 1964, he formed his own band, The Dixielads; the band became popular in western New York and played in cities such as Buffalo and Rochester. During this time Beatty became close friends with trumpet legend "Wild" Bill Davison, who would join The Dixielads in their performances.

The late 1960's saw Beatty move his family to Oregon. He played with Monte Ballous's Castle Jazz Band before forming The Jim Beatty Jazz Band. During the 1970s, he played for nightclubs and jazz clubs in Portland and throughout the west coast, he played in concerts with the Turk Murphy Jazz Band, continued to play gigs with "Wild" Bill Davison, trumpet legends Jim Goodwin and Ernie Carson, was hired by the U. S. Government to present "jazz concerts" to local schools in Oregon and Washington. Beatty's night life on the west coast intersected with many celebrities of the time, playing for and spending time with the likes of André the Giant, Forrest Tucker, Sam Elliott. During Robert Kennedy's Presidential Campaigning for the Oregon Primary in 1968, Beatty became friends with Kennedy after playing for his campaign party; as jazz night club life declined in the 1980's, Beatty spent the rest of his career traveling the west coast and world to play gigs and producing albums with his band. Beatty became a fixture in England and Wales in the 1990s, becoming a yearly guest of the Bude Jazz Festival and other locations in the United Kingdom.

He played and toured in China and had stints throughout Europe. In 2009, Beatty was invited by the U. S. State Department to teach at a jazz academy in Russia. At the academy, Beatty taught, played for, judged young Russian jazz musicians; the stint saw Beatty perform in the Urals Estrady Theater in front of a packed Russian house. Russian jazz critic, Victor Bainov, wrote of the concert, " is a serious musician who plays only his favorite music, he is not excessively showy. However, to the attentive listener, he is expressive in his movements and poses. Jim is one of the Last Mohicans of jazz; the difference between Beatty and the last of Fenimore Cooper's warrior Mohicans is that the type of jazz musician he exemplifies will never grow old."Beatty continued to play locally in Portland and travel, most notably in Palm Springs, California. He was a guest of honor at King Simeon's 80th birthday party in Bulgaria in 2017. In March 2019 he died from complications due to a stroke. Source