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The decathlon is a combined event in athletics consisting of ten track and field events. The word "decathlon" was formed, in analogy to the word "pentathlon", from Greek δέκα and ἄθλος. Events are held over two consecutive days and the winners are determined by the combined performance in all. Performance is judged on a points system in each event, not by the position achieved; the decathlon is contested by male athletes, while female athletes compete in the heptathlon. Traditionally, the title of "World's Greatest Athlete" has been given to the person who wins the decathlon, thus the world's greatest athlete of all times is the record-man of decathlon; this began when King Gustav V of Sweden told Jim Thorpe, "You, are the world's greatest athlete" after Thorpe won the decathlon at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912. The event is similar to the pentathlon held at the ancient Greek Olympics, similar to a competition called an "all-around", contested at the United States amateur championships in 1884.

Another all-around was held at the 1904 Summer Olympics. The modern decathlon first appeared at the 1912 Games; the current official decathlon world record holder is French Kevin Mayer, who scored a total of 9,126 points at the 2018 Décastar in France. The decathlon developed from the ancient pentathlon competitions held at the ancient Greek Olympics. Pentathlons involved five disciplines – long jump, discus throw, javelin throw, sprint and a wrestling match. Introduced in Olympia during 708 BC, the competition was popular for many centuries. By the sixth century BC, pentathlons had become part of religious games. A ten-event competition known as the "all-around" or "all-round" championship, similar to the modern decathlon, was first contested at the United States amateur championships in 1884 and reached a consistent form by 1890; the modern decathlon first appeared on the Olympic athletics program at the 1912 Games in Stockholm. The vast majority of international and top level men's decathlons are divided into a two-day competition, with the track and field events held in the order below.

Traditionally, all decathletes who finish the event, rather than just the winner or medal winning athletes, do a round of honour together after the competition. The current world record holder is Kevin Mayer from France with 9126 points which he set on 16 September 2018 in Talence, France. At major championships, the women's equivalent of the decathlon is the seven-event heptathlon. However, in 2001, the IAAF approved scoring tables for a women's decathlon. Women's disciplines differ from men's in the same way as for standalone events: the shot and javelin weigh less, the sprint hurdles uses lower hurdles over 100 m rather than 110 m; the points tables used are the same as for the heptathlon in the shared events. The schedule of events differs from the men's decathlon, with the field events switched between day one and day two; the one-hour decathlon is a special type of decathlon in which the athletes have to start the last of ten events within sixty minutes of the start of the first event. The world record holder is Czech decathlete Robert Změlík, who achieved 7,897 points at a meeting in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, in 1992.

In Masters athletics, performance scores are age graded before being applied to the standard scoring table. This way, marks that would be competitive within an age division can get rated if those marks would not appear on the scale designed for younger age groups. Additionally, like women, the age divisions use lower hurdles. Based on this system, German Rolf Geese in the M60 division and American Robert Hewitt in the M80 divisions have set their respective world records over 8,000 points. Using the same scale, Nadine O'Connor scored 10,234 points in the W65 division, the highest decathlon score recorded; the 2001 IAAF points tables use the following formulae: Points = INT for track events Points = INT for field events A, B and C are parameters that vary by discipline, as shown in the table on the right, while P is the performance by the athlete, measured in seconds, metres, or centimetres. The decathlon tables should not be confused with the scoring tables compiled by Bojidar Spiriev, to allow comparison of the relative quality of performances by athletes in different events.

On those tables, for example, a decathlon score of 9,006 points equates to 1,265 "comparison points", the same number as a triple jump of 18 m. Split evenly between the events, the following table shows the benchmark levels needed to earn 1,000, 900, 800 and 700 points in each sport; the official decathlon world record holder is Kevin Mayer of France, with a score of 9,126 points set during the 2018 Décastar in Talence, ratified by the IAAF. Previous record from Ashton Eaton: The total decathlon score for all world records in the respective events would be 12,568; the total decathlon score for all the best performances achieved during decathlons is 10,544. The Difference column shows the difference in points between the decathlon points that the individual current world record would be awarded and the points awarded to the current decathlon record for that event; the % Difference co

KOD (album)

KOD is the fifth studio album by American rapper J. Cole, it was released on April 2018 through Dreamville Records, Roc Nation and Interscope Records. The majority of the production on the album was handled by Cole himself, along with others such as T-Minus, Mark Pelli, BLVK and Ron Gilmore; the album incorporates elements of jazz rap and trap, Cole has stated that the production and rhyme schemes used throughout the album was inspired by SoundCloud rap. The album explores a variety of topics including drug abuse, depression, African-American culture, taxation in the United States; the album was supported by two singles: "KOD" and "ATM", both debuted in the top 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100. In August 2018, Cole embarked on the KOD Tour. KOD received positive reviews from critics and debuted atop the US Billboard 200, selling 397,000 album-equivalent units in its first week, earning Cole his fifth consecutive number-one album in the country, while breaking several streaming records; the album has since been certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

The album debuted at number-one in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. KOD appeared on several music publications' year-end lists. HipHopDX, HotNewHipHop and Uproxx named it the best hip hop album of 2018. In an interview with Vulture, Cole said that the seed for KOD was planted at rapper Kendrick Lamar's concert in Detroit for his Damn Tour in 2017, he said watching Lamar's performance reminded him of 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Cole further explained saying: "Kendrick’s show gave me chills because I got to see what it was like to have a hit album performed, it set off a desire, it was a recognition — like, oh, I’ll take that again. Like looking at a menu, I’ll have that again." The majority of the album was recorded over a span of two weeks while Cole was on the 4 Your Eyez Only Tour, while on vacation in Italy and Tanzania, Cole recorded three songs while on tour, another six while on vacation. According to Cole, he went back to the drawing board to perfect the final three songs, the final version of the album took an additional 6 months.

Before recording KOD, Cole was working on an album titled The Fall Off, which he plans to release in 2020. Cole revealed the album's cover art on April 18, 2018; the cover art was done by Kamau Haroon known artistically as Sixmau. Cole discovered Sixmau for whom he was doing art. Sixmau told Vibe magazine: "I can't talk much about his vision. You're going to have to listen to the album, it all ties in together. It was a collaboration, it was a marriage of music. He told me what direction he was going in and he gave me freedom to portray it how I wanted."The album's title carries three different subtitles: Kids on Drugs, King Overdosed, Kill Our Demons. On April 19, 2018, Cole released the album's trailer, in the trailer Cole broke down the meaning of the album title, he explained: KOD has been characterized as conscious hip hop with elements of jazz rap and trap. Cole has stated that the production and rhyme schemes used throughout the album was inspired by SoundCloud rappers, he said: "if you listen to the flows and the patterns and the production, it's like... these dudes inspired that form, that's the form I took to get this message off on this album."

On April 16, 2018, Cole sparked speculation of a new album after he cleared his Instagram account and changed his social media profile pictures to a plain purple background. That day Cole took to Twitter to announce a surprise event for fans at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City; the event was free of charge, on a first-served basis. The event turned out to be a surprise listening session for the album; that night, he took to Twitter again to announce the album. Cole held a second listening session in London the next day. On April 18, 2018, Cole revealed the track listing for KOD. In order to promote the album, Cole announced the KOD Tour on May 8, 2018; the tour included 34 North American dates, starting in Miami, on August 9 and concluded in Boston, on October 10, 2018. Young Thug, Jaden Smith, EarthGang and Cole's alter ego kiLL edward served as supporting acts on the tour. On May 16, 2018, Cole released a 94-minute interview with radio personality Angie Martinez. During the interview Cole discussed a variety of topics including the album.

The interview was conducted in Miami at producer Salaam Remi's house, before headlining the 2018 Rolling Loud Festival. The interview was Cole's first on camera interview since 2015. On May 25, 2018, Cole released another hour long interview with rapper Lil Pump where they asked each other questions, it was recorded at the Sheltuh in North Carolina. The song "1985" was aimed at Lil Pump. Cole performed "Intro" and "Friends" at the 2018 BET Awards on June 24, 2018. Singer Daniel Caesar performed part of "Intro" and the chorus to "Friends", rapper Wale was part of the set. Writing for Billboard, Nerisha Penrose declared it the best performance of the night, she wrote: "Instead of opting for the bouncy standout cuts like “Motiv8” or “ATM” from his newest album KOD, Cole reached for the heartfelt song “Friends” for his captivating performance." The performance was Cole's first at the award show since 2013. "KOD" was serviced to American mainstream urban radio, as the album's first single, on May 8, 2018.

The song broke Spotify opening day record, it was streamed 4.2 million times, Taylor Swift held the record for "Look What You Made Me Do". The song debuted at number 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100. "ATM" impacted US rhyth

Arcadia Unified School District

The Arcadia Unified School District is a school district located in Arcadia, California. Arcadia Unified School District was founded in 1952. Before that, students were part of the Arcadia/Monrovia/Duarte School District. Arcadia Unified School District had its offices next to Arcadia High School on Campus Drive. In 2015 the district began a policy allowing transgender students use of facilities for the genders which they identify as. S. Department of Education and the U. S. Department of Justice regarding the cabin assignment of a transgender boy who went on a district-organized camping trip; the Arcadia Unified School District's Board of Education members are elected at-large composed of five members, elected to a four-year term. The elections were held on a third Tuesday in April of odd-numbered years, but starting with the 2020 California Primary election, the Board of Education elections will be held on a first Tuesday after the first Monday in March of even-numbered years; the district consists of six elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school, Arcadia High School.

Foothills Middle School is a three-year middle school for students in grades 6 through 8, located within the city of Arcadia, California. Feeder elementary schools to this student body population of 764 are Highland Oaks Elementary and Hugo Reid Elementary. Foothills Middle School feeds into Arcadia High School. For 2012-2013, Foothills attained an API of 977. More than 90% of students scored in the advanced proficient category for English and Language Arts and Science. In the 2007-2008 school year, Foothills Middle School scored second in terms of API in all of the public school systems in California and was the 7th best middle school in California. In the summer of 2006, the city passed a school bond measure. A portion of the collected revenues will fund improvements at Foothills Middle School, which include converting classrooms to science labs, expanding the music building, upgrading the multipurpose room, the library, the computer lab facilities. However, construction was not able to start because an inspection test revealed that the school was built on a large fault.

Remodeling, will continue. Asian 470 Black 15 Hispanic 108 Multiple Race 5 Pacific Islander 1 White 229 Female 440 Male 388 Richard Henry Dana Middle School known as Dana Middle School is a three year middle school for students in 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, it is located at 1401 First Ave. Arcadia CA, 91006. Elementary schools that feed to this middle school include Camino Grove Elementary School and Longley Way Elementary School; the school is a 2013 California Distinguished School and a 1997-1998 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. References Arcadia Unified School District Website Arcadia High School website Baldwin Stocker Elementary School Website Camino Grove Elementary School website Dana Middle School website First Avenue Middle School website Foothills Middle School website Longley Way Elementary School website Highland Oaks Elementary School website Holly Avenue Elementary School website Hugo Reid Elementary School website

Ee Puzhayum Kadannu

Ee Puzhayum Kadannu is a 1996 Malayalam drama thriller directed by Kamal and starring Dileep and Manju Warrier. The film was a box office hit; the film was remade in Telugu as Pelli Peetalu, in Tamil as Kanna Unnai Thedukiren and in Kannada as Sambhrama. Anjali is the third daughter of a late music teacher, she lives with her sisters and grandmother. Her life changes. At first they dislike each other, but they fall in love. However, she has a problem with their marriage. Gopi finds a groom for Anjali's mute sister. After 2 failed attempts to get her married, they all feel hopeless when out of the blue Gopi's friend admits that he loves Anjali's sister, so Gopi helps him marry her, they try to get the second sister married, but she admits to never having gotten over her old boyfriend. They track him down and ask him to marry her, he says that his mother would ask for a lot of dowry. Gopi does everything he can, including making his brother loan out his house in order to obtain the money and the ornaments they demanded were provided by Sudheesh himself.

However, that night, when their drunkard step-brother steals the ornaments from Anjali's house, Gopi finds him and accidentally kills him. He confesses to Anjali that he killed him, but they hide this due to the wedding of Anjali's second sister and her boyfriend. Gopi is arrested in front including Anjali. After five years, when Gopi comes back from jail and her whole family are waiting for him, the movie ends on a positive note. Dileep... Gopi — a watchrepair man and neighour of Anjali who falls in love with her Manju Warrier... Anjali — the youngest of three sisters who meets and falls in love with Gopi Biju Menon - Gopi's friend, who secretly loves Anjali's mute and deaf sister Mohini... Ashwathy — eldest of three sisters; the film became a commercial success. Kerala State Film Award for Best actress -Manju Warrier Filmfare award for Best actress -Manju Warrier Ee Puzhayum Kadannu on IMDb

Y.E.S. 93.3FM

YES 933 known as 933醉心频道, now known as 顶尖流行音乐电台, 引流潮流时代 in Chinese is a Mandarin radio station owned by Mediacorp in Singapore. It is a 24-hour music station. YES 933 ended its broadcast on 20 January 2017 at 10:00 at Caldecott Broadcast Centre and thereafter move on to the new campus at 1 Stars Avenue; the first programme, broadcast there was 12:00 on the same day. Singapore Radio began in 1936 with stations each broadcasting in its four official languages - namely Radio One, Radio Two, Radio Three and Radio Four; the owner - Singapore Broadcasting Corporation - launched a revamp campaign and started several stations targeting different segments of the population. Perfect Ten 98.7 FM began in 1989 to play English hits for the youth, while its Chinese equivalent, YES 933 began broadcasting on 1 January 1990 at 09:33. The Malay equivalent, Ria 89.7FM began in December of the same year. YES 933 began as an 18-hour station, broadcasting from 06:00 to 24:00. Broadcasting hours were extended to 02:00 in December of the same year, making it the first Chinese radio station to offer music after midnight.

It went 24 hours on 1 May 1994. Assistant Programme Director: 李建德 Promotions Manager: Joyce Tan 高美贵 Koh Bee Kwee 陈宁 Chan Ning Jeff Goh 萧嘉蕙 Siau Jiahui 林佩芬 Lim Pei Fen Christina 刘宇恒 Law Yi Heng Henry 钟坤华 Chung Kun Wah, Kenneth 蔡伟彬 Nico Chua Wei Ping 张颖双 Hazelle Teo Ying Shuang 陈启佳 Evelyn Tan Qi Jia 黄柏荣 Gerald Ng 王顺达 Yutaki Ong 陈泳渝 Tan Yong Yu 江天俊 Kong Tin Jun 林灵芝 Lin Ling Zhi 巫许玛莉 Bukoh Mary 周崇庆 Dennis Chew 谢家发 Xie Jia Fa Ivy Tan 陈艾薇 陈彦维 Chen Yan Wei Cruz Teng 丁志勇 Dasmond Koh Dear DJ 我们之间的故事 #校园搜查队 YES 933 Official Website List of radio stations in Singapore

Body of Work: A Collection of Hits

Body of Work: A Collection of Hits is the first greatest hits album released by Canadian country music singer Aaron Pritchett. It was released by Big Star Recordings on May 12, 2015 and serves as Pritchett's first full-length release on the label; the compilation includes thirteen popular singles from Pritchett's second studio album through his sixth studio album as well as three exclusive tracks that were all released as singles. Pritchett is credited as a songwriter on nine tracks, including all of the releases from Thankful and In the Driver's Seat. In July 2013, following the release of "Suntan City", it was reported that Pritchett was working on his seventh studio album, expected to be released that fall. By July 2014, Pritchett had signed to Big Star Recordings. In October 2014, Pritchett told the Gabriola Sounder that he was in process of recording new songs, that "there is no full album coming out, but we're looking at a "greatest hits"; the title, release date, track listing for Body of Work were announced in April 2015."Suntan City" was recorded by American country artist Luke Bryan on his EP of the same name.

A cover of Luke Bryan's "Suntan City" was released digitally via On Ramp Records on May 16, 2013 and was serviced to Canadian country radio on May 28, 2013 and serves as the record's lead single. The song reached number 18 on the Billboard Canada Country airplay chart, it was re-issued as a digital single on January 28, 2015."Boat on the Water" was released July 15, 2014 as Pritchett's first release for Big Star Recordings. It reached a peak of 28 on the Canada Country chart. In October 2014, the song was voted the "most popular song" on A third single, "Wake You with a Kiss", was released February 10, 2015, it reached 29 on the Canada Country chart. Body of Work: A Collection of Hits at AllMusic