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Agnes of Merania

Agnes Maria of Andechs-Merania was a Queen of France. She is called Marie by some of the French chroniclers. Agnes Maria was the daughter of Berthold, Duke of Merania, Count of Andechs, a castle and territory near Ammersee, Bavaria, her mother was Agnes of Rochlitz. In June 1196 Agnes married Philip II of France, who had repudiated his second wife Ingeborg of Denmark in 1193. Pope Innocent III espoused the cause of Ingeborg. Agnes died broken-hearted in July of the next year, at the castle of Poissy, was buried in the Convent of St Corentin, near Nantes. Agnes and Philip had two children: Philip I, Count of Boulogne and Mary, who were legitimized by the Pope in 1201 at the request of the King. Little is known of the personality of Agnes, beyond the remarkable influence which she seems to have exercised over Philip, she has been made the heroine of a tragedy by François Ponsard, Agnès de Méranie, of an opera by Vincenzo Bellini, La straniera. This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed..

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Building of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Presidency Building is the official residence of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the Centar Municipality of Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878, the occupational administration required a headquarters in central Sarajevo to house various staff and military personnel; the new government building was commissioned by the first Mayor of Sarajevo Mustafa Fadilpašić and designed by the architect Josip Vancaš in the Renaissance style, was constructed from 1884 to 1886. The building remained as the headquarters of the Austro-Hungarian regime in the area, housing government and military departments, as well as law courts and ceremonial rooms. After World War I, the building became the government headquarters of the Drina Banovina province in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After World War II, the building became the official residence of the President of the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the home of the Executive Committee of the People's Assembly.

During the Bosnian War, the building was used by the Supreme Command of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina as its military headquarters. The building suffered external and internal damage during the war which has subsequently been restored. Since 1996, the building has been used as the official residence of the collective Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of the collective heads of state use the building as their main residence in Sarajevo, as well as their ceremonial and working office; the cabinet of the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina meet at the building, some government departments are located there. The building is used for state and ceremonial functions, as well as receptions and meetings with visiting foreign dignitaries and heads of state. During the 2014 Bosnia and Herzegovina social riots, the windows of the Presidency Building were broken with stones thrown by protesters who viewed the structure as a potent symbol of the Bosnia's chronic dysfunction. Presidency Building information from the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sabina Rakcheyeva

Sabina Rakcheyeva is an Azerbaijani violinist, concertmaster and a member of the European Cultural Parliament. Rakcheyeva began studying violin at the age of six. In 1997, Sabina was named Best Violinist of the Year at the Youth Music Competition in Baku, she graduated magna cum laude from Baku Music Academy. Rakcheyeva auditioned for a jury at Juilliard School, performing the pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, Georges Bizet, Niccolò Paganini and Dmitri Shostakovich and became the first Azerbaijani to be admitted there, she made her mark as a world-class classical fiddler. At Caspian Jazz and Blues Festival 2003 in Baku Rakcheyeva debuted as a jazz violinist. In 2008 Rakcheyeva's trio performed mugams and world classical music at the concert in London dedicated to 90th anniversary of composer Gara Garayev. On the 91st anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 2009, Rakcheyeva and her group gave a concert in Monterey, performing the Western classic music and pieces of Azerbaijani folklore samples "Sari Galin" and "Lachin".

Official website Ástor Piazzolla, "Oblivion" by Rakcheyeva trio Kara Karayev, "Pastorale" by Rakcheyeva "Sari Galin" by Rakcheyeva's trio

Joseph Booth (rugby player)

Joseph "Joe" Booth was a Welsh-born rugby union forward who played club rugby for Pontymister and international rugby for Wales. Booth joined West Hartlepool R. F. C. and represented Durham at county level. Booth was the first player to be capped for Pontymister while representing the club, when he was chosen to play for Wales in the country's first match of the 1898 Home Nations Championship. Wales had just been readmitted into the International Rugby Board after a year of exile due to the events of the Gould Affair; the re-formed Welsh team had seven new caps, with five first time internationals brought into the pack, Booth being one of them. Played away at Limerick, now captained by Swansea's Billy Bancroft, Wales made an excellent start to the tournament by winning the match 11-3. Despite the victory, Booth was replaced for the next match by Rhondda policeman Dai Evans, never represented Wales again. In the autumn of 1898 Booth moved to England, but unlike many of his fellow players did not switch to the professional league code, but instead joined union club West Hartlepool.

While at Hartlepool, Booth was selected to play for Durham County, playing nine games over five seasons. Wales Ireland 1898 Godwin, Terry; the International Rugby Championship 1883-1983. London: Willows Books. ISBN 0-00-218060-X. Griffiths, John; the Phoenix Book of International Rugby Records. London: Phoenix House. ISBN 0-460-07003-7. Jenkins, John M.. Who's Who of Welsh International Rugby Players. Wrexham: Bridge Books. ISBN 1-872424-10-4. Smith, David. Fields of Praise: The Official History of The Welsh Rugby Union. Cardiff: University of Wales Press. ISBN 0-7083-0766-3

Conjunto Primavera

Conjunto Primavera is a Mexican Norteño-Sax band from Ojinaga, Chihuahua. In the 1990s and 2000s they became one of the most popular groups in the genre. Conjunto Primavera was formed on the first day of spring in 1978 by the saxophonist Juan Dominguez, they remained a local act for several years, but starting in 1980, they signed with an indie label, Joey Records, in San Antonio, Texas. It was at Joey Records that Conjunto Primavera would not only record popular covers such as "La Sirenita", "Paloma Querida", "Noches Eternas", but subsequent fan favorites such as "Borracho Y Loco", "Cuatro Primaveras", "10 Kilometros." However, the group was still far from popular. Starting in the mid-80s, Conjunto Primavera would start recording romantic ballads with saxophone and electric keyboard, a style that the norteño group would become known for in the years to come. Another major change took place in 1988 when lead singer Nacho Galindo announced he was leaving the group to become a Christian artist.

Soon thereafter, Tony Melendez took the position, at 18 years old, started to take the group in a new direction. To further their success, Conjunto Primavera signed a new contract with AFG Sigma Records in 1993 and recorded their first major success, Me Nortie. Since their first release on Fonovisa in 1996, the group has released several gold-selling albums and has been nominated for many Latin Grammy awards. In 2008, the group received the Billboard Latin Music Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2014, at the 15th Annual Latin Grammy Awards, they were awarded the Latin Grammy Best Norteño Album award for their album Amor Amor. Juan Antonio "Tony" Melendez - lead vocals Manuel Rolando Perez - bajo sexto Juan Dominguez - saxophone Felix Antonio Contreras - accordion, keyboards Adrian Anthony Regalado - drums Francisco "Frank" Mata - bass Ignacio "Nacho" Galindo - vocals, bass, he would leave the group in 1989 to become a Christian artist Adan Huerta - drums Daniel Martinez - drums, left the group shortly after a bus accident in Iraan, Texas in 2007 Oscar Ochoa - bass, left the group for health reasons, has since formed his own band Conjunto Invernal Telesforo Saenz - bajo sexto Gustavo Galindo - bass Ramiro Rodriguez - accordion, keyboards Jesus "Chuy" Monstrenco - bajo sexto Timeline Studio albums, live albums, singlesBorracho y Loco Chihuahua, Mexico De Ojinaga, Chihuahua Almas Perdidas Cuatro Primaveras El Viboron Cumbias y Rancheras La Otra La Cuerda Demasiado Tarde Andos Sin Frenos Me Voy, Me Voy Con Las Manos Vacias Vas a Conseguir Lo Mejor, Lo Ultimo Tu Y Otra Vez Me Nortie Amigo Mesero Tragedias del Pueblo Me Nacio del Alma U.

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S. Latin #16 2 en 1 U. S. Latin #34 20 Llegadores U. S. Latin #16 Dejando Huella II U. S. #158, U. S. Latin #5 Linea de Oro U. S. Latin #51 Para Ti... Nuestra Historia U. S. #174, U. S. Latin #6 Chihuahua a Durango U. S. Latin #45 Dejando Huella... El Final U. S. Latin #20 La Mejor... Collecion: 30 Super Exitos U. S. Latin #68 20 Super Temas: La Historia De Los Exitos U. S. Latin #15 Serie Diamante: 30 Super Exitos U. S. Latin #43 20 Kilates Romanticos U. S. Latin