Dell Diamond

Dell Diamond is the home stadium of the Round Rock Express, the Triple-A Minor League Baseball affiliate of the Houston Astros major league baseball team. On April 16, 2000, the then-Double-A affiliate Express played their first home game at the stadium. Dell Diamond is built on 85 acres of former farmland on the east side of Round Rock, Texas, a growing suburban city northeast of Austin. Nolan Ryan and his son Reid Ryan, part owners of the Express wanted a stadium inside the city of Austin, but found a more attractive site in the City of Round Rock, with support from the city leadership; the city of Round Rock contributed $7.35 million to the $25 million cost of the facility. The city gave the Express a 38-year lease. Local-based computer technology company Dell contracted for naming rights in a deal that will cost the company $2.5 million over 15 years. The stadium has hosted several college games, including some early-season University of Texas contests in 2007 while the Longhorns' home field, UFCU Disch-Falk Field, had been undergoing a major renovation project.

A showcase neutral-site game was played on February 21, 2012, between the Baylor Bears and Texas State Bobcats. Dell Diamond is the designated site for the University Interscholastic League state baseball tournament. On February 13, 2016, the stadium hosted a rugby union match between Canada and USA Rugby, as part of the Americas Rugby Championship. On June 25, 2007, Manny Parra, pitcher for the visiting Nashville Sounds, pitched a perfect game against the Round Rock Express at the ballpark. In October 2016, the stadium hosted the Traxxas Monster Truck Destruction Tour during the period prior to the field being resurfaced for the first time. From September 2017 to mid-March 2018, the stadium was transformed into a set used for the fourth season of television's Fear the Walking Dead; as a result, the field had to be resurfaced again because vegetables had been planted on it and the grass killed with chemicals to attain a post-apocalyptic look. In 2019, the Austin Elite, of Major League Rugby, announced Dell Diamond will be their home stadium for the 2019 season.

Dell Diamond has hosted international matches in the past for the Americas Rugby Championship. Ballpark Profile Round Rock Express The Dell Diamond


Abruptum is a black metal and dark ambient solo side-project band from Sweden. It is run by Evil of Marduk, but the band was formed in 1989 by IT. All and Evil joined the band later. IT was one of the leaders of part of the Swedish Black metal scene. Euronymous, co-founder of Mayhem and founder of Deathlike Silence Productions, described Abruptum as "the audial essence of pure black evil". IT had planned to create the band in 1987, but it wasn't until 1990 that he found the right members to do it; the same year, they recorded their first two demos. After the release of the first demo, they fired Ext.. After the release of a 7-inch EP Evil in 1991, All began to drink and was forced to leave the band. IT found a new member in "Evil". Around this time, IT reunited with All to form Vondur. Abruptum was signed to Euronymous's label Deathlike Silence Productions, on which they released two albums. Euronymous described them as "the audial essence of pure black evil", IT considered Euronymous to be "a true ally".

After Euronymous's murder, Abruptum contributed the opening track to the compilation album Nordic Metal: A Tribute to Euronymous. Controversy surrounded Abruptum's close relationship with Euronymous, with Varg Vikernes referencing Abruptum when recalling his version of the events and motives leading to the death of Euronymous. Vikernes, claiming that he killed Euronymous in self-defense, recalled in a 2006 interview: wanted to kill me for several reasons. I dumped his label, by doing that left him with a label with only bands that sold bad, it has been wrongly rumored IT left the band and the black metal scene altogether in 1996, following numerous threats made to him and to his family. According to IT himself and his sister/manager, not at all the reason for his departure from the scene, as he had been wanting to leave for some time until he did. Evil kept Abruptum going and released material on his own record label, Blooddawn Productions, until 2005 when he announced that he had ended Abruptum.

Since Abruptum's disbanding, IT joined an Industrial band called 8th Sin, was involved with the band War along with All. All worked with IT again in Ophthalamia, but that band has disbanded. IT died on 8 February 2017, aged 44. Evil continues his work with Marduk and Death Wolf, yet brought Abruptum back in 2008, recording and releasing an EP that same year and a full length in 2011 under his Blooddawn Productions label. While Abruptum is classified as a black metal/dark ambient band, the band took a different approach to their music, they did not focus on creating any structured songs, just made noise. Earlier material had shorter songs but their releases included one or two tracks with more than forty minutes of music, they used standard drums, bass and other various instruments, but what stood out more was the screaming, as the band tortured and cut each other during their recordings. Whether this is true or not has never been verified; this led to Euronymous' now famous distinction of Abruptum as "The Audial Essence Of Pure Black Evil".

After IT left the band, Evil changed the band's musical style to more dark ambient/noise and dropped most of the metal sound. Evil, Vocals, Programming IT – Vocals, Bass, Violin All – Vocals Ext – Bass Abruptum The Satanist Tunes Evil Orchestra of Dark Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me Translation: "I call on obscurity to embrace me." In Umbra Malitae Ambulabo, in Aeternum in Triumpho Tenebraum Translation: "Walk in the shadow of evil, in the triumph of darkness forever." Evil Genius Nordic Metal: A Tribute to Euronymous Vi Sonas Veris Nigrae Malitiaes De Profundis mors vas Consumet.

Arena (1953 film)

Arena is a 1953 Ansco Color 3-D film directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Gig Young, Jean Hagen, Polly Bergen. It was promoted as "the first 3-D western" of the era. A man named Hob Danvers comes to Arizona rodeo with Sylvia Lorgan in tow. Hob has been separated from wife Ruth for two years, doesn't realize she intends to be at the rodeo, he learns that Lew is here looking for work. He is shocked to find, after many years as a rodeo rider. Current rodeo star Jackie Roach makes a pass at Sylvia, who rejects him. Hob competes in bareback riding and so impresses Lew's young son that Lew bribes a cowboy to change places and let him ride a bucking bronco. Lew badly injures his leg. Ruth scolds the others for encouraging Lew, saying everyone should face the hard truth that his rodeo career is done. Lew, angry now, enters the Brahma bull competition over Meg's objections. Hob is thrown. Lew, attempting to distract the bull, cannot get away enough due to his bad leg, he is fatally gored. Hob walks away, leaving Sylvia behind.

Gig Young as Hob Danvers Jean Hagen as Meg Polly Bergen as Ruth Harry Morgan as Lew Hutchins Barbara Lawrence as Sylvia Robert Horton as Jack Roach According to MGM records the film earned $762,000 in the US and Canada and $260,000 elsewhere, resulting in a profit of $444,000. Arena on IMDb Arena at AllMovie Arena at the TCM Movie Database Arena at the American Film Institute Catalog