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Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships is the official reference work for the basic facts about ships used by the United States Navy. When the writing project was developed the parameters for this series were designed to cover only commissioned US Navy ships with assigned names. If the ship was not assigned a name it was not included in the histories written for the series. In addition to the ship entries, DANFS and the online links have been expanded to include appendices on small craft, histories of Confederate Navy ships, various essays related to naval ships. DANFS was published in print by the Naval Historical Center as bound hardcover volumes, ordered by ship name, from Volume I in 1959 to Volume VIII in 1981. Several volumes subsequently went out of print. In 1991 a revised Volume I Part A, covering only ship names beginning with A, was released. Work continues on revisions of the remaining volumes. Volunteers at the Hazegray website undertook to transcribe the DANFS and make it available on the World Wide Web.

The project goal is a direct transcription of the DANFS, with changes limited to correcting typographical errors and editorial notes for incorrect facts in the original. In 2008 the NHC was re-designated as Heritage Command, it has developed an online version of DANFS through a combination of optical character recognition and hand transcription. The NHHC is updating its online DANFS to correct errors and take into account the gap in time between the print publication and the present date. NHHC prioritizes updates as follows: ships commissioned, ships commissioned after the original volume publication, ships decommissioned after original volume publication, updates to older ships; the NHHC has begun a related project to place Ship History and Command Operations Reports online at their DANFS site. As the DANFS is a work of the U. S. government, its content is in the public domain, the text is quoted verbatim in other works. Many websites organized by former and active crew members of U. S. Navy vessels include a copy of their ships' DANFS entries.

The Dictionary limits itself to basic descriptions and brief operational notes, includes no analysis or historical context. List of sloops of war of the United States Navy List of sailing frigates of the United States Navy Bibliography of early American naval history Naval History and Heritage Command - Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

Nilberto da Silva Melo

Nilberto da Silva Melo is a Brazilian footballer who most played as a midfielder for F. C. Motagua, he and his brother Edmilson, came to Honduras to C. D. Marathon and after two season they left to Motagua because they didn't fit into Manuel Keosseian's tactics, he has four football playing brothers: former Flamengo midfielder Nélio, Cruzeiro- and Brazilian World Cup defender Gilberto, former El Salvador international Nildeson and Edmilson with whom he played in Honduras. - Motagua squad Copa Sudamericana 2008 Nilberto da Silva Melo at Sambafoot CBF

Taça Nacional de São Tomé e Príncipe

Taça Nacional de São Tomé e Príncipe is the top knockout tournament of the São Toméan Football Federation, it was created in 1981. The cup winner of São Tome island competes with a cup winner from Príncipe Island; the winner competes in the São Príncipe Super Cup. As with the national championship matches, the national cup competition are broadcast each year on the state network TVS, Santomean TV, the nation's only network; when Príncipe Island had no competition until 1999, the second placed cup team competed in the competition up to 1999 and the last one in 2001. In 2000 and 2001, the cup winner of Prínicipe first competed at the semis; the editions from 2004 to 2006 were not held, as the same reason in the championships, due to several clubs that did not to be relegated. RSSSF competition history