Cinnyris is a genus of sunbirds. Its members are sometimes included in Nectarinia, they are known as double-collared sunbirds because the fringe of their bib includes a band of contrastingly coloured feathers. The sunbirds are a group of small Old World passerine birds which feed on nectar, although they will take insects when feeding young. Flight is direct on their short wings. Most species can take nectar by hovering like a hummingbird, but perch to feed; the genus was introduced by the French naturalist Georges Cuvier in 1816. The type species was subsequently designated as the splendid sunbird; the name Cinnyris is from the Ancient Greek kinnuris, an unknown small bird mentioned by Hesychius of Alexandria. It is suspected that the genus is polyphyletic and the positions of many are unresolved:The genus contains 56 species: Olive-bellied sunbird, Cinnyris chloropygius Tiny sunbird, Cinnyris minullus Eastern Miombo sunbird, Cinnyris manoensis Western Miombo sunbird, Cinnyris gertrudis – split from eastern Miombo sunbird Southern double-collared sunbird, Cinnyris chalybeus Neergaard's sunbird, Cinnyris neergaardi Rwenzori double-collared sunbird, Cinnyris stuhlmanni Whyte’s double-collared sunbird, Cinnyris whytei – split from Ludwig's double-collared sunbird Prigogine's double-collared sunbird, Cinnyris prigoginei Ludwig's double-collared sunbird, Cinnyris ludovicensis Northern double-collared sunbird, Cinnyris reichenowi Greater double-collared sunbird, Cinnyris afer Regal sunbird, Cinnyris regius Rockefeller's sunbird, Cinnyris rockefelleri Eastern double-collared sunbird, Cinnyris mediocris Usambara double-collared sunbird, Cinnyris usambaricus – split from eastern double-collared sunbird Forest double-collared sunbird, Cinnyris fuelleborni Moreau's sunbird, Cinnyris moreaui Beautiful sunbird, Cinnyris pulchellus Loveridge's sunbird, Cinnyris loveridgei Marico sunbird, Cinnyris mariquensis Shelley's sunbird, Cinnyris shelleyi Hofmann's sunbird, Cinnyris hofmanni Congo sunbird, Cinnyris congensis Red-chested sunbird, Cinnyris erythrocerca Black-bellied sunbird, Cinnyris nectarinioides Purple-banded sunbird, Cinnyris bifasciatus Tsavo sunbird, Cinnyris tsavoensis - sometimes included in C. bifasciatus Violet-breasted sunbird, Cinnyris chalcomelas Pemba sunbird, Cinnyris pembae Orange-tufted sunbird, Cinnyris bouvieri Palestine sunbird, Cinnyris oseus Shining sunbird, Cinnyris habessinicus Splendid sunbird, Cinnyris coccinigaster Johanna's sunbird, Cinnyris johannae Superb sunbird, Cinnyris superbus Rufous-winged sunbird, Cinnyris rufipennis Oustalet's sunbird, Cinnyris oustaleti White-bellied sunbird, Cinnyris talatala Variable sunbird, Cinnyris venustus Dusky sunbird, Cinnyris fuscus Ursula's sunbird, Cinnyris ursulae Bates's sunbird, Cinnyris batesi Copper sunbird, Cinnyris cupreus Purple sunbird, Cinnyris asiaticus Olive-backed sunbird, Cinnyris jugularis Apricot-breasted sunbird, Cinnyris buettikoferi Flame-breasted sunbird, Cinnyris solaris Souimanga sunbird, Cinnyris sovimanga Abbott's sunbird, Cinnyris abbotti Seychelles sunbird, Cinnyris dussumieri Malagasy green sunbird, Cinnyris notatus Humblot's sunbird, Cinnyris humbloti Anjouan sunbird, Cinnyris comorensis Mayotte sunbird, Cinnyris coquerellii Loten's sunbird, Cinnyris lotenius Barlow and Disley, Birds of The Gambia ISBN 1-873403-32-1 Grimmett and Inskipp, Birds of India ISBN 0-691-04910-6 Robson, Craig A Field Guide to the Birds of Thailand ISBN 1-84330-921-1 Sinclair, Ian.

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Boys Noize

Alexander Ridha, better known by his stage name Boys Noize, is a German electronic music producer and DJ. It is similar to the name of Ridha's label, Boysnoize Records, which he established in 2005. Ridha has remixed a number including Snoop Dogg and Depeche Mode. In 2019, he produced Frank Ocean's song "DHL". Ridha started producing and DJing from an early age, including a period in which he supported Felix Da Housecat and DJ Hell under the alias of Kid Alex. He's been anointed one of the "Top 10 DJ's Who Rule The World" by Rolling Stone, elected "Best Electronic Act" by Beatport 3 years in a row, awarded with the Independent Music Award in 2010, his music is known to merge various styles, with influences of hip-hop and disco roots as well as heavy noise and electro house sounds. Ridha released his early work on labels such as International Deejay Gigolos Records, Kitsuné Music and Turbo Recordings, he established Boysnoize Records in 2005. He remixed David Lynch, N. E. R. D, Depeche Mode, Snoop Dogg, Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers amongst many other well-known artists and became a producer of note, having worked with Kelis, UK rapper Kano, The Black Eyed Peas, the South Korean band BIGBANG and has collaborated with the New York band Scissor Sisters on their album "Only The Horses".

Chilly Gonzales' "Ivory Tower" is his first produced and co-written album, released in August 2010. He has further collaborated with Erol Alkan: the first record "Death Suite" / "Waves" was released on Ridha's imprint BNR, followed by "Lemonade" / "Avalanche", which came out on Erol's label Phantasy Sound. In October 2010, the first release of the newly launched sublabel BNR TRAX was presented. In 2012, Boys Noize released his third studio album, Out of the Black. In 2012, Boys Noize formed a side project with Skrillex called Dog Blood, in the Electro genre. Dog Blood performed at the 2013 Miami Ultra Music Festival. Boysnoize Records celebrated its 100th release in 2013, with electronic dance heavyweights as The Chemical Brothers & Justice remixing BOYS NOIZE's "XTC" & "ICH R U". In 2014, Boys Noize did the music composition for a German movie named -- No System Is Safe. Ridha collaborated with Chilly Gonzales to form Octave Minds; the self-titled debut album was released on BNR with track premieres on Pitchfork Dazed & Confused and Fader.

Besides the album features a track called "Tap Dance", which features Chance the Rapper & the Social Experiment. Boys Noize released his "Go Hard" EP in a # 1 album release on Beatport. In August 2015 it was announced that Ridha had collaborated with Jean-Michel Jarre on the track "The Time Machine" from the album Electronica 1: The Time Machine. In 2016, Boys Noize released his fourth studio album, which included collaborations with Benga, Remy Banks, Poliça, Hudson Mohawke, Spank Rock, he described it as " signal against blind categorization and conformist synchronization", "a call for individuality and diversity", "a tribute to outsiders". It peaked at number 8 on Billboard's Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. 2008 - Oi Oi Oi Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck I Love Techno 2008 Radio Soulwax Mix Mixmag Presents Electro Techno Thunder! South West Four Clapham Festival Preview FABRICLIVE 72: Boys Noize BNR10YR Bang Mix Official website Boys Noize discography at Discogs Boys Noize on Twitter