Diocese of Funen

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Diocese of Funen
Fyens Stift
Sankt Knuds Kirke Odense.jpg
The Cathedral of the diocese.
Country Denmark
- Total
(as of 2016)
Members 396,637 (80.1%)
Denomination Church of Denmark
Sui iuris church Latin Church
Cathedral St. Canute's Cathedral
Current leadership
Bishop Tine Lindhardt
Emeritus Bishops Kresten Drejegaard Bishop Emeritus (1995-2012)

The Diocese of Funen (Danish: Fyens Stift) is a diocese within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark, based in Odense. Current bishop of the diocese is Tine Lindhardt since 2012.


Danish dioceses in the middle ages

Diocese of Othinia(Latin name of Odense) was founded in 988 the Diocese of Schleswig. In the 11th century, the archbishops of Hamburg-Bremen fought with the archbishops of Canterbury for the jurisdiction. Historically, the first bishop was Reginbert the Englishman(also Reginar). Since 1104, the diocese has belonged to the Diocese of Lund, which was then been suffragan of the Archbishopric of Hamburg-Bremen.

After the Reformation, the diocese was replaced to a Lutheran diocese.

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