Director General of the European Union Military Staff

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Director General of the European Union Military Staff
Coat of arms of the European Union Military Staff.svg
Informal meeting of defence ministers (FAC). Arrivals Esa Pulkkinen (36890876876) (cropped).jpg
Lt. Gen Esa Pulkkinen
European Union Military Staff
Reports toHigh Representative, Military Committee
SeatKortenberg building, Brussels, Belgium
Term length3 years
Formation11 June 2001; 17 years ago (11 June 2001)
First holderRainer Schuwirth
DeputyDeputy Director General of the European Union Military Staff

The Director General of the European Union Military Staff (DGEUMS) is the head of the European Union Military Staff (EUMS) who also serves as Director of the Military Planning and Conduct Capability. This position, which was established in 2001, is held by a three-star general, since 2016 Lieutenant General Esa Pulkkinen.[1]


The Director General is responsible for the EUMS' work in providing strategic advice to the High Representative (HR), reporting to the European Union Military Committee (EUMC) - representing member states' Chiefs of Defence - and performing "early warning", situation assessment and strategic planning.

Since 2017 DGEUMS has also served as Director of the Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC), and as such assumes the function of the single commander for all non-executive military missions of the European Union (EU), exercising command and control over the current three training Missions and other possible future operations. Presently the MPCC may only run non-executive operations. By the end of 2020 the MPCC will also be capable of running executive operations of up to 2500 troops, i.e. the size of one battle group.[2]

The CSDP command structure involving the High Representative, the Military Staff and Military Committee as of 1 November 2017:[3] Colour key:
     High Representative (a Vice-President of the Commission)
     Coat of arms of the European Union Military Committee.svg Military Committee (a Council body)
     Coat of arms of the European Union Military Staff.svg Military Staff (a Directorate-General of the External Action Service)

High Representative
Coat of arms of Europe.svg
Military Committee
Golden star.svgGolden star.svgGolden star.svgGolden star.svg
Working Group
Golden star.svg
Emblem of the European Union Military Committee Working Group - Headline Goal Task Force.svg
Working Group/Headline Goal Task Force
Military Staff
Director General
Golden star.svgGolden star.svgGolden star.svg
Legal advisor
Deputy Director General
Golden star.svgGolden star.svg
Horizontal Coordination
Assistant Chief of Staff for SynchronisationEU cell at SHAPE
EU Liaison at the UN in NYAssistant Chief of Staff for External Relations
NATO Permanent Liaison Team
Concepts & Capabilities
Golden star.svg
Golden star.svg
Golden star.svg
Golden star.svg
Communications & Information Systems
Golden star.svg
Military Planning and
Conduct Capability

Chief of Staff
Golden star.svg
Working Group
Current Operations

List of holders[edit]

Director General Took office Left office Time in office Defence branch Nationality
Rainer Schuwirth [de]
Schuwirth, RainerLieutenant General
Rainer Schuwirth [de]
(born 1945)
11 June 20011 March 20042 years, 264 days Finnish Army Finland
Jean-Paul Perruche
Schuwirth, RainerLieutenant General
Jean-Paul Perruche
(born 1947)
1 March 200428 February 20072 years, 364 days French Army France
David Leakey
Leakey, DavidLieutenant General
David Leakey
(born 1952)
1 March 200728 May 20103 years, 88 days British Army United Kingdom
Ton van Osch
Osch, TonLieutenant General
Ton van Osch
(born 1955)
28 May 201028 May 20133 years, 0 days Royal Netherlands Army Netherlands
Wolfgang Wosolsobe
Wosolsobe, WolfgangLieutenant General
Wolfgang Wosolsobe
28 May 20131 May 20162 years, 339 days Austrian Land Forces Austria
Esa Pulkkinen
Pulkkinen, EsaLieutenant General
Esa Pulkkinen
(born 1957)
1 May 2016Incumbent3 years, 29 days Finnish Army Finland


DGEUMS is assisted by the Deputy Director General and the Chef of Staff (DDG/COS, a two-star general).[4]

List of Deputy Directors General
Name Photo Nationality Term began Term ended
Rear Admiral Bruce Williams Commodore Bruce Williams 20070404 crop.jpg  United Kingdom 2011 2015
Rear Admiral Waldemar Głuszko Kontradmirał.Waldemar.Gluszko.jpg  Poland 2015 2017
Major General Giovanni Manione European Union politic personality icon.svg  Italy 2017 -

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