Domício da Gama

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Domício da Gama
Portrait of Domício da Gama.jpg
Portrait of Domício da Gama, by Harris & Ewing
Born (1862-10-23)October 23, 1862
Maricá, Rio de Janeiro, Empire of Brazil
Died November 8, 1925(1925-11-08) (aged 63)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Domício da Gama (October 23, 1862 – November 8, 1925) was a journalist, diplomat and writer from Brazil. He was Brazil's ambassador to the United States from 1911 to 1918. In 1918 he became Brazil's minister for Foreign Affairs.[1]

On March 4, 1915 Gama and two others received the Thanks of Congress and were awarded Congressional Gold Medals (P.L. 63-75, 38 Stat. 1228). The statute reads as follows.

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the thanks of Congress to their excellencies be, and they are hereby, presented to their excellencies Señor Domício da Gama, Señor Rómulo S. Naón, and Señor Eduardo Suárez for their generous services as mediators in the controversy between the Government of the United States of America and the leaders of the warring parties in the Republic of Mexico. That the President of the United States is hereby authorized and requested to cause to be made and presented to their excellencies Señor Domicio da Gama, Señor Rómulo S. Naón, and Señor Eduardo Suárez suitable gold medals, appropriately inscribed, which shall express the high estimation in which Congress holds the services of these distinguished statesmen, and the Republics which they represent, in the promotion of peace and order in the American continent.


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