The Mother-Daughter Book Club

The Mother-Daughter Book Club is a series of children's novels written by Heather Vogel Frederick. The books center around the lives of four different preteen, teenage girls who become best friends because of the book club that their mothers start; the girls live in a fictionalized Concord, Massachusetts. The books are divided between seasons, each chapter features the point of view of a girl, a member of the book club. Emma Emma Hawthorne is teased by Becca Chadwick and the rest of the Fab Four on the first day of sixth grade. Emma's brother Darcy helps her find her classroom, she enters the class and sits across from Megan Wong, her former best friend, next to Zach Norton, her crush. Her best friend Jess Delaney is in a separate classroom. Emma explains that Darcy calls Megan, Becca and Jen "The Fab Four", which they think is cute because they like Darcy; when Emma gets home, her mother tells her that she and a few mothers were talking at yoga class and that they decided to start a mother–daughter book club.

Emma asks her mother, going to be there, but Mrs. Hawthorne refuses to tell her; that night Emma goes to the local library to have her first book club meeting. Megan Later that evening, Megan is upset about missing a shopping trip at the mall for book club and angrily texts Becca, her mother tells her that starting the club will look good on her application to Colonial Academy, a prestigious private school which Megan has no interest in, because she wants to be a fashion designer. She describes the future her mother wants for her and how frustrated she is that her mother does not approve of her dream. At the library and her mother meet the other participants. Megan silently judges everyone’s outfits, she reveals her first impressions of the Sloanes, commenting on how Cassidy doesn't look anything like her mother, how much she wants to sketch Mrs. Sloane's outfit. Becca's mother, Mrs. Chadwick, enters the library and Megan states. Mrs. Chadwick says that she's sorry that Megan couldn't come shopping with her friends and criticizes the book club, saying they can’t stay in the library for bookclub meetings.

After Mrs. Chadwick leaves, Mrs. Hawthorne announces that the girls will be reading Little Women and they have a full year to finish the book. After each of the girls receives a folder with fun facts about the author, Louisa May Alcott and a reading assignment, the women decide where to next meet up, the first book club meeting ends. Cassidy Cassidy walks into her home after her mother greets her from the kitchen. Cassidy sees her mother is making cupcakes for a Halloween party that her mother invited her class to without telling Cassidy first. Clementine asks her daughter what she thinks of the cupcakes and Cassidy says they look radioactive. Afterwards, her older sister, confronts her and tells her that she should be nicer to their mother because she's been having a hard time since their father's death. Cassidy heads off to the ice rink. After the book club meeting at her house, Cassidy goes downstairs to the Halloween party, she wears complete with mask, so nobody can see her face. She overhears Becca, Megan and Jen gossiping about how she is nothing like her mom or sister which makes her mad.

She teams up with Emma and their classmates Zach and Third to pull a prank involving the "Headless Horseman" on Becca, Megan and Jen. It is a success but Cassidy ends up getting in trouble. Jess Emma tries to convince Jess to try out for the middle school play and the Beast. Jess refuses because she is upset that her mother "ran away" to be an actress in a soap opera called HeartBeats. Both girls watch the hockey try-outs, knowing no one except them and Darcy knows that Cassidy is trying out for the boy's hockey team in disguise; the Fab Four begin to make fun of Jess and Emma. Emma's brother, Darcy, is trying out for the team, so is Becca's brother, Stewart. Becca calls Zach Norton, Emma's crush, to come over, she reads a poem out loud about that Emma wrote about him. Zach and Emma are both embarrassed. Emma rushes out of the stadium and Jess runs after her. During dinner at the Hawthornes' house, Emma tells her family that Jess will be trying out for Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Jess is mad at Emma for saying this, but Darcy says that he thinks she would be great as Belle, which causes Jess to blush and agree to try out for the play.

Just before the book club meeting starts, Cassidy's mother storms in, furious. She says she received a call from Becca's mother saying that Cassidy made the boys' hockey team without her permission and that her spot on the team should've gone to her son. Mrs. Sloane tells Cassidy that hockey is dangerous and feels betrayed that everyone seemed to know about Cassidy trying out except her. Cassidy is furious and tells her that she wishes she had a different mother and they both leave. Cassidy Cassidy and her mother head to the middle school to pick up Jess from rehearsal after Cassidy’s hockey practice. Jess got the part of Belle, but the Fab Four spreads rumors all around the school that the drama teacher gave her the part only because her mother ran away, they do this to of jealousy. Cassidy explains. Clementine thought that Cassidy's attitude towards her and other people was disrespectful, decided to put herself and Cassidy in counseling; the shrink or as Cassidy's mother calls him, a family counselor, talked to them both, saying that Clementine didn't not want Cassidy to play hockey

Frank Bunce

Frank Eneri Bunce is a retired New Zealand rugby union player and current coach. He played international rugby for both Western Samoa and New Zealand in the 1990s, appearing in the 1991 and 1995 World Cups, he played in 55 for New Zealand. Bunce was born in New Zealand and attended Mangere College, he has two daughters and Victoria, three sons, Chance and Joshua. He is the great nephew of the premier of Niue, he wrote an autobiography, Frank Confessions, published in 1998, contributed to the book Rugby Skills and Rules with Tony Williams, published in 2008. Bunce began his representative career at the Manukau club, progressed to Auckland B in 1984 and Auckland in 1986, the same year he was selected for the North Island team, he remained with Auckland until 1990, not a first choice player, although he did play in the trial for the All Blacks in 1988. In 1991 he moved to North Harbour. Though of Niuean descent, he was selected to play for Western Samoa, receiving international attention at the 1991 World Cup where the Samoan team reached the quarter-finals.

These performances brought him to the attention of New Zealand coach Laurie Mains who selected him to play for the All Blacks in 1992. Bunce became a regular feature of the All Black backline, missing only one game until his last game on 6 December 1997 against England in London, he played for New Zealand in the NZRU's centenary games against a World XV, against the British and Irish Lions in their 1993 tour, in the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final, the first two Tri Nations tournaments and the victorious series win over South Africa in 1996. He captained New Zealand once in a non-test game, played for New Zealand at the first Sevens World Cup in 1993, he scored 20 international tries for New Zealand, one try for Samoa. He played for the Chiefs until 1998, played one season for Castres in France, one season for Bristol in England before retiring in 1999. At the close of his international career he was 35 years and 305 days old, a ripe old age for an international rugby player, he was the second-oldest All Black and New Zealand's most capped test centre at the time, oldest back.

Conrad Smith has the most caps as an All Black outside centre overall Though best known as an excellent defensive player, he was a strong attacking player in his own right. Bunce's powerful running and strength when tackled allowed the backs outside him to shine. Bunce coached in Italy from 2001 to 2003, was Auckland's defence coach in 2004 and served as a technical advisor to Samoa in 2005, he is a position-specific coach for the International Rugby Academy in New Zealand. Frank Bunce at