Dominicans in Spain

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Dominicans in Spain
Dominicanos en España
Total population
100,000 to 200,000(2013)[1][2][3]
Catholicism · Protestantism
Related ethnic groups
People of the Dominican Republic

Dominicans in Spain From Dominican Republic form one of the country's smaller foreign communities, making up about 1.66% of all foreigners in Spain.[3]


The first country of destination for Dominicans in Europe is Spain.

The first country of destination was chosen by Dominicans Spain in Europe. A first group traveled to the European nation to pursue university studies, after they were awarded grants by the government of Juan Bosch. And after the defeat of the revolution of 1965, a second exodus broke and nearly 2,000 Dominicans decided to reside in the "motherland"[1]

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