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Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is a 2001 American science fiction psychological thriller film written and directed by Richard Kelly. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, Mary McDonnell, Katharine Ross, Patrick Swayze, Noah Wyle, Stu Stone, Daveigh Chase and James Duval; the film follows the adventures of the troubled title character as he seeks to find the meaning behind his doomsday-related visions. Filmed over the course of 28 days, which matches the passage of time in the film, Donnie Darko was released straight-to-video, it was screened at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2001, before receiving a limited theatrical release on October 26, 2001, by Flower Films. Due to the film's advertising featuring a crashing plane and the September 11 attacks that transpired a month before, the film was scarcely advertised; the film grossed just over $7.5 million worldwide on a budget of $4.5 million. Despite its initial lackluster box office performance, Donnie Darko received critical acclaim.

Critics lauded the story and tone. It was listed No. 2 in Empire's "50 Greatest Independent Films of All Time", as well as No. 53 in Empire's "500 Greatest Movies of All Time". It was released on VHS and DVD in March 2002; the film became a surprising success on the home video market grossing over half a million in sales and developing a cult following. A director's cut was released in 2004, on a two-disc special edition DVD. A stage adaptation appeared in 2007, a sequel, S. Darko, in 2009; the film's soundtrack included a cover version of Tears for Fears's "Mad World" by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews which topped the UK Singles Chart for three consecutive weeks. On October 2, 1988, in the small town of Middlesex, troubled teenager Donnie Darko, led by a mysterious voice, sleepwalks out of his home. Once outside, he meets a figure in a monstrous rabbit costume who introduces himself as Frank and tells Donnie that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. Donnie wakes up the next morning on the green of a local golf course and returns home to discover a jet engine has crashed into his bedroom.

His older sister Elizabeth tells him the FAA investigators do not know its origin. Over the next several days, Donnie continues to have visions of Frank, his parents and Rose, send him to psychiatrist Dr. Thurman, she believes he is detached from reality and that his visions of Frank are "daylight hallucinations", symptomatic of paranoid schizophrenia. Frank begins to influence Donnie's actions through his sleepwalking episodes, including causing him to flood his high school by breaking a water main. Donnie starts seeing Gretchen Ross, who has moved into town with her mother under a new identity to escape her violent stepfather. Dr. Thurman hypnotizes Donnie at his next therapy session, but it ends with him discussing his sexual fantasies involving Christina Applegate while he unzips his pants, causing Thurman to end the session prematurely. Donnie goes to a clearing and shoots bottles while his friends discuss the sexual components of Smurfs including Vanity Smurf's alleged homosexuality, the dynamics of a Smurf orgy, the history of Smurfette.

Donnie interrupts them angrily, correcting their misinformation about Smurfette's origin and affirming the Smurf people's asexuality and lack of genitals. Gym teacher Kitty Farmer attributes the act of vandalism to the influence of the short story The Destructors, assigned by dedicated English teacher Karen Pomeroy. Kitty begins teaching "attitude lessons" taken from local motivational speaker Jim Cunningham, but Donnie rebels against these, leading to friction between Kitty and Rose. Frank asks Donnie, who in turn asks his science teacher, Dr. Kenneth Monnitoff, if he believes in time travel. Monnitoff gives Donnie The Philosophy of Time Travel, a book written by Roberta Sparrow, a former science teacher at the school, now a senile old woman living outside of town. While watching football, Donnie notices bubbly columns emerging from the chests of people around him that show Donnie where the person will move. A bubble appears on his chest and he follows it to his parents' closet where he finds and takes a gun.

Kitty arranges for Cunningham to speak at a school assembly. He finds Cunningham's wallet and address and Frank suggests setting his house on fire. Firefighters discover a hoard of child pornography there. Cunningham is arrested, Kitty, who wishes to testify in his defense, asks Rose to take her place as chaperone for their daughters' dance troupe on its trip to Los Angeles. With Rose and little sister Samantha in Los Angeles, Eddie away for business and Elizabeth hold a Halloween costume party to celebrate Elizabeth's acceptance to Harvard. At the party, Gretchen arrives distraught as her mother has gone missing, she and Donnie have sex for the first time; when Donnie realizes that Frank's prophesied end of the world is only hours away, he takes Gretchen and two other friends to find Sparrow. Instead, they find two high school bullies and Ricky, trying to rob Sparrow's home. Donnie and Ricky fight in the road in front of her house, just as she returns home. Ricky and Seth flee when an oncoming car swerves to avoid Sparrow and runs over Gretchen, killing her.

The driver is Elizabeth's boyfriend, Frank Anderson, wearing the same rabbit costume from Donnie's visions. A second Frank can be seen standing in the bushes in the same scene. Donnie shoots him in the eye with his father's gun, walks home carrying Gretchen's body. Donnie returns home as a vortex forms over his house, he takes one of his parents' cars, loads Gretchen's body into i

Benedetto Cairoli

Benedetto Cairoli was an Italian politician. Cairoli was born at Lombardy. From 1848 until the completion of Italian unity in 1870, his whole activity was devoted to the Risorgimento, as Garibaldian officer, political refugee, anti-Austrian conspirator and deputy to parliament, he commanded a volunteer company under Garibaldi in 1859 and 1860, being wounded at Calatafimi and at Palermo in the latter year. In 1866, with the rank of colonel, he assisted Garibaldi in the campaign in the County of Tyrol, in 1867 fought at Mentana, in 1870 conducted the negotiations with Bismarck, during which the German chancellor is alleged to have promised Italy possession of Rome and of her natural frontiers if the Democratic party could prevent an alliance between Victor Emmanuel and Napoleon; the prestige acquired by Benedetto Cairoli was augmented by that of his four brothers, who fell during the wars of the Risorgimento, by the heroic conduct of their mother. His refusal of all compensation or distinction further endeared him to the Italian people.

When in 1876 the Left came into power, Cairoli a deputy of sixteen years' standing, became parliamentary leader of his party, after the fall of Depretis and Crispi, formed his first cabinet in March 1878 with a Francophile and Irredentist policy. After his marriage with the countess Elena Sizeo of Trent, he permitted the Irredentist agitation to carry the country to the verge of a war with Austria. General irritation was caused by his and Count Corti's policy of clean hands at the Berlin Congress, where Italy obtained nothing, while Austria-Hungary secured a European mandate to occupy Bosnia and Herzegovina. A few months the attempt of Giovanni Passannante to assassinate King Humbert at Naples caused his downfall, in spite of the courage displayed and the severe wound received by him in protecting the king's person on that occasion. On 3 July 1879 Cairoli returned to power, in the following November formed with Depretis a coalition ministry, in which he retained the premiership and the foreign office.

Confidence in French assurances, belief that Britain would never permit the extension of French influence in North Africa, prevented him from foreseeing the French occupation of Tunis. In view of popular indignation he resigned in order to avoid making inopportune declarations to the chamber. Thenceforward he disappeared from political life. In 1887 he received the knighthood of the Annunziata, the highest Italian decoration, on 8 August 1889 died while a guest of King Umberto in the royal palace of Capodimonte near Naples. Cairoli was one of the most conspicuous representatives of that type of Italian public men who, having conspired and fought for a generation in the cause of national unity, were despite their valour little fitted for the responsible parliamentary and official positions they subsequently attained.

Eyes Don't Lie

Eyes Don't Lie is a full-length album by Donny Osmond, his eleventh solo studio album. Released on 30 October 1990 on the Capitol label, it peaked at 177 on the Billboard 200 album chart; the album featured three singles, two of which made Billboard's Hot 100 chart: "My Love Is A Fire" that reached number 21 and "Sure Lookin'" that reached number 54. The last single "Love Will Survive" peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart. "My Love Is a Fire" – 4:28 "Eyes Don't Lie" – 4:24 "Love Will Survive" – 5:27 "Sure Lookin'" – 4:22 "Private Affair" – 3:49 "Take Another Try" – 4:27 "Make It Last Forever" – 5:25 "Never Too Late For Love" – 5:26 "Just Between You and Me" – 3:46 "Before It's Too Late" – 5:18 Track 1 Copyright Warner-Tamerlane Music/Bayjun Beat Music/Green Lantern Music. Tracks 2, 3, & 8 Copyright My Idumea Music-Virgin Music/Warner-Tamerlane Music/Bayjun Beat Music/Green Lantern Music. Tracks 4 & 6 Copyright My Idumea Music-Virgin Music/WB Music Corp/Gamson Songs/LeMans Music.

Track 5 Copyright RealSongs. Track 7 Copyright My Idumea Music-Virgin Music/Mark I. Holding Music/Ocheltree Music/Mark A. Mancina Music. Track 9 Copyright My Idumea Music-Virgin Music/Hitchings Music/Editions EG/Don Tina Music. Track 10 Copyright My Idumea Music-Virgin Music/Oliver Leiber Music/Virgin Music/Gamson Songs/WB Music Corp. Tracks 1-3 & 8 Produced by Carl Evan Rogers. Track 1 Engineered by Al Matt Noble. Engineering Assistance on all tracks by Ed Murphy. Mixed by Steve Peck, Electric Lady Studios. All Instruments on 8 by Carl Sturken. Musicians On Tracks 2 & 3 - Carl Sturken: Guitars, Keyboards. Tracks 4 & 6 Engineered by Ryan Dorn & Ray Bardani. Tracks 7 & 10 Engineered by Ryan Ray Bardani. Mixed by Ray Bardani & Ryan Dorn. David Gamson: Keyboards & Drum Programming. Track 5 Produced by Ric Wake. Engineered & Mixed by Bob Cadway, with assistance from Dan Hetzel & Tom Yezzi. Rich Tancredi: Keyboards. Engineered & Mixed by Bob Cadway & Ryan Dorn. Joe Franco: Drums, Percussion; the cassette release features the artist name in album title with an orange drop shadow.

The CD release features the artist name in light album title with a light blue drop shadow. Donny Osmond: "Eyes Don't Lie" CD Booklet. 1990 Capitol Records

Entrance Island (British Columbia)

Entrance Island is a small rocky island in the Strait of Georgia located 841 metres due north of Gabriola Island. Marine mammals such as harbour seals and Steller's sea lions use the island as a haul-out; the Entrance Island Lighthouse is a manned light station. It was built in 1875 to guide ships into Nanaimo harbour from the Strait of Georgia, is seen from the Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay ferry; the Tsawwassen to Duke Point ferry passes right by it. List of lighthouses in British Columbia List of lighthouses in Canada The Entrance Island Lighthouse The Gabriola Historical & Museum Society. Retrieved 22 January 2012. Aids to Navigation Canadian Coast Guard


Pookkottur is a village in Eranad taluk, a suburb of Malappuram, India. It is on National Highway 213, there is a state road from the town to Manjeri, it was the centre of the Malabar Rebellion of 1921 that shook the British administration in the erstwhile Malabar district of Madras Province. Malabar Karshikotsavam & Krishi Mela was an initiative by Mr. P. A. Salam by collaborating Kerala Agricultural University, Youth Clubs & Pookkottur Grama Panchayath to transform Pookkottur as a model Sustainable Green Village of Kerala. Pookkotur Juma Masjidh 1921 War Memorial: Tombs of 460 Mappilas who were killed in battle during the Mappila revolt against Britain in 1921 at Pookkottur "Pookkotur gate"; the Pookkottur war memorial gate is dedicated to those killed in the Pookkottur battle. Along with these monuments, abandoned Nediyiruppu Valluvambram Arimbra Hills

Women of Luxury

Women of Luxury is a 1925 German silent comedy film directed by Erich Schönfelder and starring Lee Parry, Hans Albers and Rudolf Lettinger. It was made at the Johannisthal Studios near Berlin; the film's sets were designed by the art directors Jacek Siegfried Wroblewsky. Lee Parry as Harriet von Randow Hans Albers as Kurt von Randow Rudolf Lettinger as Hermann von Benthien Olaf Fjord as Wolfgang Rainer Lia Eibenschütz as Lissy Rainer Robert Garrison as Ludwig Moser Lydia Potechina as Ellen Moser Iwa Wanja as Karla Moser Gertrud von Hoschek as Daisy Moser Julius Falkenstein as Enver Kiral-Bey Hans Junkermann as Otto von Brenken Paul Ludwig Werner Pittschau Mila Ganeva. Women in Weimar Fashion: Discourses and Displays in German Culture, 1918–1933. Camden House, 2008. Women of Luxury on IMDb