Dortmund Stadtbahn

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Dortmund Stadtbahn
Locale Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Transit type Flexity Classic, B80C/6, B80C/8, B100S, N6C
Number of lines 8
Number of stations 125 (including 24 underground stations)[1]
Website [1]
Began operation 1976
Operator(s) DSW21 (Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG)
System length 75.0 km (46.6 mi)[2]
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
standard gauge
Top speed 80 km/h
System map
Liniennetz Stadtbahn Dortmund.png

The Dortmund Stadtbahn is a light rail system in the German city of Dortmund and is integrated in the Rhine-Ruhr Stadtbahn network. Its network consists of eight lines.

It operates on 75.0 kilometres (46.6 mi) of route (of which 20.5 kilometres (12.7 mi) are underground in tunnels, with the other 54.5 kilometres (33.9 mi) being above-ground in dedicated rights-of-way),[2] serving 125 stations (24 of which are underground).[1]

The underground is part of an integrated transport network that includes trams, buses and a suspension railway at the university.[3]


The U41 and U47 rail lines connect with bus 490, which travels to Dortmund Airport.[4]

The system has eight U-Bahn lines:[5]

Line Route
U41 Dortmund-Hörde – Lünen–Brambauer
U42 Hombruch – Grevel
U43 Dorstfeld – Wickede
U44 Marten – Westfalenhütte
U45 WestfalenhallenDortmund Hbf - (Fredenbaum)
U46 Westfalenhallen – Brunnenstraße
U47 Westerfilde – Aplerbeck
U49 Hacheney – Dortmund Hbf – (Hafen)

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