Kammari is one of the five communities of Vishwabrahmins. Vishwabrahmins comprises five subgroups they are the only people in the Hindu community worshipping Vishvakarman the Supreme creator god called as Prajapati /Swayambhu Brahman in the Vedas. South Indian Vishwabrahmins have Pancha rishi gotras. In the ancient religious literature of India, we do not come across any word that corresponds to the word "Hinduism". There the word used for the religion of the Hindus is "Sanathana Dharma" or Vaidika Dharma"; this is the evidence that Hinduism means the people who follow the Sanathana Dharma, the people who worship Lord Brahma, the creator of this whole universe. North Indian Vishwabrahmins have Sapta rishi gotras. Vishwabrahmins are the adherents of Sthapatya veda the upaveda of Yajurveda which includes Silpa sastra and Vastu sastra; as per Hindu mythology and puranas there are three supreme gods namely, Brahma/Vishwa Brahma/ Vishwakarma, Shiva. And the people those who worship these three gods are names as Vishwa Brahmins and Shaivas.

Vishwa Brahmins are said to be the main community in the ancient period who use to worship lord Brahma, the creator and Head of all the gods. And these Vishwabrahmins were used to perform pujas in the temples of Brahma. However, over the period of time and changes in the lifestyle of human beings, new communities were created by the society and they started worshipping different forms of god Vishnu and Shiva. Since all the people do not have the time to perform ritual or puja in temples, this duty was given to a section of people who are named as Brahmins. Present day Brahmins do not worship Brahman the Supreme god of the Vedas, they are either Shaivites or Vaishnavaites propagating the Puranas and Mahabharata written by Vyasa, the guru of their ancestors, who altered the Vedic narration of gods in his Puranas and Mahabharata by changing the characters of vedic gods. He replaced Vishwakarman Prajapati with Vishnu as the Supreme god in his texts. For example - The incarnations named Matsya and Kurma are attributed to Vishwakarman Prajapati in the vedas and they become the incarnations of Vishnu in the Puranas and Mahabharata of Vyasa.

The term ‘Narayana’ is an epithet of Vishwakarman Prajapati in the Vedic texts and it gets transferred to Vishnu in the texts of Vyasa. Blacksmiths in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states of India are called Kammari, their traditional profession is blacksmiths. They are part of Viswabrahmin group; these people are skilled engineers in making iron based instruments, machines and it is obvious to say that the human civilisation started with the invention of iron by these people. These people plays a major role in the rural economy by creating the agricultural instruments which are needed to the farmers. Viswabrahmin community has different names in different states of India. For example, in south India these people use surnames as: Chary, Achari, Vishwakarma, Sharma, Kambara, Shilpi, Shilpi, Shetti etc. and in north India these people use surnames as: Panchal Brahmin, Dhiman Brahmin, Jangid Brahmin, Maithil Brahmin, Mistry, Sharma,Viswakarma,Tarkhan, Malik, Sonar, etc. Some of the famous people of this community from various fields include: Philosophy: Shri Potuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamy, is one of the well known personalities in the modern era of viswabrahmin group.

Politics: Giani Zail Singh was the seventh President of India serving from 1982 to 1987. Professor Kottapalli Jayashankar was the former Vice-Chancellor of Kakatiya University and an activist in the Separate Telangana Movement. Sirikonda Madusudhana Chary, he was the first Speaker of Telangana Legislative Assembly from 2014–2019. Emperor: Harshavardhana Rama Maya and many more Medicine: Dr. Samir Kumar Brahmachari former Director General of the CSIR and Former Secretary DSIR, He is the Founder Director of IGIB. Prof. Raveesha, Chairman and HOD,Dept. of Microbiology, University of Mysore, is a renowned plant pathologist. Dr. M Venu Chary Ph D, PDF, did the first total synthesis of NADH oxidase inhibitor Circumdatin H, amarouciaxanthin A and B and 3′-Deoxycapsanthin and 3,4-Didehydroxy-3′-deoxycapsanthin. Film Industry: M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar Dr. Brahmanandam Ramanand Sagar Gulzar Ajay Devgan Prakash Jha Udit Narayan (He is

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