DuPont de Nemours, Inc. known as DuPont, is an American company formed by the merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont on August 31, 2017, subsequent spinoffs of Dow Inc. and Corteva. Prior to the spinoffs it was the world's largest chemical company in terms of sales. Within 18 months of the merger the company was split into three publicly traded companies with focuses on the following: agriculture, materials science, specialty products; the agriculture division is named Corteva, the materials science spin-off is named Dow Inc. and the specialty products division is named DuPont. Jeff Fettig is executive chairman of the company, Edward Breen is the CEO; the merger has been reported to be worth an estimated $130 billion. With 2018 total revenue of $86 billion, DowDuPont ranked No. 35 on the 2019 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States public corporations. On December 11, 2015, "Old" DuPont announced a merger with Dow Chemical Company, in an all-stock transaction; the combined company, DowDuPont, had an estimated value of $130 billion, being held by both companies’ shareholders, while maintaining its two headquarters.

The merger of the two largest U. S. chemical companies closed on August 31, 2017. Both companies' boards of directors decided that following the merger, DowDuPont would pursue a separation into three independent, publicly traded companies: an agriculture, a materials science, a specialty products company; the agriculture business—Corteva Agriscience— unites Dow and DuPont's seed and crop protection unit, with an approximate revenue of $16 billion. The materials science segment—called Dow—consists of DuPont's Performance Materials unit, together with Dow's Performance Plastics and Chemicals, Infrastructure and Consumer Solutions, but excludes Dow's Electronic Materials business. Combined revenue for this branch totals an estimated $51 billion; the specialty products unit—called DuPont— includes DuPont's Nutrition & Health, Industrial Biosciences, Safety & Protection and Electronics & Communications, as well as Dow's aforementioned Electronic Materials business. Combined revenue for Specialty Products total $12 billion.

Advisory Committees were established for each of the businesses. DuPont CEO Ed Breen would lead the Agriculture and Specialty Products Committees, Dow CEO Andrew Liveris would lead the Materials Science Committee; these Committees were intended to oversee their respective businesses, would work with both CEOs on the scheduled separation of the businesses’ standalone entities. Announced in February 2018, DowDuPont's agriculture division is named Corteva Agriscience, its materials science division is named Dow, its specialty products division is named DuPont. In March 2018, it was announced that Jeff Fettig would become executive chairman of DowDuPont on July 1, 2018, Jim Fitterling would become CEO of Dow Chemical on April 1, 2018. In October 2018, the company's agricultural unit recorded a $4.6 billion loss in the third quarter after lowering its long-term sales and profits targets. In 2019, DuPont completed its spin off from DowDuPont; the European Commission opened a probe to assess whether the proposed merger was in line with the EU's respective regulations.

The Commission investigated whether the deal reduced competition in areas such as crop protection and petrochemicals. The closing date for the merger was delayed due to these regulatory inquiries. Ed Breen said the companies were negotiating possible divestitures in their pesticide operations to win approval for the deal; as part of their EU counterproposal, the companies offered to dispose of a portion of DuPont's crop protection business and associated R&D, as well as Dow's acrylic acid copolymers and ionomers businesses. The remedy submission in turn delayed the Commission's review deadline to April 4, 2017; the intended spins of the company businesses were expected to occur about 18 months after closing. According to the Financial Times, the merger was "on track for approval in March" 2017. Dow Chemical and DuPont postponed the planned deadline during late March, as they struck an $1.6 billion asset swap with FMC Corporation in order to win the antitrust clearances. DuPont acquired the Corporation's health and nutrition business, while selling its herbicide and insecticide properties.

The Commission conditionally approved the merger as of April, 2017, although the decision was said to consist of over a thousand pages and was expected to take several months to be released publicly. As part of the approval, Dow must sell off two acrylic acid co-polymers manufacturing facilities in Spain and the US. China conditionally cleared the merger in May, 2017. According to former United States Secretary of Agriculture during the Clinton administration, Dan Glickman, former Governor of Nebraska, Mike Johanns, by creating a single, independent, U. S.-based and - owned pure agriculture company, Dow and DuPont would be able to compete against their still larger global peers. On the other hand, if Monsanto and Bayer, the 1st and 3rd largest biotech and seed firms, together with Dow and DuPont being the 4th and 5th largest biotechnology and seed companies in the world both went through with the mergers, the so-called "Big Six" in the industry would control 63 percent of the global seed market and 76 percent of the global agriculture chemical market.

They would control 95 percent of corn and cotton traits in the US. Both duopolies would become the "big two" industry dominators; the merger formed the world's largest chemical company in terms of sales. DuPont is headquartered in Delaware. Since the spin off, the company has adapted its marketing and branding in order to establish a new identity, "fundamentally different" from DowDuPont. To that end, the company in Novem

Kirill Sarychev

Kirill Igorevich Sarychev is a Russian powerlifter. He held the world record in the raw bench press with a lift of 335 kg. In 2016, he set a world record raw three-lift powerlifting total of 1,082.5 kg. Sarychev was born on 1 January 1989 in the town of Saratov Oblast, his father was large, standing at 192 cm and weighing 130 kg. Sarychev graduated with honours from School No. 1, Saratov Oblast, from the Pugachyov Hydrological Land Improvement Technical College in 2007. In 2012 he earned a degree from the Saratov State Vavilov Agrarian University; as of 2015, he is a police officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs General Administration for the city of Moscow. Sarychev first became interested in powerlifting at the age of 15. At the time he weighed 72 kg, benched 90 kg, squatted 90 kg, deadlifted 110 kg, he soon found a coach, Victor Mikheyev, made rapid progress. He began preparing for competitions in the International Powerlifting Federation, he preferred to lift without equipment but was unable to keep up with other powerlifters who competed in the IPF if he did not use equipment.

In 2009, while at the World Powerlifting Congress World Championships in Rostov-on-Don, Sarychev met Andrey Fedoseyev, who invited him to compete at the 2010 Battle of Champions, to be held in Arkhangelsk. The event featured two raw divisions -- deadlift. Sarychev participated in both. Deadlift placement was determined by the Glossbrenner formula. In the bench press, he placed 1st. After this event, Sarychev began training under Boris Sheiko. Sarychev competed at the Battle of Champions again in 2011, winning silver, for a third time in 2012, winning gold. At the 2014 Battle of Champions competition, Sarychev bench pressed 326 kg, passing the 324.5 kg mark of Scot Mendelson set in 2005. Sarychev was, at this time, second only to Eric Spoto. In 2015, at the SN PRO Cup of Bench Press and Deadlift, Sarychev benched 330 kg in his second attempt, exceeding the previous world record by 2.5 kg. In his third attempt, Sarychev raised it further, pressing 335 kg. In 2016, he set a world record in raw three-lift powerlifting with a total of 1,082.5 kg.

He benched 320 kg, squatted 360 kg, deadlifted 402.5 kg. Mark Bell speculated in 2017 that Sarychev is capable of reaching a 363 kg raw bench press, stating: "We can get the bench to 800 pounds if someone like Kirill Sarychev, who I think has the body frame for it, by which I mean the height and the bone density, is willing to gain the weight he needs to gain, by whatever means necessary." In 2014, Sarychev founded a new powerlifting federation, the World Raw Powerlifting Federation, became its president. He has stated. Kirill Sarychev's channel on YouTube Kirill Sarychev on Instagram Kirill Sarychev on Facebook

The Runner (1999 film)

The Runner is a 1999 crime thriller film directed by Ron Moler and starring Ron Eldard and Courteney Cox. In the film, a young man with a gambling addiction has managed to get himself into serious debt by losing all his money. In an effort to pay off the bookies, his uncle pulls a few strings and gets him a job working for a gangster named Deepthroat, who needs a "runner" to place bets with various bookies; the gangster keeps his new "runner" on a short leash and, for the most part, the young gambler behaves himself. However, the temptation of walking around with large sums of cash proves too great, the "runner" puts both his job and his survival on the line when he dips into his boss' funds to buy a ring for his girlfriend, played by Cox; the soundtrack contains songs performed by the Bad Seeds and Douglas September. Ron Eldard as Edward Courteney Cox as Karina John Goodman as Deepthroat Joe Mantegna as Rocco Bokeem Woodbine as 477 Terrence Evans as Lefty The Runner on IMDb The Runner at AllMovie