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Duboce and Church
BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg
New and old Muni Metro trains at Duboce and Church, January 2018.JPG
N Judah trains at Duboce and Church in 2018
Location Duboce Avenue and Church Street
San Francisco, California
Coordinates 37°46′10″N 122°25′45″W / 37.76946°N 122.42912°W / 37.76946; -122.42912Coordinates: 37°46′10″N 122°25′45″W / 37.76946°N 122.42912°W / 37.76946; -122.42912
Owned by Muni
Platforms 2 side platforms
Connections Bus transport Muni: 22, N Owl
Disabled access Yes
Opened 1895[1]
Rebuilt October 21, 1928[2]
c. 1972[3]
Preceding station   BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg Muni Metro   Following station
One-way operation
J Church
toward Embarcadero
N Judah
Former services (1972-1982)
Preceding station   BSicon LOGO SFmuni.svg Muni Metro   Following station
toward Phelan Loop
K Ingleside
L Taraval
M Ocean View

Duboce and Church (Church and Duboce for the J Church line) is a light rail stop on the Muni Metro J Church and N Judah lines, located in the Duboce Triangle neighborhood of San Francisco, California. Just east of the station, the two lines enter the Market Street Subway. The station originally opened with the 22 Fillmore line (now a trolleybus line) in 1895.


The Market Street Railway opened its 22 Fillmore streetcar line in 1895; it jogged from Church Street to Fillmore Street on a short section of Duboce Avenue.[1] On October 21, 1928, the San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni) N Judah streetcar line opened. It ran on Duboce Avenue between Market Street and the Sunset Tunnel, and shared track and overhead wires with the 22 for one block.[2] Muni took over the ex-Market Street Railway system in September 1944. Muni converted a number of streetcar lines, including the 22, to trolleybus on July 31, 1948; it was rerouted via Hermann Street one block to the north to avoid conflicts between the overhead wires for trolleybuses and streetcars.[1]

A diverted M Ocean View streetcar outbound on Church at Duboce
Duboce Portal flanked by the Duboce Yard, seen in 1980...
...and in 2006 with accessible platforms

Beginning in the late 1960s, construction of the Market Street Subway required diversions of Muni's five remaining streetcar lines, which ran on Market Street. The largest diversion routed K, L, and M cars from the Twin Peaks Tunnel onto new tracks on 17th Avenue, joining the J Church on Church Street, and continuing past Market Street on new tracks to join the N Judah tracks on Duboce.[3] An inbound concrete boarding platform was built on Church Street at Duboce Avenue; outbound cars stopped further south on Church Street at Market Street. (Boarding platforms were also built on Duboce Avenue for the N.) Streetcars on the J, K, L, and M lines were routed onto the diversion route on December 2, 1972, though only outbound cars used the diversion north of Market Street until 1973.[3] The new Duboce Portal was constructed on Duboce Avenue east of Church, parallel to the operating surface streetcar line.[2]

N Judah trains began using the new portal on weekdays on February 18, 1980 - the first Muni Metro service.[3] On December 17, 1980, the K, L, and M lines began Muni Metro service (and ceased using the diversion route) on weekdays. J Church trains began using the new portal on June 17, 1981. Finally, on September 19, 1982, weekend service was replaced by buses (and converted to Muni Metro trains on November 20th), leaving only the inbound J Church stopping on Church at Duboce.[3]

Accessible sections of high-level platforms were later built east of Church Street, near the entrance to the portal. These accessible platforms serve both lines; because the J Church stop at Market Street is not accessible, outbound J Church trains serve Duboce and Church if required by a passenger (but otherwise do not stop). Since the diversion in 1972, Duboce Avenue between Church Street and Market Street is not open to automobiles. A sidewalk and bike lanes run along the south side of the portal, and a 2-track Muni yard (the pre-1982 route to Market Street) sits on the north side. A Muni operator facility is located next to the yard. Under Muni stop naming conventions, the stop is known as Duboce and Church for the N Judah, and Church and Duboce for the J Church.


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