Dutch hip hop

Dutch hip hop or Nederhop, is hip hop music created by musicians in the Netherlands and Flanders. Between 1980 and 1985 a few Dutch Hip Hop records had been released, but in 1986 Dutch rap duo MC Miker G & DJ Sven had a major top 10 hit across Europe with their "Holiday Rap", which sampled Madonna's "Holiday"; that same year Dutch rapper Extince released his first record: Rap Around The Clock. Another 1980s group was the Osdorp Posse, but there is disagreement about who started rapping in Dutch between Blonnie B, Alex and the CityCrew, Dynamic Rockers, Def Rhymes and Osdorp Posse. Notable in the late 1980s were All Star Fresh of King Bee topping charts with: "Back by Dope Demand" in early 1990 and Rudeboy of Urban Dance Squad who, at the time, were arguably more known in New York City than the Netherlands. DJ and Producer All Star Fresh Started as a Pro in 1979. After winning the Dutch Mixing Championships in 1988, he was invited for The World Mix Championships in the London Royal Hall and won third place in a fierce competition.

He was invited by Dave Funkenklein to enter the lions hole in New York. He made history in the Big Apple of Hiphop by being the first non -American to fly into the finals of The World Supremacy Battle of DJs, he gained the respected second place of this prestigious DJ contest). The impression that he made that year, resulted in many invitations to perform with world known artists like Public Enemy, Ice T and Ultra Magnetic MCs. All Star Fresh; as performer and producer he is well known as KING BEE. With his second floor filler Back By Dope Demand he scored one of the biggest hiphop hits. In the Netherlands it resulted in a Top 3 position. Best Dance Product by The Edison Awards in the Netherlands; this meant that with this title, he was the first black artist to win this award in the Netherlands. After that he appeared. All Star Fresh kept entering the dance floors; the last titles mentioned were worldwide hits, selling over 2.4 million copies. He didn't only work within projects like King Bee or Capella, but was featuring famous production teams like Snap.

This teamwork resulted in the single Lets Get Busy. This record ended up No 01 in the Billboard Dance Charts. Other productions were Deepzone "It's Gonna Be All right", a straight up club anthem until today. Kellee- my love, Ty Holden- you're my Inspiration and His Royal Freshness- They don't understand are a couple of other productions in this line. Urban Dance Squad was a Dutch rap rock band formed after what was intended as a one-time jam-session at a festival in Utrecht on 20 December 1986. Band members were rapper Rudeboy Remington, guitarist Tres Manos, bassist Sil, drummer Magic Stick and DJ DNA; the band's music is described as a blend of genres, including hard rock, soul, hip hop, reggae and ska and is compared to that of Rage Against the Machine, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fishbone. They are known for their hit single "Deeper Shade of Soul", which charted at number 21 in the United States on Billboard Hot 100, it is a well known fact. In 1992, Osdorp Posse released their debut album Osdorp Stijl, the first-ever hip hop in Dutch language.

They started out translating N. W. A songs to Dutch, though wrote their own rhymes in Dutch, their beats, created by producer Seda on Amiga 500 with Protracker, have a familiar heavy sound and are similar to U. S. old-school hip hop. Frontman Def-P describes it as hardcore rap. After the first Osdorp Posse demo cassette they toured around the Netherlands. In Deventer they found the first Dutch language hip hop scene; the first hip hop groups after Osdorp Posse were Maasstraat Mannen. These groups did concerts all over the Netherlands. Maasstraat became famous as the first group combining reggae with Dutch lyrics, inspiring acts like Postmen, for example. Another Dutch-language rapper is Extince. With two of his singles Spraakwater and Kaal of Kammen being major hits in the mid-1990s, Extince was the first Dutch rapper making the MegaCharts. Other notable acts include Ali B (who has been featured on other artists' tracks, most with Marco Borsato on the song "Wat zou je doen?" for the charity War Child who achieved solo success with "Leipe mocro flavour".

Together with his cousin Yes-R he made an international remix of "Ghetto" together with Akon.. Other notable groups are "Opgezwolle" and Brainpower. There were two styles dominating the Dutch hip hop landscape: Extince, known for his easy flows, catchy songs and funky tunes, while hardcore performers like Westklan and Osdorp Posse found their own niche group of fans. In the mid-1990s The Postmen were topping the charts with their rap/reggae mix. In the early 2000s the MC fronted band Relax got much airplay. A combination of these two styles gave birth to de Spookrijders, a three-man hip-hop group founded in 1996. With MCs Stefan and Clyde rapping about their personal lives and life in Amsterdam as a black man, de Spookrijders gained respect from non-hip-hop musicians and fans. Most people admired the work of producer/DJ Cliff'the Jazz' Nille

Gheorghe T─âtaru

Gheorghe Tătaru known as Tătaru II, was a Romanian football striker. He played seven years at Steaua Bucureşti, he was the younger brother of Nicolae Tătaru, who played professional football at Steaua Bucureşti. Tătaru joined the junior squad of Steaua Bucureşti in 1959, being promoted to the first team in 1967, he played for Steaua Bucureşti until 1974. In 1974, he signed for Chimia Râmnicu Vâlcea, he played for FC Târgovişte In 1980, he decided to retire from football, but one year was called up by the Divizia B team Autobuzul Bucureşti, he again received a call, this time from Unirea Slobozia. He called it a day in 1984. In 1970–71 he was top scorer of Divizia A, he scored 3 goals. In 1970, he was part of the national team which played at the 1970 World Cup, being used in all the three games played by Romania, they were his first caps for Romania. ^1 The 1975-1976 Second League appearances and goals made for CS Târgovişte are unavailable. Steaua BucureștiRomanian Divizia A: 1967–68 Romanian Cup: 1968–69, 1969–70, 1970–71TârgovișteRomanian Divizia B: 1976–77 Profile at Gheorghe Tătaru at and Gheorghe Tătaru at

2002 Little League World Series qualification

Qualification for the 2002 Little League World Series took place in sixteen different parts of the world during July and August 2002, with formats and number of teams varying by region. The tournament took place in Manila, Philippines from July 28–August 4; the tournament was held in Lethbridge, Alberta from August 2–11. The tournament took place in St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands from July 26–August 4; the tournament took place in Kutno, Poland from July 4–14. The tournament took place in Indianapolis, Indiana from August 1–10; the tournament took place in Managua, Nicaragua from July 27–August 4. The tournament took place in Monterrey, Nuevo León from July 19–29; the tournament took place in Bristol, Connecticut from August 3–13. The tournament took place in Indianapolis, Indiana from August 2–11; the tournament was held in Bristol, Connecticut from August 3–12. The tournament was held in San Bernardino, California from August 2–12; the tournament took place in Manila, Philippines from July 28–August 4.

The tournament took place in St. Petersburg, Florida from August 3–10; the tournament took place in Waco, Texas from August 5–11. The tournament was held in Kutno, Poland from August 3–10; the tournament took place in San Bernardino, California from August 2–13. 2002 Little League World Series website