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Dynamo Palace of Sports, 2008.03.29

Dvorec Sporta Dinamo (Russian: Дворец спорта «Динамо»; English: Dynamo Palace of Sports) is an indoor sporting arena located in Moscow, Russia. The capacity of the arena is 5,000. It hosted the home games of MBC Dynamo Moscow until 2006. It was built during the preparations for the 1980 Summer Olympics, hosted by Moscow, USSR and was used as a venue of the handball tournament there.[1] It was the home venue of Dynamo Moscow basketball team until 2006. The Dynamo Moscow volleyball team currently play their home matches here

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Coordinates: 55°51′20″N 37°29′43″E / 55.85556°N 37.49528°E / 55.85556; 37.49528