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The Asturian Wikipedia is the Asturian language edition of Wikipedia started in July 2004. As of December 8, 2015, the Asturian Wikipedia has more than 45,000 articles, making it the 77-largest Wikipedia, it has 30,432 registered users, most of them global accounts created automatically, since the monthly active users amount to 94 of which nine are administrators. It has been edited about 999,632 times; the Asturian Wikipedia is classified in the 15th place of Wikipedias by articles per speaker population. After its foundation on July 2004, the Asturian Wikipedia reached 1,000 articles on 1 September 2004. In 2015, Wikipedia was awarded with the Spanish Princess of Asturias Award on International Cooperation. Speaking at the Asturian Parliament in Oviedo, the city that hosts the awards ceremony, Jimmy Wales praised the work of the Asturian language Wikipedia users; the night of the ceremony, members of the Wikimedia Foundation held a meeting with Wikipedians from all parts of Spain, including the local Asturian community.

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Hospital Ship (TV series)

Hospital Ship is a South Korean television series starring Ha Ji-won and Kang Min-hyuk. The series is written by screenwriter Yoon Sun-joo, it aired on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 and started on August 30, 2017. The story is about a group of young doctors who provide medical care to the locals who live in rural villages via a hospital ship that sails around the little islands. Song Eun Jae is an immensely talented surgeon. There was a time when the hospital ship was just used for standard checkups and administering medicine. With Song Eun Jae on board, it can provide complicated surgery, she has seen a lot of success as a surgeon, but a lot of struggles in her family life. When an unfortunate incident leads her to a ship instead of a prestigious hospital, she has little compassion for the stubborn elderly patients. Kwak Hyun is the emotional opposite of Song Eun Jae. Growing up with a father, a lauded humanitarian, Kwak Hyun strives to be a warm and caring person, he heals not just with medicine but a smile.

It seems natural that he works at his father's ship, but Kwak Hyun has some emotional scars. He cannot match Song Eun Jae's medical skills, but he is infinitely better at connecting with patients. Kim Jae Geol has an extensive lineage in medicine, his father is a respected doctor. Growing up, his dad always preferred his brilliant brother, which led Jae Geol to become a loner at heart, his father was obsessed with western medicine. As a form of rebellion, Kim Jae Gol studied oriental medicine, much to his father's disapproval, his goal in boarding the ship was to escape his father's shadow. At the ship, however, he must work under Song Eun Jae, just as strict and disdainful of oriental medicine. Now, these three doctors have to put aside their polar opposite personalities in order to treat their patients; as they all soon learn, working for your fellow humans has its own way of bringing people together. Ha Ji-won as Song Eun-jaeShe is a capable surgeon and future chief at a large hospital located in Seoul who joins the crew on the hospital ship.

Kang Min-hyuk as Kwak HyunSon of a famous well known surgeon. He becomes a doctor because of his father and volunteers to join the hospital ship as his military service. Lee Seo-won as Kim Jae-geolA chaebol oriental doctor whose father is a director of a general hospital, he is good friends with Joon-young. Kim In-sik as Cha Joon-youngA dentist, placed on the hospital ship, he and Jae-geol are good friends. Kwon Mina as Yoo Ah-rim Kim Kwang-kyu as Choo Won-gong Jeong Gyeong-sun as Pyo Go-eun Lee Han-wi as Bang Sung-woo Jang Seo-won as Yang Choon-ho Song Ji-ho as Kang Jung-ho Cha Hwa-yeon as Oh Hye-jung, Eun-Jae's mother Kim Sun-young as Oh Mi-jung, Eun-jae's aunt Jo Sung-ha as Song Jae-joon Jung In-gi as Kwak Sung Nam Ki-ae as Lee Soo-kyung, Kwak Hyun's mother Jung Won-joong as Kim Soo-kwon Park Joon-geum as Han Hee-sook Lee Tae-ri as Song Woo-jae, a 28-year-old student and Eun-jae's younger brother Jo Hyun-jae as Jang Sung-ho Park Sun-ho as Kim Jae-hwan Jung Dong-hwan as Jang Tae-joon, Jang Sung-ho's father First script reading took place July 6, 2017 at MBC Broadcasting Station in Sangam, South Korea.

Filming took place in South Korea. In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. NR denotes. In Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, the series started airing on Oh! K from August 31, 2017. In Myanmar, the series airing on Channel-7 HD and CANAL+MAE MADE HD. In Japan, the series airing on KNTV. In Philippines, the series will be airing on TV5. In Vietnam, the series will air on VTV3 starting July 3, 2018. In India, the series aired on Zee Anmol under the title Aspataal Ka Jahaaz, on Upconing Official website Hospital Ship at HanCinema