Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean denotes the region in the east of the Mediterranean Sea. Its people share customs and a long, intertwined history; this eastern Mediterranean region is interpreted in two ways: The more broad definition of the Levant which includes its tied neighboring countries and Egypt. The region of Syria with the island of Cyprus, Turkey, which limits the definition to Western Asia The countries and territories of the Eastern Mediterranean include Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan; the countries under the term North-eastern Mediterranean could sometimes include Albania and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece Slovenia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Ukraine. Greater Syria Fertile Crescent Levantine Sea Near East Ancient Near East Names of the Levant Eastern Mediterranean University List of Mediterranean countries Mediterranean Basin

Portamento (album)

Portamento is the second studio album by American indie pop band The Drums. The album was released in the United Kingdom on September 2, 2011 through Moshi Moshi and Island Records and was preceded by the release of lead single "Money" on August 19. Portamento received mixed reviews. Review aggregator Metacritic assigned an average critic score of 64 out of 100 based on 22 reviews. Helen Clarke of musicOMH gave the album four out of five stars, saying, "With their second album The Drums are more absorbing than and have created a record that will last far longer than their first." Mike Williams of NME wrote, "With a little more self-censorship and less browbeating we'd be looking at one of the albums of the year," awarding the record 7/10. "Money" is the lead single taken from Portamento. The single was released as a digital download in the United Kingdom on September 4, 2011. "How It Ended" was the second single released in the UK on 3 October 2011. "Days" was the third single from the album released in the UK on February 27, 2012.

Jonathan PierceVocals, Drums Jacob Graham – Synthesizers Connor Hanwick – Drums Myles Matheny – Guitar, Bass Guitar

Michel Joachim Marie Raymond

General Michel Joachim Marie Raymond, popularly known as Monsieur Raymond, was a French General in Nizam's military and the founder of Gunfoundry Hyderabad, Hyderabad. He was born in Sérignac, France, the son of a merchant. In 1775, aged 20, he and his younger brother, William Jean Raymond, left for India; the idea as he told his father, was to set up a merchant shop. Instead, Michel turned to the more exciting career of being a soldier. In 1775, Raymond reached Pondicherry to start a merchant shop he met and served under French General Bussy, but it was in 1786 that Michel joined the service of the ruling Nizam of Hyderabad, he began as any other soldier, shortly after, he was given 300 soldiers to command. In 1796, Raymond was appointed Comptroller of Ordnance, he established several cannonball factories. Under his guidance guns and cannons were forged. Gunfoundry or Top ka Sancha near the Fathe Maidan is the best-known of the remaining foundries in India; when he died in 25 March 1798, only twelve years after enlisting, he had become a military commander of over 14,000 army men.

It is documented that there may have been a female battalion of soldiers. The cause of Michel Raymond's death is a mystery, the two suggested causes are suicide. Raymond became a close friend of the Nizam Ali Khan, Asaf Jah II. Raymond was not only held in high esteem by the Nizam, but had won the love and trust of the local people, he made himself popular through his kindness and contribution to Hyderabad. To the Muslims, he was Musa Rahim, to the Hindus, he was Musa Ram. George Bruce Malleson said that "No European of mark who followed him in India succeeded in gaining to such an extent the love, the esteem, the admiration of the natives of the country." Michel Raymond's tomb is a black granite tombstone, conical in shape, about 7 metres high and it has the initials JR on it. The ill-maintained pavilion was collapsed in October 2001 in heavy rain; the 200-year-old tomb had a face lift, including a brand new pavilion. Opened 14 April 2003 this cost an estimated 500,000 INR; the tomb is located near Asmangadh fort on top of a hillock at Mussa Ram Bagh, about 3 km from the Oliphant Bridge, in East Hyderabad.

Until about 1940, people would visit his tomb on the anniversary of his death, taking incense and other offerings to him. His grave had become like a shrine, he is remembered in Hyderabad, with the area called Mussa Ram Bagh. White Mughals - William Dalrymple History of the French in India - George Bruce Malleson Napoleon Site Mention of Raymonds in INDIA DEFENCE CONSULTANTS The Hindu article on Raymond's tomb Raymonds tomb from I love Hyderabad Gunfoundry picture and information Virtual Hangout from Hyderabad with picture of Michel's Tomb Google Earth view of Raymond's Tomb