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La Caravana del manuscrito andalusí

La Caravana del manuscrito andalusí is a 2007 documentary film directed by Lidia Peralta García. During the 12th and 15th centuries, in Muslim Spain, many science books were written; when Muslims left Spain, many took their manuscripts with them. Today, one can find them spread in particular libraries, all along the caravan route through Morocco and Mali. From Toledo to Timbuktu, this documentary follows their traces, its protagonist, Ismael Diadié Haidara, owner of the Andalus Library of Timbuktu, has spent years trying to retrieve his family's manuscripts and with them, his own Al Andalus past. The film was produced with the assistance of CEDECOM Malaga; the director, Lidia Peralta García, traveled for five months and covered over 6,000 kilometres on the route from Toledo in Spain to Timbuktu in Mali to make the documentary. According to Peralta, "a documentary like this makes you aware that for many centuries we have shared the same history, while today some have white skin and others black".

La Caravana del manuscrito andalusí won the Best Documentary Film prize at the 10th International Panorama of Independent Films. It was nominated for Best Documentary Film at the 2008 Marbella International Film Festival. African Film Festival of Cordoba-FCAT

Epidendrum rigidum

Epidendrum rigidum is an epiphytic reed-stemmed Epidendrum orchid common throughout the Neotroical lowlands, below 600 m. E. rigidum has been placed in the subgenus E. subg Epidendrum Lindl. because its sympodial stems do not thicken to form pseudobulbs, its stems are covered by the basal sheaths of its distichous leaves, its peduncle emerges from the apical leaf without being covered by any bract or sheath. The basal parts of the stems unite to form a creeping rhizome; the lathery ovate-oblong obtuse leaves are 3 -- 8 apically bilobed. As with other members of E. subsect. Spathacea Rchb.f. 1861, the racemose inflorescence bears enlarged spathaceous floral bracts. The green, non-resupinate, fleshy flowers are covered by the large, dolabriform bracts; the ovate obtuse sepals are 5 mm long. The linear petals are 5 mm long; as with other members of the genus Epidendrum, the lip is adnate to the column to its apex. The lip is heart-shaped where it diverges from the column and obtuse at the apex; the diploid chromosome number of E. rigidum has been determined as 2n = 40.

Epidendrum rigidum Lodd. 1829 nom. illeg. is a synonym for E. ramosum Jacq. 1760 Epidendrum rigidum var. angustisegmentum L. O. Williams 1946 is a synonym for E. angustisegmentum Hágsater 1999 Media related to Epidendrum rigidum at Wikimedia Commons Data related to Epidendrum rigidum at Wikispecies A photograph of the flowers may be found at The Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia Photographs of the flowering plant and leaves may be found at

Oriel window

An oriel window is a form of bay window which protrudes from the main wall of a building but does not reach to the ground. Supported by corbels, brackets, or similar, an oriel window is most found projecting from an upper floor but is sometimes used on the ground floor. Oriel windows are seen in Arab architecture in the form of mashrabiya. In Islamic culture, these windows and balconies project from the street-front of a house, providing an area in which women could peer out and see the activities below while remaining invisible. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word "oriel" is derived from Anglo-Norman oriell and post-classical Latin oriolum, both meaning "gallery" or "porch" from classical Latin aulaeum, "curtain". Oriel College, took its name from a balcony or oriel window forming a feature of a building which occupied the site the college now stands on. Oriel Chambers in Liverpool was a controversial building when it was built, featuring an entire façade of glass oriel windows.

It is seen as an early example of modernism. Bay window for more details Bow window Bretèche Turret window

Ruslan Mukhametshin

Ruslan Nailevich Mukhametshin is a Russian professional football coach and a former player. He is an assistant coach for FC Mordovia Saransk; the day after signing, he made the match squad for Rubin's trip to FC Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast, baring the number 81 shirt. However, he remained on the bench for the entire game. Mukhametshin's younger brother Rustem is a professional footballer playing for FC Tosno. Russian Second Division, Zone Ural-Povolzhye top scorer: 2009. Russian Second Division, Zone Ural-Povolzhye best player and best striker: 2009. Football Championship of the National League winner: 2011/12 Football Championship of the National League top scorer: 2011/12 Ruslan Mukhametshin at

Jake Deitchler

Jacob "Jake" Deitchler is a retired American wrestler who won a position on the United States Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling team in 2008. Deitchler, from Ramsey, Minnesota, is a former University of Minnesota wrestler and is only the third wrestler in history to come directly from high school to earn a spot on the United States Olympic Team. Deitchler began wrestling in first grade in Coon Rapids and moved to Anoka, Minnesota to wrestle in the sixth grade; this lead to meeting his mentor and coach, Anoka High School alumnus Brandon Paulson. While at Anoka, Deitchler was a three-time Minnesota state wrestling champion. Deitchler stunned the Greco-Roman wrestling community in the U. S. in 2008 when he won an Olympic berth in the 145.5-pound weight class, becoming the first high school wrestler in 32 years to make the U. S. Olympic team in his sport. In the Beijing Olympics, Deitchler lost both his matches in the 66 kg weight class, the first to the eventual Silver Medalist Kanatbek Begaliev of Kyrgyzstan and Armen Vardanyan of the Ukraine who received the bronze medal.

He finished the Olympics in 12th place in his weight class. Jake left the Gopher wrestling team to pursue international competition, but returned to the Gophers for the 2009–2010 season, finishing 8–2 in open meets. In January 2010, Deitchler was suspended by the NCAA for the rest of the 2009–2010 for taking $4,000 in prize money while wrestling internationally following the Olympics, he took the entire 2010–2011 season off after experiencing continued concussion symptoms. After starting the 2011–2012 season ranked as high as 8th nationally in the 157-pound weight class, on January 4, 2012 Deitchler announced that he was retiring from competitive wrestling due to lingering effects from concussions. After receiving his first concussion when he was seven in a dirt bike accident, Deitchler estimates that he had suffered nine to 11 concussions over the last 15 years and was advised by his physician to stop wrestling after experiencing headaches and fogginess following his most recent meet on November 20, 2011.

Deitchler was set to graduate from the University of Minnesota in 2013 with a degree in Communications and American Indian studies. He is coaching young wrestlers alongside Brandon Paulson and former Gophers wrestler Chad Erikson. Dietchler lives in the Twin Cities suburb of St. Michael, Minnesota with his wife