Sauropus assimilis

Sauropus assimilis is an rare species of plant in the family Phyllanthaceae. It is a tree growing in wet evergreen forests in lowlands. Endemic to southwestern Sri Lanka, only known from the Sinharaja Biosphere Reserve there, evidence of its existence was last catalogued before 1991, it has not been found since then, it may have since become extinct. Sauropus assimilis was first collected for scientific examination and classification from Allagalla, in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, at an elevation of 3000 feet, by botanist George Henry Kendrick Thwaites; this high elevation, when compared with where it has been found more would seem to indicate that the historic range of S. assimilis is much broader than it stands today. Thwaites described and published this species for the first time in 1861; the specific epithet "assimilis" is Latin, meaning "like" or "similar to": in Thwaites text, he indicates that the overall appearance of S. assimilis is similar to that of S. gardneriana

1929 Eastern Suburbs season

Eastern Suburbs competed in the 22nd New South Wales Rugby League season in 1928. Home Ground: Agricultural Ground Lineup:- George Boddington. Bakewell • J. Barratt • Morrie BoyleRichard BrownJoe BuschHarry CaplesA. Carter • W. Cole • Jack Coote • F. Davies • Tom FitzpatrickGordon FletcherNelson HardyGeorge Harris • Larry Hedger • Billy Hong • Harry Kavanagh • Joe PearceNorm PopeBill ShanklandRay Stehr • George Torpy. Rugby League Tables and Statistics