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Edward Waring

Edward Waring was a British mathematician. He entered Magdalene College, Cambridge as a sizar and became Senior wrangler in 1757, he was elected a Fellow of Magdalene and in 1760 Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, holding the chair until his death. He made the assertion known as Waring's problem without proof in his writings Meditationes Algebraicae. Waring was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1763 and awarded the Copley Medal in 1784. Waring was the eldest son of John and Elizabeth Waring, a prosperous farming couple, he received his early education in Shrewsbury School under a Mr Hotchkin and was admitted as a sizar at Magdalene College, Cambridge, on 24 March 1753, being Millington exhibitioner. His extraordinary talent for mathematics was recognised from his early years in Cambridge. In 1757 he graduated BA as senior wrangler and on 24 April 1758 was elected to a fellowship at Magdalene, he belonged to the Hyson Club, whose members included William Paley. At the end of 1759 Waring published the first chapter of Miscellanea Analytica.

On 28 January the next year he was appointed Lucasian professor of mathematics, one of the highest positions in Cambridge. William Samuel Powell tutor in St John's College, Cambridge opposed Waring's election and instead supported the candidacy of William Ludlam. In the polemic with Powell, Waring was backed by John Wilson. In fact Waring was young and did not hold the MA, necessary for qualifying for the Lucasian chair, but this was granted him in 1760 by royal mandate. In 1762 he published the full Miscellanea Analytica devoted to the theory of numbers and algebraic equations. In 1763 he was elected to the Royal Society, he was awarded its Copley Medal in 1784 but withdrew from the society in 1795, after he had reached sixty,'on account of age'. Waring was a member of the academies of sciences of Göttingen and Bologna. In 1767 he took an MD degree, but his activity in medicine was quite limited, he carried out dissections with Richard Watson, professor of chemistry and bishop of Llandaff. From about 1770 he was physician at Addenbrooke's Hospital at Cambridge, he practised at St Ives, where he lived for some years after 1767.

His career as a physician was not successful since he was short-sighted and a shy man. Waring had a younger brother, who obtained a fellowship at Magdalene in 1775. In 1776 Waring married Mary Oswell, sister of a draper in Shrewsbury; the Meditationes Algebraicae, where many of the results published in Miscellanea Analytica were reworked and expanded, was described by Joseph-Louis Lagrange as'a work full of excellent researches'. In this work Waring published many theorems concerning the solution of algebraic equations which attracted the attention of continental mathematicians, but his best results are in number theory. Included in this work was the so-called Goldbach conjecture, the following conjecture: every odd integer is a prime or the sum of three primes. Lagrange had proved that every positive integer is the sum of not more than four squares, he advanced the hypothesis that every positive integer is either a biquadrate or the sum of not more than nineteen biquadrates. These hypotheses form what is known as Waring's problem.

He published a theorem, due to his friend John Wilson, concerning prime numbers. In Proprietates Algebraicarum Curvarum Waring reissued in a much revised form the first four chapters of the second part of Miscellanea Analytica, he devoted himself to the classification of higher plane curves, improving results obtained by Isaac Newton, James Stirling, Leonhard Euler, Gabriel Cramer. In 1794 he published a few copies of a philosophical work entitled An Essay on the Principles of Human Knowledge, which were circulated among his friends. Waring's mathematical style is analytical. In fact he criticised those British mathematicians who adhered too to geometry, it is indicative that he was one of the subscribers of John Landen's Residual Analysis, one of the works in which the tradition of the Newtonian fluxional calculus was more criticised. In the preface of Meditationes Analyticae Waring showed a good knowledge of continental mathematicians such as Alexis Clairaut, Jean le Rond d'Alembert, Euler.

He lamented the fact that in Great Britain mathematics was cultivated with less interest than on the continent, desired to be considered as as the great names in continental mathematics—there is no doubt that he was reading their work at a level never reached by any other eighteenth-century British mathematician. Most notably, at the end of chapter three of Meditationes Analyticae Waring presents some partial fluxional equations. One of the most interesting results in Meditationes Analyticae is a test for the convergence of series attributed to d'Alembert; the theory of convergence of series (the object of, to establish when the summation of an infinite

Nnaemeka Anyamele

Nnaemeka Anyamele a Finnish footballer who plays as a left-back, most for German club BSV Schwarz-Weiß Rehden. He has played for Klubi-04, FC Honka and Gnistan. Anyamele spent his youth with Helsingin Ponnistus and HJK, before he joined Klubi-04, he made his Kakkonen debut with Klubi on 4 August 2011, coming on as a half-time substitute for Henri Lassila in a 5–0 win over Sudet at the Sonera Stadium. He made four further appearances in the 2011 season, before scoring two goals in 20 appearances in the 2012 campaign, he scored his first goal in senior football on 21 April 2012, in a 6–0 home win over LoPa. He joined Mika Lehkosuo's FC Honka of the Veikkausliiga for the 2013 season, was loaned out to Pallohonka back in the Kakkonen. Honka finished as runners-up with Anyamele scoring one goal in 12 league games, he won a regular first team place under new manager Shefki Kuqi during the 2014 campaign, scoring five goals in 37 games as the club were relegated in 11th-place. He played twice in the UEFA Europa League, featuring in both legs of the club's 3–2 aggregate victory over Estonian side Sillamäe Kalev.

Anyamele signed a two-year contract with HIFK in November 2014, said that manager Jani Honkavaara's promise to play him at left-back convinced him to join the club. He spent the 2016 seasons at the club, scoring three goals in 53 games. Anyamele has represented Finland at youth-team level; as of 24 November 2016. With FC HonkaVeikkausliiga runner-up: 2013

Avraham Eliezer Alperstein

Avraham Eliezer Alperstein was an Orthodox Rabbi, Rosh yeshiva, communal leader and exceptional Talmudic scholar. He published the first section of Talmud in the United States. Studying under the Ridbaz and the Beis HaLevi in his youth and in Vilna and Kovno, Rabbi Alperstein obtained an extraordinary knowledge of both the Talmud Bavli and the Talmud Yerushalmi, he received Semicha from Rabbi Mordechai Meltzer, Rabbi Aryeh Leib Shachnovitz. Upon gaining semicha, Rabbi Alperstein served as rabbi of the Kamenitzer shul in Vilna before becoming rabbi of nearby Novogorod. A few years he accepted a position as rabbi of the Zevach Tzedek shul in the vibrant Jewish community of Slabodka. Rabbi Alperstein immigrated to the United States in 1881, becoming rabbi of Khal Adath Jeshurun in New York. In 1884, he went to Chicago to take another rabbinic pulpit, serving there for 15 years as rabbi of various shuls including Congregation Oheb Shalom Bnai Marienpol, Anshei Kovno, the Suvalker shul. While in the city, he published his commentary to Tractate Bikkurim of the Jerusalem Talmud.

The work boasted two notable approbations, one from the Beis HaLevi of Brisk and the other from Rabbi Jacob Joseph of New York. Moving in 1899 to St. Paul, Rabbi Alperstein returned to New York in 1901 to become rabbi of the Yagustava shul on Rutgers Street. Upon his return to New York, Rabbi Alperstein was delighted to learn that his colleagues Rabbis Moshe Matlin and Yehuda David Bernstein had opened a Lithuanian-style yeshiva named in honour of the distinguished Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan Spektor of Kovno. Desiring to assist the yeshiva, Rabbi Alperstein's abilities as a dynamic public speaker in Yiddish proved useful as he campaigned throughout the Shteiblach of the Lower East Side for funds for RIETS. In 1903, when RIETS felt it had outgrown its premises at the Kalvarier shul, Rabbi Alperstein arranged for the yeshiva to transfer to his own Yagustava shul. By 1905, the year he became rabbi at Congregation Mishkon Yisroel 100 students were engaged in Torah study in RIETS, under the tutelage of several rabbis including Rabbi Alperstein.

Rabbi Alperstein was active in the areas of Kashrut and Jewish education. He was one of the founders of the Agudath Harabbonim, serving as its vice-president and directing the New York branch, he was buried in Mount Judah Cemetery, New York. His wife founded the'Beth Abraham Home for the Incurably Sick' in the Bronx in his memory, which today is the Beth Abraham Hospital, part of the Montefiore Medical Center. Sefer HaRaal uPri Genusar - a triple commentary on Maseches Bikkurim of the Talmud Yerushalmi, the first section of Talmud published in America unpublished responsa, as well as writings on Tractate Berachot of the Jerusalem Talmud and Tractate Niddah of the Babylonian Talmud several Torah articles in the Jerusalem rabbinic journal Ha-Measef RIETS Rosh Yeshiva Gallery biography Toldot Anshei Shem biography Goldman, Yosef. Hebrew Printing in America, 1735-1926, A History and Annotated Bibliography. ISBN 1-59975-685-4. Sherman, Moshe D. Orthodox Judaism in America: A Biographical Dictionary and Sourcebook.

ISBN 0-313-24316-6. Avraham Eliezer Alperstein at Find a Grave


A lysophosphatidylethanolamine is a chemical compound derived from a phosphatidylethanolamine, typical of cell membranes. LPE results from partial hydrolysis of phosphatidylethanolamine, which removes one of the fatty acid groups; the hydrolysis is the result of the enzymatic action of phospholipase A2. LPE can be used in agricultural use to regulate plant growth such as color increase, sugar content increase, plant health increase, storability increase without side effect. LPE is present as a minor phospholipid in the cell membrane. LPE was detected in human serum, its level is reported to be about several hundred ng mL−1. Available sources of LPE are egg yolk lecithin, soybean lecithin, other lecithins. Lysophosphatidylethanolamine is a minor constituent of cell membranes. LPE plays activation of other enzymes; the physiological significance of the plasma LPE remains unknown. However, LPE has antifungal and antibacterial activity in the housefly, in certain mushrooms, it stimulates the MAPK cascade.

Previous studies showed that LPE, a natural phospholipid, can accelerate ripening and prolong shelf life of tomato fruit, retard senescence in attached and detached leaves and fruit of tomato. In other studies, LPE inhibited the activity of phospholipase D, a membrane degrading enzyme, of which active is increased during senescence. More it is reported that LPE can accelerate color development and promote shelf life of cranberries, increase fruit qualities of Thompson seedless grapes, in such as soluble solids content, titratable acidity and size. Along with these results show that LPE can accelerate ripening of fruit and have potential to protect senescence. Lysophosphatidylethanolamine is composed of an ethanolamine head group and glycerophosphoric acid with a various fatty acid located sn-1 position; the fatty acid may be unsaturated acyl. Chemical name: 1-Acyl-sn-glycero-3-phospho CAS number: 95046-40-5 Molecular weight: ≅479 Lysophosphatidylethanolamine is a minor membrane glycerolipid.

LPE was approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for use on agricultural crops. It is used with tomatoes, grapes and oranges for increasing color, sugar contents and their storage life. In addition, it is reported that LPE can delay senescence in leaves and fruits, mitigate stress of ethylene-induced process. SignaFresh, the brand name made of LPE, is helpful for crops to be valuable product. Preharvest application of SignaFresh leads ideal postharvest behaviors. Phospholipid Phospholipase A2 Phospholipase D Phenylalanine ammonia lyase Acid invertase SignaFresh

Senza scappare mai piĆ¹

"Senza scappare mai più" is a pop song written by Italian singer-songwriter Tiziano Ferro for his first compilation album, TZN - The Best of Tiziano Ferro, released on November 25, 2014. "Senza scappare mai più" was released as the album's lead single in early October 2014, it is notable as being one of first Italian love songs sung from a male perspective to another man, it's one of Tiziano's first love songs focusing on his first relationship with his ex-boyfriend. The video, directed by Gaetano Morbioli and produced by Federica Filipinos, was premiered in the Italian channel TV, Sky Uno, on October 27, 2014. In the video, plays his alter ego. Who plays the most important characters of his discography music. While current Tiziano Ferro, always present, walks among them singing Senza scappare mai più. Digital download"Senza scappare mai più" – 3:35Digital download"No Escaparé Nunca Más" – 3:357" 7" vinyl"Senza scappare mai più" – 3:35 "Xdono" – 3:59 Tiziano ferro official website "Senza scappare mai più" Official Music video

Marcianos vs. Mexicanos

Marcianos vs. Mexicanos is a 2018 adult animated sci-fi comedy film produced and directed by Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste and Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste; the film features the voices of Adal Ramones, Martha Higareda, Omar Chaparro, Angélica Vale, Eduardo Manzano, Jaime Maussan. Produced by Huevocartoon Producciones, it is the company's first original project as it features an human cast and original story, in contrast to the company's previous productions; the film is aimed for a mature audience. The film was released in Mexico on March 9, 2018, opening to negative critical reception and a box-office disappointment, it is made available on digital platforms via Pantaya in the United States. A Mexican family was chosen by NASA to head to Mars in order to stop an army of Martians from conquering Earth. Adal Ramones as El Chacas Martha Higareda as La Zafiro Omar Chaparro as the Martian king Angélica Vale as La Tlacoyito Eduardo Manzano as Don Calcáneo Ricardo Hill as El Teacher Humberto Vélez as El General Fernando Meza as El Nene / Doña Chocho / El Cubano / Juan Mónica Santacruz Gutiérrez as La Joselyn Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste as El Talachas / El Poli / El Mirey / Martian Soldier Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste as Jacinto / El Frijol / La Niña / El Chino / Nerd Jaime Maussan as himself The film has been in development from 2015 to 2017.

The film's directors and producers Gabriel and Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste said the film is a setback to the foundation of their production company, Huevocartoon Producciones, due to the company's "irreverent" and "rude" content nature. "When we started with Huevocartoon we were kind of a Latin South Park, but when we made the films we had to reach another audience ow it will have a scratchy side," said Gabriel. Gabriel mentioned the idea of the story is based on the real-life economic problems occurring in Mexico, how the citizens in the film were "immune" to the Martians. "One day my brother and I were talking about how the country was bad in every way: corruption, everything, we told ourselves that something big must happen to create awareness," said Gabriel. "We began to present the script and this happened: everything we suffer would make us immune to Martians, NASA sends a mission to Mexico." Adal Ramones, who portrays protagonist'El Chacas', shared more details on the economic issues of the country and how the characters in the film would not save Earth in a traditional formula.

"On this occasion, we are going to face the Martians, they see that Godzilla or the aliens always arrive and attack New York and it is the gringos who stop the world catastrophe Well, now we Mexicans are responsible for saving the world and we do not do it with a prepared army or the best technology in arms, but with their irreverent way of being and solving the lawsuits," said Ramones. "Wrestling, Mexicans who steal motherships to sell their mechanical parts on the black market, things like that are what we see and those that give more laughter, because the Riva Palacio took the'bad' of the country and used it to fight against an alien invasion we see stereotypes of the Mexican in different characters, from the corrupt policeman to the luchona mother." Co-director and writer, Rodolfo Riva is satisfied with the film, to which he says that "it's a film I made with a lot of heart." The voice cast consists of well-known Mexican talent, to which some have shared their satisfaction and call it "funny".

Adal Ramones, who plays the main protagonist'El Chacas', calls the project "a funny animated film" as the film is his first effort in an adult-themed animated production. "My character is called'Chacas', he's a neighborhood boy who along with other people who represent various stereotypes of the Mexican, are recruited to fight against the aliens that have invaded the entire world, except our country," said Ramones. "It's a funny animated film because it's the first time I've seen a production of this kind in comedy, not for children, but for teenagers and adults because it's funny picaresque and a portrait of how we Mexicans are." The Mexican actor had previous voice-acting experience in other animated films, such as the Spanish-language version of Pixar's A Bug's Life, Animex's El Americano. Actress Martha Higareda, who voices'El Zafiro', stated she is satisfied with her voice work in the film, saying that she is "proud" to be in a film produced by Huevocartoon, a company in which she praised the filmmakers for achievement to revive the Mexican animation industry, not common in the country's film industry.

For her role, she had to change her voice to a'smoother'-like to match the'sexy' trait of her character. "I had to change because I have sharp and'Zafiro's voice I demanded something much more dense," said Higareda. Higareda has had previous voice work experience in the Spanish dub version of Warner Bros.' Storks, La Leyenda de la Nahuala, a guest role in Cartoon Network's Steven Universe. "I enjoyed it, I had to do it with Storks I hope that Marcianos vs. Mexicanos is one more I can do, said Higareda. Angélica Vale, who voices'La Tlacoyito', have shared her'satisfying' experience with working with the filmmakers. Vale had collaborated with the past productions by Huevocartoon. "My love for the Riva Palacio is something much stronger than anything. I think they are two talented guys and how could I say no? I flattered and happy that they give chance to return to be with them in a movie no longer Huevos but as the'Tlacoyito'. Other talents include Omar Chaparro, who collabora