Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School

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Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School
Donegal Street

N1 9QG

Coordinates51°31′59″N 0°06′45″W / 51.5330°N 0.1126°W / 51.5330; -0.1126Coordinates: 51°31′59″N 0°06′45″W / 51.5330°N 0.1126°W / 51.5330; -0.1126
TypeCommunity school
Mottolearn without limits
Local authorityIslington
Department for Education URN100457 Tables
HeadteacherJo Dibb
Age11 to 16
Enrolmentc. 900
Colour(s)Pink & grey

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School (EGA), a medium-sized comprehensive secondary school for girls in Islington, London, England, is rated as 'Outstanding' by OFSTED in its most recent inspection report.[1] It is named in honour of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first woman to gain a medical qualification in the United Kingdom.


EGA's buildings, which are located between King's Cross railway station and Angel Underground station, are named after great women in history, such as Emily Brontë.


The school is the result of a merger between Starcross School and Barnsbury Girls' School in 1984.[2] Starcross school was founded in 1928[3] and moved into the buildings made vacant by the 1965 closing of Risinghill School,[4] which had opened in 1960, although a school has existed on the site since 1885 (further extended in 1899 )(originally Rising Hill Street School).[5] Barnsbury Girls' School was created in 1934 on the site of an all age Victorian school in Barnsbury Park.

In 2009, the school was visited by Michelle Obama, wife of the American president Barack Obama.[5] During her visit she gave a speech about achieving regardless of your background and spoke about how much she had in common with the girls at the school; the occasion was posted online as a TED talk.[6] This visit and her talk are described in her memoir Becoming (published November 2018[7]) and described in her own voice for the Radio 4 serialisation of the book.[8] On 25 May 2011, during a state visit of the US president, she took a group of 37 pupils at the school to Oxford University for a presentation.[9] In 2012, the First Lady invited a group of students from EGA to meet her in the White House; the former First Lady visited the school again in December 2018.[10]

The school was rebuilt as part of the final phase of BSF and the new building opened in November 2012. Demolition of the old buildings and landscaping of the site is now complete.

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