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Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Elizabeth Street is one of the main streets in the central business district of Melbourne, part of the Hoddle Grid laid out in 1837. It is presumed to have been named in honour of governor Richard Bourke's wife; the street is famous as a retail shopping precinct for motorcycles and cameras. It is connected with key shopping and tourist destinations such as Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne's GPO, Melbourne Central Shopping Centre and Queen Victoria Market; the street runs north-south in-between Queen Street and Swanston Street. At the southern end the street terminates at Flinders Street station, whilst the northern end terminates at Grattan Street, north of the Haymarket Roundabout. Haymarket connects Elizabeth Street to Peel Street towards the south-west, Flemington Road to the north-west, Royal Parade to the north and Grattan Street to the East; this complex, high-traffic roundabout is further complicated by trams travelling through it on varying routes. Traffic lights were installed on the roundabout in 2011 to limit the dangerous complexity of the intersection, it having functioned as a normal roundabout.

Elizabeth Street is the lowest point in the Melbourne central business district, with land rising both to the east and west, more to the north. The street was built on top of a historic natural creek and has suffered numerous floods in Melbourne's history. Flash flooding south towards the Yarra River occurred in 1882, 1972 and more during the 2010 Victorian storms; the Elizabeth Street drain runs from Carlton in the north to the Yarra River in the south, carrying storm water from the inner northern suburbs and city centre. This drain is a significant source of pollutants entering the lower Yarra. Elizabeth Street is home to many important buildings, modern structures and works of art; these various works are listed on both the Victorian Heritage Register and National Trust of Australia. Flinders Street Station Melbourne City Building General Post Office Underground Toilets Mitchell House Block Arcade Royal Arcade Queen Victoria Market Hosies Hotel Mural Former Melford Motors St Francis Church 289 Elizabeth Street Angus & Robertson Building London Hotel Royal Saxon Hotel Argus Building Paton Building Brooks' Chambers Michaels Building Ampol House Former Colonial Bank Former Kodak Factory Complex Former Hosies Hotel & Richard Beck Mural Womens Christian Temperance Union Drinking Fountain Heape Court Warehouses There are a large number of retail shops on Elizabeth Street, though most famously the street is home to a number of photography retailers and a considerable number of motorcycle dealers.

The street has been the home of motorbike retailing in inner Melbourne since 1903, the longest-existing such area in the world. As well as Flinders Street station at the southern end, the western exit of Melbourne Central railway station is located at the intersection of Latrobe and Elizabeth Streets. A number of tram services run along the street, including route 19 trams to Coburg North, route 59 trams to Airport West and route 57 trams to West Maribyrnong. Australian Roads portal Media related to Elizabeth Street at Wikimedia Commons Elizabeth Street in flood, 1882 State Library Victoria, accessed 23 March 2015. Elizabeth Street in flood, 1862 State Library Victoria, accessed 23 March 2015. Elizabeth Street flood, 1972


Šipan Sipano is the largest of the Elaphiti Islands, 17 km northwest of Dubrovnik, Croatia. It is the largest island in this group and its highest point is 243 m above sea level. Two limestone crests, the higher in the northeast and the lower in the southeast surround a dolomite depression, on which olives, vine, carob-trees, almond-trees and citrus fruit are cultivated; the island's population is 419. There are two ports on the island, Suđurađ in the east, Šipanska Luka in the west; the island is famed for its numerous palm tree species that grow on the island. It was first mentioned by this name in documents of 1371. In 1426 it became part of the Republic of Ragusa. During the French Revolutionary Wars, the British Royal Navy referred to it as Zupano. On 17 June 1813 a landing party of seamen from HMS Saracen captured the French garrison. Dalmatia Glamuzina, Martin. "Suvremena geografska problematika otoka Lopuda i Koločepa". Geoadria. 4: 89–100. Retrieved 25 December 2019. Media related to Šipan at Wikimedia Commons

Lilium michiganense

Lilium michiganense is a species of true lily referred to as the Michigan lily. It is a wildflower present in prairie habitats in the Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi Valley regions of the United States and Canada, from South Dakota through Ontario to New York, south to Georgia and Oklahoma; the flower is orange with spots. It is cultivated as an ornamental; the Michigan lily is confused with the Turk's cap lily, with a naturalized Asian "tiger lily" Lilium lancifolium. The leaf arrangement is whorled, but sometimes alternate just below the inflorescence and at the base of stem; the Michigan lily is an endangered species in the state of New York, where it occurs in Monroe and Jefferson counties. It is listed as threatened in Tennessee. Media related to Lilium michiganense at Wikimedia Commons


Netconcepts was a web marketing and web development agency founded by Stephan Spencer and headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Netconcepts specialized in SEO for Fortune 500 ecommerce major media brands. Netconcepts was acquired in January 2010 by Covario, the nation's largest independent SEM and SEO solutions provider, offering both software and marketing services for paid and organic search management. Covario was itself acquired in 2014 by Dentsu Aegis, a multinational media and digital marketing communications company. In 1995, the web development company Internet Concepts LLC was founded by its president Stephan Spencer renaming itself to Netconcepts LLC. In 2000, A New Zealand office, Netconcepts Ltd. was opened by Spencer in Browns Bay and later, Christchurch. Netconcepts Ltd. was the production arm of Netconcepts LLC, the office in Madison. The majority of the over 50 staff wereemployed in the New Zealand office though some of the owners and key executives were based in Madison; the company was featured in a case study by the New Zealand Government's Work-Life Balance Project.

Netconcepts had many large corporate American clients which totaled 70% of their client list, the other 30% were New Zealand-based clients. In 2005, Netconcepts earned $5 million in revenue; some of the American clients included the Carter Center,, Van Dykes Taxidermy, Countrywide Financial, Steve Spangler, Discovery Channel. New Zealand clients include Prime Television. Netconcepts China was founded in 2008 and continues to operate, with headquarters in Beijing and offices in Shanghai and Jinan. Amazon China, Huawei and eBay are among their clients. After acquiring Netconcepts LLC, Covario Inc. phased out use of the Netconcepts brand name. In 2003, Netconcepts released a report titled The State of Search Engine Cataloging, which showed 99 of the Catalog Age 100 companies had not optimized their website for search engines; the other company did not have a website. Brian Klais, vice-president of their e-business sector, Stephan Spencer said to Multi Channel Merchant: "the vast majority of sites analyzed had sizable chunks of their site inaccessible to search engine spiders due to search-engine-unfriendly dynamic URLs and navigation based on Java, JavaScript, or Flash."

Netconcepts released a white paper in 2006, detailing the aspect of long tail searches and the value of having them. The white paper says that the amount of unbranded keyword traffic is about seven million searches a month. A previous study showed that Google served up the most unbranded searches, 80.7%. Netconcepts went into detail about how to optimize a website for long tail searches, such as changing from dynamic to static URLs so a search engine can index the page easier, rewrite title tags, copy optimization. Netconcepts

Nga Kor Ming

David Nga Kor Ming, is a Malaysian politician. He is the Member of Parliament for the seat of Teluk Intan, Perak State Legislative Assemblyman for Aulong, as well as a Deputy Speaker of the Parliament. Nga is a member of the Democratic Action Party in the Pakatan Harapan ruling coalition, he serves as the party's Deputy Secretary-General. Nga Kor Ming was born in Kota Bharu, Malaysia, His family origin was of Fuzhou origin and stayed at Ayer Tawar when they came to Malaya. Him and his family was christened to David by the late Rev. Koh Gie Bing, his wife is from Ayer Tawar. Nga Kor Ming received a Bachelor of Laws from Universiti Malaya. Before his appointment to the Perak executive council, he practised as a lawyer in Ayer Tawar and in Ipoh, Perak. In 2007, he was recognised as one of Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians by the International Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the category of'Politics and Government'; this award was notable as it goes to opposition politicians.

Nga made his election debut and had been Perak State Assemblyman for Pantai Remis for three terms since the 1999, 2004 and 2008 General Elections. He became Member of Parliament for Taiping, Perak after defeating President of the People's Progressive Party, M. Kayveas with a majority of 11,298 votes in the 2008 General Election too on 8 March 2008. In 2008, with the formation of the Perak government by the coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS, Nga was appointed to the state executive committee, with the portfolios of Education, Local Government and Public Transport. Perak had been ruled continuously by the Barisan Nasional since the independence of Malaya in 1957. In the 2013 General Election, he was reelected in the Taiping parliamentary seat and won the Perak state seat of Kepayang too. In the 2018 General Election, he won the Parliament for the seat of Teluk Intan by defeating the incumbent, Mah Siew Keong of BN and the Perak state seat of Aulong concurrently. In 2011, Nga Kor Ming used the term "metallic black" to describe Mentri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir, during political rallies in Kamunting.

Nga Kor Ming apologised for his racist remarks for calling Zambry a "metallic black person". It was obvious that he was referring to Dr Zambry's skin colour or Indians when he uttered the phrase in various ceramah as seen in YouTube, which he subsequently denied; the apology was accepted by DAP national chairman Karpal Singh, however, it is believed that no disciplinary action was taken although DAP was known as a multi-racial party and its leaders were not known to pass racist remarks against any community or race until the racial slur by Nga Kor Ming. In 2012, Nga Kor Ming sued blogger sekupangdua, whose true identity is Ahmad Sofian Yahya at Ipoh High Court for exemplary damages, aggravated damages and an order of injunction against further publication of defamatory words, it has been revealed that his wife's company was awarded the contract to make lounge suits for the councillors of Ipoh City Council when Pakatan Rakyat was ruling Perak. DAP Perak stresses that MBI's award of tailoring contract was done by the council's tender board by way of open tender, it is claimed that Nga did not interfere in the committee overlooking the open tender process.

The subject matter is a contract for 24 lounge suit for MBI councillors at the price of RM650 each and a total price of RM14,400.00. Nga's wife's company, which submitted a bid for RM650 per suit, predictably ended up being awarded the job sometime in 2008; the open tender involved 4 other tailor companies and Nga's wife's company Ethan and Elton was awarded the contract despite being the most expensive at RM650, the lowest bidder Goodman Tailor having tendered for RM450. The DAP disciplinary committee cleared Nga Kor Ming of any power abuse in the awarding of a lounge suit contract to his wife's company. In 2019, the naming of a new three-storey building of SJK Sin Min, a Chinese primary school in Simpang, after Nga has raised a controversy; the 3D Chinese characters for'Nga Kor Ming Building' affixed on the new block to honour Nga for helping to secure a RM220,000 government grant for the school, was questioned and condemned by certain quarters. Nga dismissed criticism over the polemic and pointed it was the school board's decision to pick his name and he did not make a request nor give instruction for the school to do so

Gene Davis (politician)

Gene Davis is a Democratic member of the Utah Senate, representing the 3rd District since 1999. He served in the Utah House of Representatives from 1987 to 1998. Davis graduated from South High School, he received his Bachelor of Laws from LaSalle Extension University and his Radio Operational Engineering degree. He worked in public relations and advertising. Davis is a widower, his wife Penny died in 2015. Davis has served on the Sugarhouse Community Council as the past chair, he is the past president for the Sugarhouse Rotary. Davis served in the House of Representatives from January 1, 1987 - December 31, 1998, he was elected to the Senate in 1998. In 2012, Senator Davis was elected as the Minority Leader in the senate. In 2016, Senator Davis served on the following committees: Business, Economic Development, Labor Appropriations Subcommittee Executive Appropriations Committee Retirement and Independent Entities Appropriations Subcommittee Senate Business and Labor Committee Senate Ethics Committee Senate Retirement and Independent Entities Committee Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice Committee In 2014 Senator Davis ran unopposed in the primary and general election.

In 2016 Senator Davis sponsored the bill SB77, which would have created full medicaid expansion for the state under the Affordable Care Act. The bill did not pass, instead Representative Dunnigan's health care bill HB437 passed. Utah State Legislature - Senator Gene Davis official government website Project Vote Smart - Senator Gene Davis profile Gene Davis campaign contributions - Follow the Money