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Coordinates: 34°15′36″N 88°40′48″W / 34.259971°N 88.679963°W / 34.259971; -88.679963

Present-day photograph of a whitewashed house, about 15 feet wide. Four bannistered steps in the foreground lead up to a roofed porch that holds a swing wide enough for two. The front of the house has a door and a single-paned window. The visible side of the house, about 30 feet long, has double-paned windows.
Presley's birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi

The Elvis Presley Birthplace is a historic museum site in Tupelo, Mississippi dedicated to the preservation of the birthplace of American musician Elvis Presley. It is listed on the Mississippi Blues Trail. [1][2]

The museum site includes the birthplace home of Elvis Presley, a museum, a chapel, and the Assembly of God Church building where the Presley family worshipped. Financially, times were hard on Vernon and Gladys, and they had to move out of the shotgun house when Elvis was only a few years old for lack of payment. Vernon and Gladys worked various jobs while in Tupelo and moved several different times during the thirteen years they resided in Mississippi.[3]

An F5 tornado struck eight miles outside the city on April 5, 1936. The one-year-old Elvis and his mother, Gladys, survived the storm because it did not destroy their house. His father, Vernon, was out of town looking for work at that time.

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