Encino, Los Angeles

Encino is a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California. In 1769, the Spanish Portola expedition, first Europeans to see inland areas of California, traveled north through Sepulveda pass into the San Fernando Valley on August 5 and stayed two nights at a native village near what is now Los Encinos State Historic Park. Fray Juan Crespi, a Franciscan missionary travelling with the expedition, named the valley "El Valle de Santa Catalina de Bolonia de Los Encinos". All of Crespi's name was dropped except "Encino". Rancho Los Encinos was established in 1845 when a large parcel of former Mission San Fernando land was granted to three Mission Indians by governor Pio Pico. Many ranchos were created after the secularization of the California missions, which began in 1834. Encino derives its name from the rancho; the 2000 U. S. census counted 41,905 residents in the 9.5-square-mile Encino neighborhood — 4,411 inhabitants per square mile, among the lowest population densities for the city but average for the county.

In 2008, the city estimated that the resident population had increased to 44,581. In 2000 the median age for residents was 42, considered old for county neighborhoods; the neighborhood was considered "not diverse" ethnically within Los Angeles, with a high percentage of white residents. The breakdown was whites, 80.1%. Iran and Russia were the most common places of birth for the 32.8% of the residents who were born abroad—an average percentage for Los Angeles. The median yearly household income in 2008 dollars was $78,529, considered high for the city; the percentage of households that earned $125,000 and up was high for Los Angeles County. The average household size of 2.3 people was low when compared to the rest of the city and the county. Renters occupied 38.4% of the housing stock and house- or apartment-owners held 61.6%. The percentages of divorced residents and of widowed men and women were among the county's highest. In 2000 military veterans amounted to 10.6 % of a high rate for the county.

Encino is situated in the central portion of the southern San Fernando Valley and on the north slope of the Santa Monica Mountains. It is flanked on the north by Reseda and the Sepulveda Basin, on the east by Sherman Oaks, on the southeast by Bel-Air, on the south by Brentwood and on the west by Tarzana; the local economy provides jobs in health care, social services, professional services sectors. There are 3,800 businesses employing about 27,000 people at an annual payroll of $1.4 billion. Encino is in Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors district 3 and Los Angeles City Council District 5, it is represented within the city of Los Angeles by the Encino Neighborhood Council, an advisory body under the auspices of the city Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. The United States Postal Service operates the Encino Post Office at 5805 White Oak Avenue and the Balboa Van Nuys Post Office at 4930 Balboa Boulevard. Forty-six percent of Encino residents aged 25 and older had earned a four-year degree by 2000, a high percentage for both the city and the county.

The percentage of those residents with a master's degree or higher was high for the county. Schools within the Encino boundaries are: Encino is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District. Hesby Oaks Leadership Charter School, LAUSD, 15530 Hesby Street Encino Charter Elementary School, LAUSD, 16941 Addison Street Emelita Street Elementary School, LAUSD, 17931 Hatteras Street Fred E. Lull Special Education Center, LAUSD, 17551 Miranda Street Lanai Road Elementary School, LAUSD, 4241 Lanai RoadAs of 2009, there are no public high schools in Encino. Public high schools serving portions of Encino are Birmingham High School in Lake Balboa, Reseda High School in Reseda. In 1982 the board considered closing Rhoda Street Elementary School in Encino. In April 1983 an advisory committee of the LAUSD recommended closing eight LAUSD schools, including Rhoda Street School. In August 1983 the board publicly considered closing Rhoda. In 1984 the board voted to close the Rhoda Street School. Sage Academy, elementary, 5901 Lindley Avenue Westmark School, 5461 Louise Avenue Holy Martyrs Armenian High School/Ferrahian, 5300 White Oak Avenue Crespi Carmelite High School, 5031 Alonzo Avenue Our Lady of Grace School, elementary, 17720 Ventura Boulevard Los Encinos School, elementary, 17114 Ventura Boulevard Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, elementary, 4650 Haskell Avenue Valley Beth Shalom Day School, 15739 Ventura Boulevard International School of Los Angeles, 5933 Lindley Avenue California State Parks operates the 5-acre Los Encinos State Historic Park in Encino.

The park includes the original nine room de la Ossa Adobe, the Garnier Building, a blacksmith shop, a pond, a natural spring. The Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area, located in Encino, includes the Woodley Worel/Magnus Cricket Complex with the four best grass cricket pitches in the United States. Host to many famous stars and games reflecting cricket's origins in Los Angeles from 1888. Included in the basin is the Encino Golf Course and the Balboa Golf Course, having a total of 36 golf holes; the Balboa Municipal Golf Course, a short-length golf course, was lengthened by Steve Timm in 2008. The Balboa course has a banquet room, back nine play, cart rental, club rental, classes, a lighted driving range, a loun

Holly Herndon

Holly Herndon is an American composer and sound artist based in Berlin, Germany. After studying composition at Stanford University and completing her Ph. D. at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, she pursued her international career. Herndon's music includes human singing voices—such as her own one, is computer-based, uses the visual programming language Max/MSP to create custom instruments and vocal processes, she has released music on the labels RVNG Intl. and 4AD. Her most recent full-length album Proto was released on May 10, 2019. Holly Herndon was born in 1980 and raised in Johnson City, Tennessee; as a teenager, she spent several years living in Berlin on a high school exchange program, absorbed in the city's dance and techno scene. When Herndon returned to the United States she began studying electronic music at Mills College in Oakland, California, she studied under John Bischoff, James Fei, Maggi Payne, Fred Frith, receiving her MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media.

While at Mills she composed the vocal-generated piece 195, which won her the Elizabeth Mills Crothers award for best composer in 2010. At school she focused on laptop performance, she does most of her composing via laptop. In 2011 she released an independent, near hour-long track on cassette. While attending Mills she began developing her debut album Movement. Movement was released in November 2012 through a record label based in Brooklyn. For the album she used the visual programming language Max/MSP to create custom instruments and vocal processes. Movement received a score of 8.1 on Pitchfork, who stated that Herndon "uses her crystalline voice as a chief input for her laptop arriving at a poignant nexus of electronic accessibility and experimentation that owes as much to her academic forebears as her club contemporaries. It's a record with the rare capacity to turn cynics who might scoff at the idea of laptops-as-intimate-instruments into believers."According to The Quietus, "Movement's sound has its forebears and contemporaries - it's possible to detect traces of everyone from Coil and Aphex Twin to Ellen Allien and Laurel Halo in the mix - but it contains elements, both sonic and thematic, that are quite unlike any other electronic music out there."

"Herndon's music reflects the ambiguous nature of our interactions with these technologies. It's by turns sensual and disturbing, hints towards all three states at once." She toured internationally after the release taking part in a number of artistic collaborations such as projects with Iranian writer Reza Negarestani, Chicago producer Jlin, Hieroglyphic Being. Her collaboration with Conrad Shawcross was exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, she played the CTM Festival on January 2013 in Berlin. As of late 2012 she is a doctoral candidate in composition at Stanford University. At Stanford she continues to use coding software such as Max/MSP to program many of her own electronic instruments and patches, her single "Chorus" was released on January 24, 2014, with a music video created by Akihiko Taniguchi. "Chorus" was named Best New Track by Pitchfork. For sounds to build the song, Herndon sampled her browsing experience on the internet, incorporating sources such as YouTube and Skype; the video focuses explicitly on the personal nature of modern computing.

According to Herndon, "The more comfortable we get with these devices, the more vulnerable we are. We are learning more about the NSA revelations. We wanted to capture both of those sides."The full Chorus EP was released in January on both vinyl and digitally, it received an 8.0 and positive review in Pitchfork. According to Create Digital Music, few artists have managed to meld the dark thump of techno with the intricate constructions of post-minimalist new music quite like Holly Herndon, her rapid-punctuated, ethereal vocals are float above complex, dance music-inspired machinery, producing an effect, arrestingly gorgeous and frightening all at once." Herndon released the single "Home" on September 16, 2014, with a video directed by Dutch design studio Metahaven. According to Herndon, it captures her feeling of losing trust in electronics after the revelations the NSA monitors what some Americans do online. "Home" continues "Chorus"'s theme of surveillance: "It is a love song for prying eyes, a break up song with the devices with which I shared a naive relationship."

Herndon's second full-length album, was released on May 19, 2015. The album explores a complicated relationship with technology, includes a track entitled "Lonely at the Top", intended to trigger Autonomous sensory meridian response. Herndon's third full-length album, was released on May 10, 2019. In this collaborative work with her partner Mathew Dryhurst and programmer Jules LaPlace, she involved a singing AI that she had developed over the course of several years. Herndon has taught, held lectures, performed workshops within the framework of conferences, festivals and mentorship programs, such as Forecast in Berlin. 2010: 195 2013: BodySound: Solo Duet with Cuahtemoc Peranda 2013: ADA with Conrad Shawcross 2013: Being There with TILT Brass 2009: Score Generating Vocal Network Piece 2009: Mills Improvisation Ensemble 2010: +Dialog 2011: CCM 2011: CCM Artist in Residency Series 2012: <body> with Mathew Dryhurst 2012: Collusion with Reza Negarestani & Mathew Dryhurst 2013: C.回. R with Mathew Dryhurs

North Korea–Portugal relations

Portuguese–North Korean relations are foreign relations between Portugal and North Korea. Portugal established diplomatic relations with North Korea in February 1975; the former Portuguese colony of Macau in particular has been an important focus of relations between the two countries. North Koreans have had a presence in Macau since the 1950s, training spies, doing business, accommodating elites away from home. Since North Korea's relationship with China is more amicable than its relationship with Portugal, the importance of Macau has increased further since its handover to China in 1999. Kim Yong-nam has made statements affirming the good relationship between the two countries, such as the condolences he gave then-President Jorge Sampaio when Francisco da Costa Gomes died, the congratulations he extended to President Cavaco Silva after he won the Portuguese elections. In 2017, Portugal cut its diplomatic ties with North Korea. Portugal has confirmed it severed diplomatic ties with North Korea amid heightened international efforts to have the North halt its nuclear and missile provocations Foreign relations of Portugal Foreign relations of North Korea