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Escapism is the avoidance of unpleasant, arduous, scary, or banal aspects of daily life. It can be used as a term to define the actions people take to help relieve persistent feelings of depression or general sadness. Entire industries have sprung up to foster a growing tendency of people to remove themselves from the rigors of daily life – into the digital world. Many activities that are normal parts of a healthy existence can become avenues of escapism when taken to extremes or out of proper context. Indeed, the Oxford English Dictionary defined escapism as "The tendency to seek, or the practice of seeking, distraction from what has to be endured". However, many challenge the idea that escapism is fundamentally and negative. C. S. Lewis was fond of humorously remarking. J. R. R. Tolkien argued for escapism in fantasy literature as the creative expression of reality within a secondary world. Terry Pratchett considered that the twentieth century had seen the development over time of a more positive view of escapist literature.

Apart from literature and video games have been seen and valued as an artistic mediums of escape, too. Freud considers a quota of escapist fantasy a necessary element in the life of humans: "hey cannot subsist on the scanty satisfaction they can extort from reality.'We cannot do without auxiliary constructions', Theodor Fontane once said". His followers saw wish fulfilment as useful tools in adjusting to traumatic upset. However, if permanent residence is taken up in some such psychic retreats, the results will be negative and pathological. Drugs cause some forms of escapism which can occur when certain mind-altering drugs are taken which make the participant forget the reality of where they are or what they are meant to be doing; some social critics warn of attempts by the powers that control society to provide means of escapism instead of bettering the condition of the people – what Juvenal called “bread and the games”. Escapist societies appear in literature; the Time Machine depicts the Eloi, a lackadaisical, insouciant race of the future, the horror of their happy lifestyle beliefs.

The novel subtly criticizes capitalism, or at least classism, as a means of escape. Escapist societies are common in dystopian novels. In science fiction media escapism is depicted as an extension of social evolution, as society becomes detached from physical reality and processing into a virtual one, examples include the virtual world of Oz in the 2009 Japanese animated science fiction anime Summer Wars and the game "Society" in the 2009 American science fiction film Gamer, a play on the real-life MMO game Second Life. Other escapist societies in literature include The Reality Bug by D. J. McHale, where an entire civilization leaves their world in ruin while they'jump' into their perfect realities; the aim of the anti-hero becomes a quest to make their realities less perfect to regain control over their dying planet. Social philosopher Ernst Bloch wrote that utopias and images of fulfillment, however regressive they might be included an impetus for a radical social change. According to Bloch, social justice could not be realized without seeing things fundamentally differently.

Something, mere "daydreaming" or "escapism" from the viewpoint of a technological-rational society might be a seed for a new and more humane social order, as it can be seen as an "immature, but honest substitute for revolution". The Norwegian psychologist Frode Stenseng has presented a dualistic model of escapism in relation to different types of activity engagements, he discusses the paradox that the flow state resembles psychological states obtainable through actions such as drug abuse, sexual masochism, suicide ideation. Accordingly, he deduces that the state of escape can have both positive and negative meanings and outcomes. Stenseng argues that there exist two forms of escapism with different affective outcomes dependent on the motivational focus that lies behind the immersion in the activity. Escapism in the form of self-suppression stems from motives to run away from unpleasant thoughts, self-perceptions, emotions, whereas self-expansion stems from motives to gain positive experiences through the activity and to discover new aspects of self.

Stenseng has developed the "escape scale" to measure self-suppression and self-expansion in people´s favorite activities, such as sports and gaming. Empirical investigations of the model have shown that: the two dimensions are distinctively different with regard to affective outcomes some individuals are more prone to engage through one type of escapism situational levels of well-being affect the type of escapism that becomes dominant at a specific time Alan Brinkley, author of Culture and Politics in the Great Depression, presents how escapism became the new trend for dealing with the hardships created by the stock market cra


Tomares is a municipality in Andalusia, southern Spain. It is a Seville suburb of over 25,000 inhabitants situated two kilometers west of Triana District of Seville, separated from the city by River Guadalquivir, it is surrounded by other municipalities of the Comarca of Aljarafe, whose boundaries are reduced to a single street, forming a conurbation. In 2016 construction workers uncovered a 600 kg hoard of ancient Roman coins in Zaudin Park; the bronze coins were stored in 19 amphoras while newly minted, are stamped with inscriptions of emperors Maximian and Constantine. Some were coated in silver

Santa Ana River

The Santa Ana River is the largest river within Southern California in the United States. It rises in the San Bernardino Mountains and flows for most of its length through San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, before cutting through the northern Santa Ana Mountains via Santa Ana Canyon and flowing southwest through urban Orange County to drain into the Pacific Ocean; the Santa Ana River is 96 miles long, its drainage basin is 2,650 square miles in size. The Santa Ana drainage basin has a diversity of terrain, ranging from high peaks of inland mountains in the north and east, to the hot, dry interior and semi-desert basins of the Inland Empire, to the flat coastal plain of Orange County. Although it includes areas of alpine and highland forest, the majority of the watershed consists of arid desert and chaparral environments. Due to low regional rainfall, the river carries only a small flow except during the brief winter season, when it is prone to massive flash floods; the San Jacinto River, which drains the southern half of the watershed reaches the Santa Ana except in wet years.

A wide variety of animal and plant communities depend on the riparian zones and remnant wetlands along the Santa Ana River. Humans have lived on the Santa Ana River for at least 9,000 years. In the period before and during European colonization, there were four distinct indigenous groups in the area; the river was first seen by Europeans in 1769, when it received its name from members of the Spanish Portola expedition. Because it was one of the only reliable sources of water in a wide region, many large ranchos developed along the river and one of its major tributaries, Santiago Creek. After the area became part of the United States, the economy transitioned to agriculture, before urbanizing in the 20th century. Many cities established during this time including Santa Ana and Anaheim derived their names from the river. In order to protect urban areas from the river's flood threat, major channelization and damming projects were undertaken in the 20th century, resulting in the loss of much of the natural river channel.

The Santa Ana River rises in the southern San Bernardino Mountains, at the confluence of two tiny streams, Heart Bar Creek and Coon Creek, at an elevation of 6,991 feet. Its highest sources are Dollar Lake, at 9,288 feet, Dry Lake, at 9,068 feet, both on the northern flank of San Gorgonio Mountain, at the headwaters of the South Fork Santa Ana River; the river flows west through a wide and forested mountain valley. About 18 miles from its headwaters, it receives its first major tributary, Bear Creek, which enters from the north. Bear Creek receives its water from a popular recreational mountain lake; the river turns south, passing through the Seven Oaks Dam, reaches the arid Inland Empire lowland covering large parts of San Bernardino County and Riverside County. It receives Mill Creek from the south and passes to the south of San Bernardino receives City Creek from the north and San Timoteo Creek from the south. Due to water diversions for groundwater recharge, the river bed is dry in this stretch between Mill Creek and the outlet of the Veolia water treatment plant north of Riverside, which restores a year-round flow.

From there to Prado Dam the river supports a riparian zone with considerable greenery. Not far below the confluence with San Timoteo Creek, Lytle Creek enters from the north. Lytle Creek is one of the largest tributaries of the Santa Ana river, rising from three forks in the San Gabriel Mountains and flowing southeast, before emptying into the Santa Ana River as Lytle Creek Wash. From there, the river turns southwest, after passing through western Riverside, it discharges into the dry flood control reservoir formed by Prado Dam. Two major tributaries of the river join in the reservoir area: Chino Creek from the north, Temescal Creek from the south. Temescal Creek drains the largest area of all the tributaries, because it provides the outflow from Lake Elsinore, into which the San Jacinto River flows, it is one of the longest, at 32 miles in length. Except during the wettest years when Lake Elsinore fills high enough to overflow, Temescal Creek contributes little to no water into the Santa Ana River.

Below Prado Dam, the Santa Ana River crosses into Orange County, cuts between the Santa Ana Mountains and Chino Hills via the narrow Santa Ana Canyon. The river bisects the county as it flows southwest towards the ocean. In Anaheim, the entire flow of the river is diverted into spreading grounds for groundwater recharge of the north Orange County aquifer, providing about half of the county's municipal water supply. Downstream of there, the river is confined to a concrete channel, serving only for flood control and urban runoff drainage, is dry or a small trickle. At Orange it receives Santiago Creek from the east before entering Santa Ana. After crossing under Interstate 5 it passes through the River View Golf Course, one of its few non-concreted sections within Orange County, becomes a concrete channel again through most of Santa Ana and Fountain Valley to a point below the 405 Freeway, where the river bed becomes natural; the mouth of the river is located in a small tidal lagoon between Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, at the northern end of Santa Ana River County Beach.

The Santa Ana River drains the largest watershed of California's South Coast region, covering 2,650 square miles in parts of San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties. Although the river does not pass through Los Angeles County, some of its tributaries, including San Antonio Creek extend into it. T

Garage A Trois

Garage A Trois is a quartet including drummer Stanton Moore, saxophonist Skerik and percussionist Mike Dillon and keyboardist Marco Benevento. They play a variety of music including rock and jazz. Garage A Trois was a trio founded by Moore, eight-string guitarist Charlie Hunter, Skerik, it formed during the 1998 recording of Stanton Moore's debut All Kooked Out!, a session that yielded Garage A Trois' debut recording Mysteryfunk. Both albums were produced by Dan Prothero on his independent Fog City Records label, they were both recorded "live with no over dubs". Whereas All Kooked Out! was rehearsed, "straight-toned" and promoted as the initial release, Mysteryfunk was improvised with electronically effected instruments and as Moore has stated had "all the freaky stuff."After success as a live act they took on vibraphonist and percussionist Mike Dillon. The quartet performed multiple tours on the national nightclub circuit and played at several festivals, they were known to perform a wide variety of music in any given show including funk, punk-rock with electronic effects, or straightforward jazz.

As a quartet they released two composed studio albums in 2003 and 2005 abandoning the "live with no overdubs" recording ethos. In 2007 Moore and Dillon continued to perform by the Garage A Trois moniker featuring other musicians such as John Medeski and Marco Benevento; the current quartet as of December 2007 including Moore, Skerik and Benevento have been billed as "Garage A Benevento", "Garaj A Benevento" and most as "Garage A Trois". October 2009 Garage A Trois released their first studio CD with the Benevento line-up, Power Patriot. In 2011 the same lineup released another full-length disc, "Always Be Happy, But Stay Evil" on the Royal Potato Family label, subsequently toured to promote it. On August 20, 2012 Garage A Trois played a show at the Brooklyn Bowl in New York, with a lineup consisting of just Charlie Hunter and Mike Dillon; the show is notable for the return of Charlie Hunter, the lack of Benevento or Moore, Dillon playing a traditional drum kit for most of the show. In October 2018, Garage-A-Trois announced a two-night performance featuring Stanton Moore, Charlie Hunter, Skerik at Nectar Lounge in Seattle in February 2019.

When both nights sold out they added a third night performance which sold out. 1999 Mysteryfunk 2003 Emphasizer 2005 Outre Mer 2009 Power Patriot 2011 Always Be Happy, But Stay Evil Official site Garage A Trois at MySpace Fog City Records presents: Garage A Trois Garage A Trois collection at the Internet Archive's live music archive

West Lynn, Norfolk

West Lynn forms the part of the town of King's Lynn in the English county of Norfolk, west of the River Great Ouse. It is linked to the main part of King's Lynn by the King's Lynn passenger ferry or by a circuitous 4 km road journey. West Lynn was constituted as a separate civil parish, in 1894 this became the sole parish in the new King's Lynn Rural District; the parish and district were split in 1935 with the urban part becoming part of the borough of King's Lynn, the rest becoming part of the parish of Clenchwarton in Marshland Rural District. Today the name West Lynn refers to the former part of the borough of King's Lynn, forming part of the unparished urban area of King's Lynn, within the district of King's Lynn and West Norfolk, it is in the West Lynn Ward of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Council. West Lynn has a range of basic services. West Lynn Primary School received a'good' rating from Ofsted in 2019; the King's Lynn Ferry has linked West Lynn to the main part of King's Lynn since 1285.

The ferry is operated by S. N. Kingston Marine Services and runs Monday to Saturday, it carried 85,000 passengers in 2011. The service is subsidised by West Norfolk Council and was subsidised by Norfolk County Council. Map sources for West Lynn, Norfolk Information from Genuki Norfolk on West Lynn


Weissglut was a German band from Bingen am Rhein, that belonged to the Neue Deutsche Härte direction. It was disbanded after the third album, existing further on however under the name Silber. Weissglut brought their first album named Weissglut, on the market in 1998. Two months they signed a contract with Sony and republished the album again under the name Etwas kommt in deine Welt; the only differences between the new version and the first one were a new song added and a new cover. In 1999, the rest of the band separated from Josef Maria Klumb, accused of entertaining right extremist ideas; the lyrics composition handled by Klumb, was taken over by the new vocalist Tom von K. who could however still use old text fragments for inspiration. The third album came after the splitting of the band. Klumb had kept the name Weissglut reserved, the old band went on further under the name Silber. Klumb managed to start his own band with new members. Weissglut played a single concert on December 14, 2002 in Munich, before being disbanded by Klumb for personal reasons.

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