Podolia Eyalet

Podolia Eyalet was an eyalet of the Ottoman Empire. Its capital was Kamianets-Podilskyi. In 1672, the Ottoman army, led by Sultan Mehmed IV, captured Kamaniçe after a short siege; the Treaty of Buchach confirmed Ottoman control of the city, which became the centre of a new eyalet. The treaty was repudiated by the Polish Diet, war broke out anew; the Polish campaign proved unsuccessful, the truce of Żurawno left Podolia within Ottoman borders. Another Polish-Ottoman war broke out again in 1683. For the next 16 years, Ottoman rule in Podolia was limited to the blockaded fortress of Kamianets, held by a garrison of 6,000 soldiers; the other garrisons in Podolia, in Bar, Medzhybizh and Chortkiv exceeded 100 soldiers each. According to the Ottoman provincial budget of 1681, 13 million akçe were spent yearly in the eyalet for soldiers' pay. Of this amount, less than 3% was collected from Podolia itself, the rest was sent from the central treasury. In 1681, the patriarch of Constantinople appointed the Orthodox metropolitan of Kamianets, named Pankratij.

The fortress was returned to Poland as a result of the Treaty of Karlowitz. During the 27 years of Ottoman rule, Podolia was administered by nine Ottoman pashas: Küstendilli Halil, Arnavut Ibrahim Defterdar Ahmed Arnavut Abdurrahman Tokatlı Mahmud Bozoklu Mustafa Sarı Boşnak Hüseyin Yegen Ahmed Kahraman Mustafa Podolia The eyalet was divided into four sanjaks: Sanjak of Kamaniçe Sanjak of Bar Sanjak of Mejibuji Sanjak of Yazlofça Podolia under the Ottoman rule, Eyalet-i Kamaniçe 1672-1699

Choi Byung-hoon

Choi Byung Hoon is a South Korean artist. He is considered by many to be the father of Contemporary Korean Design. Choi graduated from the Hong-ik University with a degree in applied fine arts in 1974, a few years he completed his masters of fine arts from Hong-ik. Since his graduation, Choi has become well known for his work in modernizing the traditions of Korean design. Choi gathers inspiration from Mayan, Incan and Indian cultures, he had been a professor of College of Fine Arts at Hongik University from 1990 to 2017 and is Honorary Professor at Hongik University. SOLO EXHIBITION 2014 Friedman Benda, New York, NY 2012 Yidogallery, Korea 2011 Johyun Gallery, Korea 2010 Galerie DOWNTOWN, France 2008 Gallery HANGIL, Korea 2008 Galerie DOWNTOWN, France 2007 Seoul Living Design Fair 2007 Coex, Korea 2006 Galerie DOWNTOWN, France 2002 Johyun Gallery, Korea 2001 Galerie DOWNTOWN, France 2000 Johyun Gallery, Korea 1999 Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery, Korea 1997 Galerie DOWNTOWN, France 1996 Galerie DOWNTOWN, France 1996 Gallery 釜山, Korea 1994 SunGallery, Seoul Art Fair, Korea 1993 SunGallery, KoreaSELECTED GROUP EXHIBITION 2015 Korea now!

Design, Craft and Graphic Design in Korea exhibition, Musée des Arts décoratifs, France 2015 Living In Art II, Seomi International, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2015 Living In Art I, Let's Art, Seomi International, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2014 National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea 2014 Vanities: Art of the Dressing Table, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY 2013 The Page Gallery, South Korea 2013 Gwangju Design Biennale, South Korea 2012 Design Miami Basel, Switzerland 2012 Hand of Dreaming, Gallery Wooduk, South Korea 2012 Design Days Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2012 Flow, Hongik Museum of Art, South Korea 2011 Curator Project, Hongik Museum of Art, South Korea 2011 TABLE+booktopia, South Korea 2011 KIAF, South Korea 2011 Design Miami Basel, Switzerland 2011 Chung-A Art Center Grand Opening, Chung-A Art Center, South Korea 2011 Pavillon des Arts et du Design, Grand Palais, France 2010 Design Miami, Florida 2010 Seoul Design Fair, South Korea 2010 ART GWANGJU, South Korea 2010 Design Miami Basel, Switzerland 2010 Contemporary Korean Design, R20th Century Gallery, New York, NY 2010 Moments in Between, Museum of Vancouver, Canada 2009 Design Miami, Florida 2009 FIAC, France 2009 Design Art London, London, UK 2009 The Seoul Art Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea 2009 OUTDOOR FURNITURE, Lio Gallery, Heyri Art Valley, South Korea 2009 GaNa Art Center, South Korea 2009 Le Salon du Collectionneur, Grand Palais, France 2009 DESIGN High, Gallery Seomi, South Korea 2009 Design Miami, Switzerland 2009 Pavillon des Arts et du Design, Grand Palais, France 2009 TEFAF Maastricht, The Netherlands'"FAIRS'"FAIRS 2015 Design Miami/ Basel Switzerland 2014 FOG, San Francisco, CA, USA 2014 Collective, New York City, NY, USA 2014 The Salon, New York City, NY, USA 2012 Design Miami Miami, FL 2012 PAD, Pavilion of Art & Design, London 2012 Design Miami/ Basel, Switzerland 2012 Design Days Dubai, Dubai 2011 Design Miam, Miami, FL 2011 Design Miami/ Basel, Switzerland 2010 Design Miami, Miami, FL 2010 Design Miami/ Basel, Switzerland 2009 Design Miami/ Basel Switzerland 2009 Design Miami, Miami, FLSELECTED PUBLIC COLLECTIONS Busan Museum of Art, South Korea Chung Wa Dae, Office of the President, Republic of Korea Daegu University Museum, South Korea Hongik University Museum, South Korea Korean Crafts Council, South Korea Korean Culture and Art Foundation, South Korea Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, South Korea The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY Musee des Arts Decoratifs, France National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea Seoul art Center-Design Museum, South Korea Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, South Korea Sun Jae Museum, Korea Total Museum, South Korea UN Secretariat International Organization, Switzerland Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany Official Website