Eure is a department in the north of France named after the river Eure. Eure is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on 4 March 1790, it was created from part of the former province of Normandy. The name in fact is taken from the Eure river flowing in this department. After the allied victory at Waterloo, Eure was occupied by Prussian troops between June 1815 and November 1818. In the wake of Louis-Napoléons December coup of 1851, Eure was one of the departments placed under a state of emergency in order to avert resistance to the post-republican régime. In the event fewer than 100 government opponents in Eure were arrested. Eure is part of the current region of Normandy and is surrounded by the departments of Seine-Maritime, Val-d'Oise, Eure-et-Loir and Calvados; the department is a wooded plateau intersected by the valleys of the Seine River and its tributaries. The altitude varies from sea level in the north to 248 metres above it in the south; the President of the General Council is Jean-Louis Destans of the Socialist Party.

The main tourist attraction is Giverny where Claude Monet's house and garden can be seen, as well as other places of interest. The Abbey of Bec and the Château-Gaillard near Les Andelys are other important tourist attractions; the Château of Buisson de May was built by the royal architect Jacques Denis Antoine from 1781 to 1783. Cantons of the Eure department Communes of the Eure department Arrondissements of the Eure department Château d'Harcourt Château de Gisors General Council website Prefecture website Village Arnières sur Iton website Giverny Vernon: In the Heart of Impressionism Château du Buisson de May

Mohammad Hassan Senobar

, Mohammadhassan Senobar is an Iranian volleyball player who plays as a middle blocker for the Iranian national team. He made his debut for the national team in the game against Poland in the 2015 World League, he is the tallest player in the Iranian Super League. Senobars's first national game was for Iran boys national volleyball team in 2012, he joined the Iran men's national volleyball team for 6 years, he started his career in his hometown volleyball club, he has played for Bargh Tehran, Pas Tehran, Peykan Tehran, Aluminum Arak, ISI Iran, Shahrdari Tabriz, Khatam Ardakan Senobar was born in Tehran, Iran in a family with a history of involvement in volleyball. He at school time activated in other sports like and Handball. World Grand Champions Cup Bronze medal: 2017 AVC cup Gold medal: 2012, 2018 Asian Junior Volleyball cup Gold medal: 2006 Islamic Games Cahmpion Gold medal: 2013 Iranian Super League Iranian Super League Champions: 2018, 2014, 2009, 2008 Best Middle Blocker: Volleyball at the 2018 Iranian Volleyball Super League Best Middle Blocker: Volleyball at the 2014 Iranian Volleyball Super League Best Middle Blocker: Volleyball at the 2012 Iranian Volleyball Super League

Cassandra Magrath

Cassandra Magrath is an Australian actress. She played Miranda Gibson in the Australian ABC 1998–2000 television series SeaChange and Liz Hunter in the 2005 Australian horror film Wolf Creek. Magrath began her acting career aged 11, with a role in the children's television programme Ocean Girl, she played Charlene in the Australian ABC children's television series The Wayne Manifesto that aired in 1996. Magrath acted as Alison Pi Renfrey in The Crash Zone in 1998, she appears in The Butterfly Effect video'Gone', as well as comedy trio Tripod's'Xbox Song'. Magrath stars in the Michael Adante thriller Vanished. In 2016 she starred in Screen Australia's horror film Scare Campaign, directed by the Cairnes brothers. ABC reports the rape trial of actor John Jarratt: Mr Jarratt's colleagues, including Wolf Creek co-star Cassandra Magrath, were called as character witnesses, she said although the pair portrayed horrific torture scenes in the 2005 film, Mr Jarratt expressed a "disgust" at violence and she trusted him on set.

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