Evaporite is the term for a water-soluble mineral sediment that results from concentration and crystallization by evaporation from an aqueous solution. There are two types of evaporite deposits: marine, which can be described as ocean deposits, non-marine, which are found in standing bodies of water such as lakes. Evaporites are formed by chemical sediments. Although all water bodies on the surface and in aquifers contain dissolved salts, the water must evaporate into the atmosphere for the minerals to precipitate. For this to happen, the water body must enter a restricted environment where water input into this environment remains below the net rate of evaporation; this is an arid environment with a small basin fed by a limited input of water. When evaporation occurs, the remaining water is enriched in salts, they precipitate when the water becomes supersaturated. Marine evaporites tend to have thicker deposits and are the focus of more extensive research, they have a system of evaporation. When scientists evaporate ocean water in a laboratory, the minerals are deposited in a defined order, first demonstrated by Usiglio in 1884.

The first phase of the experiment begins. At this point, minor carbonates begin to form; the next phase in the sequence comes when the experiment is left with about 20% of its original level. At this point, the mineral gypsum begins to form, followed by halite at 10%, excluding carbonate minerals that tend not to be evaporites; the most common minerals that are considered to be the most representative of marine evaporites are calcite and anhydrite, sylvite, langbeinite and kainite. Kieserite may be included, which will make up less than four percent of the overall content. However, there are 80 different minerals that have been reported found in evaporite deposits, though only about a dozen are common enough to be considered important rock formers. Non-marine evaporites are composed of minerals that are not common in marine environments because in general the water from which non-marine evaporite precipitates has proportions of chemical elements different from those found in the marine environments.

Common minerals that are found in these deposits include blödite, epsomite, glauberite, mirabilite and trona. Non-marine deposits may contain halite and anhydrite, may in some cases be dominated by these minerals, although they did not come from ocean deposits. This, does not make non-marine deposits any less important; some particular deposits show important tectonic and climatic changes. These deposits may contain important minerals that help in today's economy. Thick non-marine deposits that accumulate tend to form where evaporation rates will exceed the inflow rate, where there is sufficient soluble supplies; the inflow has to occur in a closed basin, or one with restricted outflow, so that the sediment has time to pool and form in a lake or other standing body of water. Primary examples of this are called "saline lake deposits". Saline lakes includes things such as perennial lakes, which are lakes that are there year-round, playa lakes, which are lakes that appear only during certain seasons, or any other terms that are used to define places that hold standing bodies of water intermittently or year-round.

Examples of modern non-marine depositional environments include the Great Salt Lake in Utah and the Dead Sea, which lies between Jordan and Israel. Evaporite depositional environments that meet the above conditions include: Graben areas and half-grabens within continental rift environments fed by limited riverine drainage in subtropical or tropical environments Example environments at the present that match this is the Denakil Depression, Ethiopia. Evaporite formations need not be composed of halite salt. In fact, most evaporite formations do not contain more than a few percent of evaporite minerals, the remainder being composed of the more typical detrital clastic rocks and carbonates. Examples of evaporite formations include occurrences of evaporite sulfur in Eastern Europe and West Asia. For a formation to be recognised as evaporitic it may require recognition of halite pseudomorphs, sequences composed of some proportion of evaporite minerals, recognition of mud crack textures or other textures.

Evaporites are important economically because of their mineralogy, their physical properties in-situ, their behaviour within the subsurface. Evaporite minerals nitrate

2015 Much Music Video Awards

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King of Boys

King of Boys is a 2018 Nigerian political thriller film written, co-produced and directed by Kemi Adetiba. It is the second movie directed by Kemi Adetiba following the release of The Wedding Party, it reunites Adetiba with Adesua Etomi and Sola Sobowale, after they worked together in her directorial debut, The Wedding Party. The movie is focused on power tussle and stars rappers Illbliss and Reminisce in their movie debut roles. Other casts include Paul Sambo, Osas Ajibade, Toni Tones, Sani Muazu, Demola Adedoyin and Akin Lewis. King of Boys tells the story of Alhaja Eniola Salami, a businesswoman and philanthropist with and a promising political future, she is drawn into a struggle for power which in turn threatens everything around her as a result of her growing political ambitions. To come out of this on top, she is caught up in a game of trust, not knowing whom to look up to, this leads to her ruthlessness. Sola Sobowale as Alhaja Eniola Salami Adesua Etomi as Kemi Salami Jide Kosoko as Alhaji Salami Osas Ighodaro as Sade Bello Illbliss as Odogwu Malay Reminisce as Makanaki Toni Tones as Young Salami Akin Lewis as Aare Akinwade Demola Adedoyin as Kitan Salami Sani Mu'azu as Inspector Shehu Paul Sambo as Nurudeen Gobir Sharon Ooja as Amaka List of Nigerian films of 2018