Evergreen Cemetery (Oakland, California)

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Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery is a cemetery, crematorium and mausoleum located in Oakland, Alameda County, California, near the Eastmont Town Center and Mills College. The cemetery is on a small hill, with a large combined mausoleum, crematorium and chapel at the top of the hill. It is the second largest cemetery in Oakland, after the Mountain View Cemetery and Saint Mary Cemetery complex. It is full, and closed to new interments, but still operates a crematorium.

Jonestown memorial[edit]

Memorial plaques to the Jonestown mass killing victims

412 unclaimed bodies of the Jonestown mass suicide are buried at Evergreen.[1] A set of four memorial plaques with the names of all dead were placed at the site in 2011, which controversially included the name of Jim Jones, the architect of the mass suicide, who died with his followers, and is not buried at the cemetery.[2][3]

Notable interments[edit]

Hells Angels gravesite at Evergreen

Various notable people are buried at Evergreen:[4]

There is a section of the cemetery reserved for members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club.[6]


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