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Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa is a Pakistani film and television actor and host known for hosting the game show Jeeto Pakistan, which airs on ARY Digital. Mustafa was born to Sindhi actor Salahuddin Tunio, into a Sindhi family, on 26 June 1983, he has one sister. He left before completing his degree. Mustafa was first noticed in Sheeshay Ka Mahal. In 2008, he ventured into television production, his other notable television serials include: Haal-e-Dil, Bahu Rani, Ae Dasht-e-Junoon, Aashti, Pul Siraat, Mastana Mahi, Main Abdul Qadir Hoon and Koi Nahi Apna. He is the current host of the well-known game show Jeeto Pakistan since 2014, he hosted the 1st Hum Awards ceremonies in 2013 in Karachi, the 2nd ARY Film Awards in 2016 in Dubai. In 2017, he hosted the launching ceremony for the Karachi Kings, a Pakistan Super League team franchise, he also hosted the opening ceremony of 2017 Pakistan Super League in Dubai. He made his film debut in 2014 in director Nabeel Qureshi's Na Maloom Afraad, it was declared a box office hit.

In 2016, he starred in Qureshi's Actor in Law. Actor in Law did well at the box office winning Film of the Year Award in the 16th Lux Style Awards, where Mustafa won Best Actor Award for his role in the film, he had a voice role in Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's animated film 3 Bahadur: The Revenge of Baba Balaam. In 2017, he starred in Na Maloom Afraad 2, the sequel of 2014's NMA. In 2018, he starred in Nadeem Baig's Jawani Phir Nahi Ani Qureshi's Load Wedding, he will be producing three films. Mustafa married Sana Fahad in 2005; the couple have a daughter born in 2011 and a son born in 2016. Fahad Mustafa on IMDb Fahad Mustafa on Facebook Fahad Mustafa on Twitter Fahad Mustafa on Instagram

Nick Woodward

Nick Woodward is a former NASCAR driver. He was a part-time fixture in the sport from 2001-2003. Woodward still races on the short tracks of the Eastern coast. Woodward debuted in 2001. After qualifying 24th, Woodward stayed on the lead lap and ended up 11th place, just outside the top-10, he earned another top-20 finish the next outing at South Boston. After starting 13th, Woodward finished that race 19th. Woodward returned to the Long team in 2003. Once again, Woodward was solid. After started 23rd, Woodward found himself in the 14th position by the end of the day. Woodward competed in two events in 2002 both for Jay Robinson Racing. In his debut, which came at Dover, Woodward qualified his way into the field with a 37th place lap. Despite having a wheel bearing let go, Woodward did gaining valuable experience. Woodward did end up finishing the race at Milwaukee, but did not improve on his Dover effort as he finished 31st. Nick Woodward driver statistics at Racing-Reference

HM Prison Wakefield

Her Majesty's Prison Wakefield is a Category A men's prison, located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. The prison is operated by Her Majesty's Prison Service, is the largest high-security prison in the United Kingdom; the prison has been nicknamed the "Monster Mansion" due to the large number of high-profile, high-risk sex offenders and murderers held there. Wakefield Prison was built as a house of correction in 1594. Most of the current prison buildings date from Victorian times; the current prison was designated a Dispersal prison in 1966 and is the oldest of the Dispersal prisons still operating across England and Wales. The English Dialect Dictionary noted references to Wakefield were short for referring to the long-standing prison; the exercise yard at Wakefield had a mulberry tree. This has been linked to the nursery rhyme "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush" by the erstwhile prison governor, RS Duncan in his book'Here we go round the mulberry bush': The House of Correction 1595 / HM Prison Wakefield 1995.

This origin of the song is propounded on the prison's website. There is no corroborative evidence to support this theory; the tree was removed in May 2019. A cutting from it was taken by a retired prison officer; this will be used in an attempt to grow the tree again. During the First World War, Wakefield Prison was used as a Home Office work camp; the ordinary criminal prisoners were removed, the new influx were sentenced to two or more years' imprisonment for refusing to obey military orders. After the closure of Dyce Work Camp in October 1916, Wakefield Prison was used to intern conscientious objectors. In September 1918 a group of conscientious objectors took advantage of a slackening in the prison regime that occurred towards the end of the war, by rebelling and refusing to undertake any work, they issued a list of demands for better treatment, known as the Wakefield Manifesto. As a high-security prison, Wakefield was used to house IRA prisoners at various points in the 20th century. In some cases in the 1950s, the IRA attempted to free the prisoners, such as Cathal Goulding in 1956 and James Andrew Mary Murphy in 1959.

During a hunger strike by Provisional IRA prisoners, Frank Stagg died in Wakefield Prison on 12 February 1976. The case brought international media attention as the Irish Government denied Stagg's last request for a military funeral march from Dublin to Ballina, instead arranged for the Irish police to bury him secretly. On 1 March 1976, Merlyn Rees, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in the Wilson ministry, announced that those people convicted of causing terrorist offences would no longer be entitled to Special Category Status, challenged during hunger strikes. In 2001 it was announced; the unit was to house the most dangerous inmates within the British prisons system, was the first such unit of its kind to be built in the United Kingdom. In March 2004 an inspection report from Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons criticised staff at Wakefield Prison for being disrespectful to inmates; the report claimed that the prison was "over-controlled", a third of the prison's inmates claimed to have been victimised.

Wakefield Prison holds 600 of Britain's most dangerous people. Accommodation at the prison comprises single-occupancy cells with integral sanitation. All residential units have kitchens available for offenders to prepare their own meals. An Incentives and Earned Privileges system allows standard and enhanced offenders the opportunity of in-cell TV. All offenders are subject to mandatory drugs testing and there are voluntary testing arrangements, which are compulsory for all offenders employed, for example as wing cleaners or kitchen workers. HMP Wakefield offers a range of activities for inmates, including charity work, an accredited course in industrial cleaning, a Braille shop where offenders convert books to Braille; the Education Department is operated by The Manchester College, offers learning opportunities ranging from basic skills to Open University courses. Other facilities include a prison shop and multi-faith chaplaincy. A prison inspection in 2018 found that Wakefield Prison was on the whole calm, secure and well managed.

The rest of the prison service could learn good practise from Wakefield. Despite the above prisoners needing psychiatric care face unacceptable delays before they are transferred to secure psychiatric hospitals and prisoners' mental condition worsens while they are waiting for transfer. Peter Clarke said, "Because of the unacceptable delays in doing so, many prisoners across the prison estate are held in conditions that are not in any way therapeutic and indeed in many cases exacerbate their condition; the situation at Wakefield was yet another example of prisoners with severe illness not receiving the care that they needed." Inspectors noted a prisoner, "exceptionally challenging to manage and had complex needs that could not be met in the prison. While staff attempted to manage him positively and constructively, his condition was deteriorating during a lengthy wait to be admitted to a secure hospital," according to the inspection report. Ian Watkins – Former lead singer and lyricist of the band the Lostprophets, convicted of several sex offences, some involving children and infants.

After a period at Wakefield transferred to Long Lartin to enable his terminally ill mother to have easier visit

Flathead National Forest

The Flathead National Forest is a national forest in the western part of the U. S. state of Montana. The forest lies in Flathead County, south of Glacier National Park; the forest covers 2,404,935 acres. It is named after the Flathead Native Americans; the forest lies in Flathead County, but smaller areas extend into five other counties. In descending order of land area they are Powell, Lake and Clark, Lincoln counties. Forest headquarters are located in Montana. There are local ranger district offices in Bigfork, Hungry Horse, Whitefish; the Flathead National Forest is bordered by Glacier National Park and Canada to the north, the Lewis and Clark National Forest and Glacier to the east, the Lolo National Forest to the south, the Kootenai National Forest to the west. The wilderness areas in the forest are the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, Great Bear Wilderness Area, Mission Mountains Wilderness Area. Other specially-designated areas in the forest include Flathead Wild and Scenic River, Jewel Basin Hiking Area, the Coram Experimental Forest.

Some 270,000 acres of non-federal land are included in the boundaries drawn for the national forest. This includes private land, commercial forest and part or all of Swan River State Forest, Stillwater State Forest and Coal Creek State Forest; the forest contains 1,700 miles of roads, many of them primitive fire roads and 2,800 miles of hiking trails. 38 miles of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail are located within the Flathead National Forest. The forest is located in the Rocky Mountains with elevations ranging from 4,500 to 8,500 feet; the forest provides habitat for 250 species of wildlife and 22 species of fish. This includes bald eagle, beaver, porcupine, moose, white-tailed deer, grizzly bear, timber wolf two species of fox, mountain goat, Canadian lynx, bighorn sheep and bull trout. Commercial activities in the non-wilderness sections of the forest include timber harvesting, two downhill ski resorts and a small amount of cattle grazing. Individuals can pick less than 10 US gallons of berries without a permit.

Larger amounts of berries and Christmas tree cutting, mushroom or mineral gathering in wilderness areas require permits. While camping is allowed anywhere within national forests without a permit, Flathead National Forest has 31 campgrounds with some facilities; the largest campground has only 40 sites and 2 campgrounds have only one site each. Most campgrounds do not have running water. There are 14 cabins for rent in the forest. List of Forests in Montana Media related to Flathead National Forest at Wikimedia Commons Official website Pacific Northwest Trail

Stellatoma rufostrigata

Stellatoma rufostrigata is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Mangeliidae. The adult shell grows to a length of its diameter 4.25 mm. The shortly fusiform shell has a short siphonal canal, it is shining. It is yellowish-while, with less conspicuous traces of red-brown streaks on rihs; the shell contains 7 whorls, of which a little more than one forms a smooth protoconch. The subsequent whorls are separated by a waved suture, they are convex and excavated at their upper part. They show rather strong, oblique, axial ribs, those behind the peristome stronger; these ribs are pointedly tubercled about their median part, just below the excavation in upper whorls and at the shoulder of the body whorl. On this latter the ribs are fainter towards the base, otherwise the shell is nearly smooth, but for faint, remote spirals, a little more conspicuous on the siphonal canal, fine growth lines; the aperture is oval, angular above, with a short siphonal canal below. The peristome is thin, with a shallow sinus above.

The columellar margin is concave directed to the left below, with a rather thin layer of enamel, stronger near its base. This species is found in the Halmahera Sea off Indonesia. Bouchet P. Kantor Yu. I. Sysoev A. & Puillandre N. A new operational classification of the Conoidea. Journal of Molluscan Studies 77: 273-308. "Stellatoma rufostrigata". Retrieved 16 January 2019. Tucker, J. K.. "Catalog of recent and fossil turrids". Zootaxa. 682: 1–1295

The Sword of the Lady

The Sword of the Lady is an alternate history, post-apocalyptic novel by American writer S. M. Stirling, it is the sixth book in the Emberverse series. Rudi Mackenzie and his group leave Iowa, heading through Wisconsin, out onto the Great Lakes, into what was once Maine and to Nantucket. All the while they are pursued by the Church Universal and Triumphant, led by a High Seeker and Major Graber. Rudi Mackenzie and Edain Aylward Mackenzie head out through post-Change Illinois on a mission given to them by the Bossman of Iowa to recover Ingolf Vogeler's wagons that he abandoned there, they break up an ambush by Knifers and save three Southside Freedom Fighters, descendants of survivors from Chicago, including their leader Jake. Rudi adopts the tribe and they help him bring Ingolf's wagons back to Iowa. Along the way and Edain teach them how to make bows and arrows train them as military archers. Southsiders listen to them add the songs to their story-poor culture. Soon the Southsiders consider themselves part of Clan Mackenzie.

Meanwhile and Ritva Havel are trying to find a way to break Ingolf out of the Bossman's prison. Captain Denson of the Iowa State Police has a conversation with Ingolf and offers to release him from prison if he lures the CUT troops from Des Moines; when Ingolf agrees, Denson takes him out while his men kill the other prisoners who witnessed the conversation. When Rudi reaches the Mississippi River, Denson meets them on the east side of the river, he brings Ingolf with him. They meet the Bossman and the rest of Rudi's party in Dubuque. Meanwhile, the Corvallis Meeting is fighting Boise invaders; the Prophet's troops are converging on the Meeting lands from several directions. While the Meeting nations can slow the invasion down, they have been unable to drive the invaders back. News that the Portland Protective Association are losing castles due to the strange abilities of the CUT High Seekers causes morale to drop. Back in Iowa, the Major Graber and his CUT forces attempt to kill his allies. Though Rudi survives, the CUT manage to assassinate the Bossman of Iowa.

Thanks to Mathilda Arminger's efforts, she manages to encourage the Bossman's wife to take power as Regent, creating a new ally for Rudi and his group. Rudi and his group leave Iowa heading north along the Mississippi River. While en route, Rudi's companions swear loyalty to him as the High King of "Montival", the new name the group has chosen for the Pacific Northwest. Rudi reluctantly accepts. Rudi and his group arrive in the nation of Ingolf's home. While there Ingolf makes amends with his estranged brother, a local sheriff, who agrees to help Ingolf and his friends reach Nantucket. Heading north around the Great Lakes using skis to move over the snow, the party is attacked once again by CUT forces who are allied with French-speaking savages from former Quebec. Though they succeed in driving off the CUT forces, Jake is killed in the battle. Arriving in Maine and his followers are taken in by survivors who have adopted a Viking-like culture, they agree to help Rudi reach Nantucket, but upon arriving at a coastal town, they discover it under siege by Major Graber and Muslim Corsairs.

Rudi and his forces succeed in lifting the siege and capture one of the pirate leaders, but Odard Liu is killed during the battle. Rudi convinces the pirate captain to his followers to Nantucket, they are chased there by Major Graber. As both ships arrive at Nantucket, reality begins to change as alternate versions of Nantucket begin to appear at random. Rudi and his followers fight their way onto Nantucket. There Rudi is transported into the presence of Maiden and Crone who have taken the form of Rudi's mother and Marion Alston and Swindapa from the Nantucket series, they explain the reason behind the Change, alluding at humanity's importance and that certain forces saw the need for humanity to mature more before it self-destructed due to abuse of technology. They explain the powers that are aiding CUT as a result of a disagreement between those forces on how best to guide the changed humanity. Rudi is last seen removing the Sword of the Lady from its sheath. Back in Montival, Juniper calls on the help of the gods against the CUT in a ceremony.

During the ceremony visible light emanates from Juniper's hands and she proclaims the coming of the High King. As of September 3, 2009, The Sword of the Lady has ranked 13th on the New York Times Best Seller List; this is the first time. Sample Chapters The Sword of the Lady at LibraryThing The Sword of the Lady review by Harriet Klausner Review by Romantic Times Review by the Science Fiction Book Club The Sword of the Lady title listing at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database