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The one who does a agriculture work, they are known as Farmers. They are also known as peasant and Agriculturists. They produce grains, food items for the remaining people. In this process they grow crops, Planting in orchards, including chickens or other such animals by taking care of them. Any farmer can either own a farm or a laborer hired by the owner of that agricultural land.

In a good economy, the farmer is the owner of the farm and his employees or laborers are working in it. However, till earlier it was only a farmer who cultivated crops in the field and raised them by looking after animals, fish etc.

A farmer in Darchula district of Nepal


In some countries,usually this word is commonly used by animal husbandry and enhancing them, in which sheep, goats, horses etc., are included. In America, the term Ranchers is used, and the word Grasijar is popular in Australia and the United Kingdom. People engaged in milk production are also known as farmers in these countries. At the same time, those who raise chickens, ducks, swans etc. and those who produce meat, eggs and wings, are also considered as farmers. 

In some developed countries, the word farmer is used for a businessman or professional, who has land and interest to raise the crop, but at the same time he also take some people to work in it or someone else's by doing that work.

Agriculture hazards

There are many dangers in the agricultural work. Farmers in these fields have to face many dangerous creatures in the field. While working in the field there is a great risk of bites of scorpions, ants, bees etc. Farmers have to work with very heavy and large machines, they also have the possibility of injury and death.

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