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Seat of the FERJ in Maracanã

The Federação de Futebol do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (English: Rio de Janeiro State Football Federation), usually known by the acronyms FERJ and FFERJ, manages all the official football tournaments within the state of Rio de Janeiro including the Campeonato Carioca, the Campeonato Carioca lower levels, the Copa Rio, and the Campeonato Carioca de Futebol Feminino. It was founded in 1978.


On March 15, 1975, the states of Guanabara, which consisted essentially only of the city of Rio de Janeiro and until 1960 the federal capital district of Brasil, and Rio de Janeiro, essentially the non-metropolitan area of today's state of Rio de Janeiro were merged to today's State of Rio de Janeiro. On September 29, 1978, the Federação de Futebol do Estado do Rio de Janeiro was founded by the merger of Guanabara state's Federação Carioca de Futebol (Carioca Football Federation, FCF) and Rio de Janeiro state's Federação Fluminense de Desportos (Fluminense Sports Federation, FFD). Octávio Pinto Guimarães, who was FCF's president, was chosen as FERJ's first president.[1]

In 1979, the Federação de Futebol do Estado do Rio de Janeiro organized two different state championships, both won by Flamengo. Those competitions were the first competitions organized by FERJ.[1]


Name Term start Term end
1. Octávio Pinto Guimarães 1978 1985
2. Eduardo Viana 1985 2006
3. Rubens Lopes da Costa Filho 2006 2014

Current clubs in Brasileirão[edit]

As of 2017 season. Common team names are noted in bold.

Club City
Série A
Botafogo Rio de Janeiro
Flamengo Rio de Janeiro
Fluminense Rio de Janeiro
Vasco da Gama Rio de Janeiro
Série C
Macaé Macaé
Volta Redonda Volta Redonda
Série D
Bangu Rio de Janeiro
Boavista Saquarema
Portuguesa Rio de Janeiro

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