1983–84 Philadelphia 76ers season

The 1983–84 NBA season was the 76ers' 35th season in the NBA and 21st season in Philadelphia. The 76ers entered the season as the defending NBA Champions, having won their third NBA Championship the year prior, sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers in four games; the team finished with a 52-30 record. The major difference was that they were just around.500 on the road for the year, unlike the previous season, where they won 30 regular season games away from Philadelphia. The 76ers would lose in the first round of the newly expanded playoff format to the New Jersey Nets, who had never won a playoff series in their NBA history to that point; the 76ers lost all three post season games at The Spectrum. Z – clinched division title y – clinched division title x – clinched playoff spot Philadelphia 76ers vs. New Jersey Nets: Nets win series 3-2 Game 1 @ The Spectrum, Philadelphia: New Jersey 116, Philadelphia 101 Game 2 @ The Spectrum, Philadelphia: New Jersey 116, Philadelphia 102 Game 3 @ Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford: Philadelphia 108, New Jersey 100 Game 4 @ Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford: Philadelphia 110, New Jersey 102 Game 5 @ The Spectrum, Philadelphia: New Jersey 101, Philadelphia 98Last Playoff Meeting: 1979 Eastern Conference First Round Julius Erving, All-NBA First Team Moses Malone, All-NBA Second Team Bobby Jones, NBA All-Defensive First Team Maurice Cheeks, NBA All-Defensive First Team 1983–84 NBA season

Baka language

Baka is a dialect cluster of Ubangian languages spoken by the Baka Pygmies of Cameroon and Gabon. The people are ethnically close to the Aka, the two together called the Mbenga, but the languages are not related, apart from some vocabulary dealing with the forest economy, which suggests the Aka may have shifted to Bantu 15000 people have shifted; some 30% of Baka vocabulary is not Ubangian. Much of this concerns a specialised forest economy, such as words for edible plants, medicinal plants, honey collecting, has been posited as the remnant of an ancestral Pygmy language which has otherwise vanished. However, apart from some words shared with the Aka, there is no evidence for a wider linguistic affiliation with any of the other Pygmy peoples, it is unclear if Gundi and Massa, are mutually intelligible with Baka proper. Most Massa have shifted to Gundi, spoken by 9,000 people; the Ngombe tribe speaks Gundi. It may have been confused in the literature with the Ngombe population speaking the Bangandu language.

Baka Pygmies Culture and photos, with soundscapes of Baka camps in the rainforest Baka Forest People Information, videos and photos of the Baka from Moloundou region of Cameroon. Baka: A Highly Endangered Language of Northern Cameroun Baka information and word list ELAR collection: A documentation of the remnant Baka-Gundi language Limassa deposited by Benedikt Winkhart