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Coordinates: 40°44′16″N 73°59′50″W / 40.737779°N 73.997304°W / 40.737779; -73.997304

The Lyceum Theatre c.1871, from a stereoscopic image
The theatre in 1936 with fire escapes added, photographed by Berenice Abbott

The Fourteenth Street Theatre was a New York City theatre located at 107 West 14th Street just west of Sixth Avenue.[1] It was designed by Alexander Saeltzer and opened in 1866 as the Theatre Francais, as a home for French language dramas and opera.[2]

The theatre was renamed the Lyceum in 1871. In 1879, it was taken over by producer J.H. Haverly who renamed it Haverly's 14th Street Theatre. By the mid-1880s, it had become simply the Fourteenth Street Theatre.[3]

By the mid 1910s it was being used as a movie theatre, until actress Eva Le Gallienne turned it into the Civic Repertory Theatre in 1926. She mounted 34 successful productions,[4] but the Great Depression ended that venture in 1934.[5]

The building was demolished in 1938.[6][7]

Selected productions[edit]

14th Street Theatre[edit]

Civic Repertory Theatre[edit]



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