Psychedelic Moods

Psychedelic Moods is the debut album by the American psychedelic rock band, The Deep, was released on Cameo-Parkway Records in October 1966. The album was one of the first pieces to produce a consistent psychedelic theme throughout the whole LP. All of the material featured was composed by the band. Despite the conflicting dates, it is considered the first album to use the term "psychedelic" in its title. Rusty Evans, the founder of the Deep, marketed a proposal to Mark Barkan to produce an album that musically replicated the experience an individual was exposed to while under the influence of LSD; this genre, psychedelic rock, had yet to surface in the wide variety of musical acts it would encompass shortly after the album's release. Barkan accepted the offer, Evans assembled the Deep, a studio-only group that included guitarist, David Bromberg. Shortly afterwards, Barkan had the band signed to Cameo-Parkway Records to record the album; the Deep completed the Psychedelic Moods album in its entirety at Cameo-Parkway Studios, Philadelphia in a two-day process that commenced on August 19, concluded on August 20, 1966.

On a budget of $1,200, a lower margin than what was funded for a typical album, the band co-produced the sessions with Barkan. From New York City, the Deep traveled to Philadelphia to record the album. Six songs were written before the move, with six additional compositions being penned along the way to the studio to possess enough material for a full LP. Recording took place in a darkened studio while the group was under the influence of LSD. Numerous sound effects were utilized, including, at the suggestion of Barkan, sexual moans recorded in the background; the overall sound of the tracks have been described as "very strange, full of weird sound effects, haunting vocals, acid-soaked lyrics". With the sessions becoming erratic, the drummer unexpectedly departed, but the instrumentals were complete, so further drum tracks did not have to be recorded. Following the drummer's exit, fuzz reverse guitar and abnormal bullfrog sounds were overdubbed onto the tracks. Following the completion of the album, Barkan's lawyer sent the tapes to Dick James, publisher of The Beatles.

James made an offer for the rights to distribute the album, but the band declined on the assumption it would become a hit. Upon its October 1966 release, Psychedelic Moods failed to achieve the success; the lack of copies sold was, in part, due to the unforeseen success of Question Mark and the Mysterians' hit, "96 Tears", Cameo-Parkway Records' poor circulation of the album. Over time, the album has garnered interest for being an early example of psychedelic music. In addition, despite the conflicting release dates, Psychedelic Moods is considered to have been the first album to have the word "psychedelic" in its title. A month after the album's distribution, The Blues Magoos, The 13th Floor Elevators released albums with the same phrase featured in the title. Collectables Records released the album in 1996 as a part of a series of outtakes, unreleased material focusing on the Deep. "Color Dreams" 2:39 "Pink Ether" 2:23 "When Rain Is Black" 2:13 "It's All a Part of Me" 2:57 "Turned On" 2:28 "Psychedelic Moon" 2:45 "Shadows on the Wall" 3:15 "Crystal Nite" 1:43 "Trip #76" 2:39 "Wake Up and Find Me" 2:22 "Your Choice to Choose" 1:55 "On Off - Off On" 2:24 Note: The personnel have been identified, but no source confirms all of their roles in the album.

Rusty Evans - lead vocals, lead guitar David Bromberg - rhythm guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals Mark Barkan - percussion, backing vocals David Richard Blackhurst Caroline Blue Arthur Geller Lenny Pogan

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Bucketfull of Brains is a London-based music magazine, founded in 1979. An associated record label was launched in 2010. Bucketfull of Brains was founded by Nigel Cross in 1979, has been published in the UK continuously since that time, on an irregular schedule. Since 1996, the magazine has been edited and published by Nick West, more by the editorial team of Nick West and Terry Hermon. Editorial interest, over the years, has included "an affection for songs with guitars and thus bands like the Barracudas, the Flamin' Groovies, the Dream Syndicate, the Long Ryders and the Green Pajamas hold a special place in its affections." Until early 2003, the front cover of the magazine included a logo with a sub-title that listed the musical genres on which it focused: "rock'n' roll, psych, punk, r'n'b, folk." An earlier version of the subtitle read "rock, psych, folk-rock, rock'n'roll". Bucketfull of Brains has been acknowledged by Trouser Press as a source of "essential discographical and background information."

According to American music writer John M. Borack, the magazine has earned a reputation as a "quality, focused publication" in both Great Britain and the United States by "championing worthy artists big and small". In 1989, founder and editor Nigel Cross received an unusual honour from members of the band R. E. M. During R. E. M.'s tour for their album Green, members of R. E. M. Combined with Robyn Hitchcock and Peter Holsapple to form a band that they called Nigel and the Crosses, which played two concerts during periods between R. E. M.'s shows. Nigel and the Crosses debuted on March 8, 1989 with a show in Minneapolis, in London on May 28, 1989, Nigel and the Crosses played a 90-minute show in Soho at the Borderline Club, which BoB reviewer Jon Storey called "enough fine music... to satisfy anyone." Nigel and the Crosses recorded a version of the song "Wild Mountain Thyme" for the 1989 album Time Between – A Tribute to The Byrds, a live 7" single, distributed with BoB #34. In addition to publishing the magazine and associated blogs, in 2010 Bucketfull of Brains launched a record label, distributed by Proper Music Distribution.

Its recording artists include Benjamin Folke Thomas, Trent Miller, John Murry. Official website Blog Blog Bucketfull of Brains Records