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Francisco de Orellana

Francisco de Orellana Bejarano Pizarro y Torres de Altamirano was a Spanish explorer and conquistador. He completed the first known navigation of the entire length of the Amazon River, named "Rio de Orellana." He founded the city of Guayaquil in what is now Ecuador. Orellana died during a second expedition on the Amazon. Born in Trujillo, Orellana was a close friend, a relative of Francisco Pizarro, the Trujillo-born conquistador of Peru, he traveled to the New World. Orellana served in Nicaragua until joining Pizarro's army in Peru in 1533, where he supported Pizarro in his conflict with Diego de Almagro. After the victory over De Almagro's men, he was appointed governor of La Culata and re-established the town of Guayaquil founded by Pizarro and repopulated by Sebastián de Belalcázar. In 1540 Gonzalo Pizarro arrived in Quito as governor and was charged by Francisco Pizarro with an expedition to locate the "Land of Cinnamon", thought to be somewhere to the east. Orellana was one of Gonzalo Pizarro's lieutenants during his 1541 expedition east of Quito into the South American interior.

In Quito, Gonzalo Pizarro collected a force of 220 Spaniards and 4000 natives, while Orellana, as second in command, was sent back to Guayaquil to gather troops and horses. Pizarro left Quito in February 1541 just before Orellana arrived with his 23 horses. Orellana hurried after the main expedition making contact with them in March. However, by the time the expedition had left the mountains, 3000 natives and 140 Spanish had either died or deserted. On reaching the River Coca, a brigantine, the San Pedro, was constructed to ferry the sick and supplies. Gonzalo Pizarro ordered him to return after finding the river's end; when they arrived at the confluence with the Napo River, his men threatened to mutiny if they did not continue. On 26 December 1541 he agreed to be elected chief of the new expedition and to conquer new lands in name of the king. Orellana and 50 men set off downstream to find food. Unable to return against the current, Orellana waited for Pizarro sending back three men with a message, started construction of a second brigantine, the Victoria.

Pizarro had in the meantime returned to Quito by a more northerly route, by with only 80 men left alive. After leaving the village on the Napo, Orellana continued downstream to the Amazon; the 49 men began to build a bigger ship for river navigation. During their navigation on Napo River they were threatened by the Omaguas, they reached the Negro River on 3 June 1542 and arrived on the Amazon River. At a longitude of about 69°W Orellana and his men were involved in a skirmish with Machiparo's natives and were chased downstream. Continuing downstream they consecutively passed the Rio de la Trinidad, the Pueblo Vicioso, the Rio Negro, the Pueblo del Corpus, the Pueblo de los Quemados and the Pueblo de la Calle at about 57°W. There they entered the territory of the Pira-tapuya; the name'Amazon' is said to arise from a battle Francisco de Orellana fought with a tribe of Tapuyas. The women of the tribe fought alongside the men. Orellana derived the name Amazonas from the mythical Amazons of Asia described by Herodotus and Diodorus in Greek legends.

A skirmish with these South American warrior women took place on 24 June 1542 while Orellana was approaching the Trombetus River, in the neighborhood of the Ilha Tupinambarama at the junction with the River Madeira. At about 54°W they stopped for 18 days to repair the boats, reached the open sea on 26 August 1542, checked the boats for seaworthiness. While coasting towards Guiana the brigs were separated until reunited at Nueva Cadiz on Cubagua island off the coast of Venezuela; the Victoria, carrying Orellana and Carvajal, passed south around Trinidad and was trapped in the Gulf of Paria for seven days reaching Cubagua on 11 September 1542. The San Pedro reached Cubagua on 9 September. From Cubagua, Orellana decided to return to Spain to obtain from the Crown the governorship over the discovered lands, which he named New Andalusia. After a difficult navigation, he touched first the shores of Portugal; the king received him in a friendly way and made him an offer to go back to the Amazon under a Portuguese flag.

Orellana's exploration produced an international issue. According to the Treaty of Tordesillas, the majority of the Amazon River should belong to Spain, but the mouth should be ruled by Portugal. Orellana went to Valladolid. After nine months of negotiations, Charles I appointed him governor of New Andalusia on February 18, 1544; the charter established that he should explore and settle the Amazonian lands with less than 300 men and 100 horses, found two cities, one in the mouth and another in the interior of the basin. After captivating the Spanish court with tales and alleged exaggerations of his voyage down the Amazon, after nine months deliberation, obtained a commission to conquer the regions he had discovered, it permitted him to explore and settle Nueva Andalucia, with no fewer than 200 infantrymen, 100 horsemen and the material to constr

Ahmed bin Saif Al Nahyan

Ahmed bin Saif Al Nahyan is a member of the Al Nahyan family in the United Arab Emirates and the founder and was the chairman of Etihad Airways. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saif Al Nahyan is a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi. Born in Al Ain in 1966, Shiekh Ahmed graduated from United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain, he went on to complete his Masters at the University of Southern California and gained a Doctorate degree in Egypt. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saif is a member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and was Chairman of Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies, a post he has held since 2001. Chairman of Rotana Jet Aviation. Prior to his career at Etihad Airways, in 1992, Ahmed was the under-secretary of Abu Dhabi's Civil Aviation Authority. From 2001 to 2009 he was the Chairman of GAMCO. In addition, for a period of one year he was the Chairman of the Department of Civil Aviation, Abu Dhabi, he is a former CEO of Gulf Air from January 1996 until December 2000. Furthermore, he is a qualified commercial captain, flying Boeing 767 of Gulf Air.

Moreover, he trained pilots in the UAE armed forces on Boeing 767s and flew C130s in the air force of the United Arab Emirates. He received the prestigious'Innovation in Business' award at a ceremony held at the Future Capitals World Summit in Abu Dhabi in January 2009. "The growth during 2008, Etihad's fifth year of operations, saw passenger numbers total 6,021,931 and the average seat factor rise from 68% to 75%. The airline has taken delivery of nine new aircraft boosting its fleet to a total of 42. Etihad launched six new routes in 2008 - Beijing, Almaty, Kozhikode and Moscow - as well as signing a record order of $43bn at the Farnborough International Airshow for up to 205 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Etihad's Chairman along with the airline's CEO, James Hogan, signed one of the largest aircraft orders in commercial aviation history in July at the Farnborough air show in the UK for up to 205 aircraft in a deal worth $43bn, at list prices." He set up Etihad Airways in 2003 and held the post of Chairman until May 2009.

During his chairmanship Etihad Airways received numerous awards. Additionally, H. H. captain Ahmed Bin Saif is flying the Airbus A319 of Rotana Jet. He was a member of Executive Council of Abu Dhabi. Archived 22 October 2008 at the Wayback Machine

The Social (Canadian TV program)

The Social is a Canadian daytime television talk show, which airs weekday afternoons on CTV and CTV 2. Using a panel format similar to American talk shows such as The View or The Talk, the show is hosted by Melissa Grelo, Lainey Lui, Cynthia Loyst and Marci Ien. On Friday editions, Jessica Allen serves as a fifth co-host; the series covers news and entertainment topics, places a strong emphasis on direct and live interaction with viewers through social media. The show premiered on September 2, 2013 hosted by Grelo, Lui and Traci Melchor. Grelo took a maternity leave from the program in spring 2014. A series of celebrity guest hosts appeared during her absence, including Jann Arden, Marilyn Denis, Wendy Crewson, Elisha Cuthbert, Arlene Dickinson, Arielle Kebbel, Emily Procter, Sarah Rafferty and Debbie Travis. Melchor took a leave of absence from the show in 2016, with Ien stepping in as a substitute host following the cancellation of Canada AM. Melchor revealed that she took the leave of absence for mental health reasons, after bursting into uncontrollable tears while preparing for an interview with Lynn Keane, an author who had published a book about her son's suicide, leading Melchor to realize that she had not processed her grief over the 2015 death of her friend Chris Hyndman.

Melchor announced in March 2017 that she would not be returning to the program full-time, instead concentrating on her duties with eTalk, although she will still appear on the show as a substitute host when one of the regulars is away. Ien became a permanent cohost of the program. On November 12, 2019, during a discussion regarding the firing of ice hockey commentator Don Cherry from Hockey Night in Canada, Allen said that she doesn't "worship at the altar of hockey" and found that those who did, in her experience, "all tended to be white boys who weren't, let's say nice." Allen added, "they were not thoughtful, they were bullies." Allen clarified on Twitter saying, "I never said every white boy, just the ones whose unsavoury behaviour, which didn’t feel Canadian, I witnessed. Because of this, I am guilty of having conflicted feelings about hockey being so linked to our national identity." On November 13, Allen acknowledged that she "struck a nerve with many people." The controversy resulted in social media backlash, including the hashtag #FireJessAllen, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council issuing a notice on their website that they had received "a large number of similar complaints" and that "no further complaints will be accepted by the CBSC on this issue."

On November 14, CTV issued a statement apologizing to "everyone, offended by the remarks," however they wouldn't restrict their hosts from "offering their opinions on an opinion show," but they will "always listen to viewers when they offer theirs." Allen issued an apology saying she was only speaking about hockey players she knew and that Don Cherry reminded her of them. The series began airing in syndication in the United States through PPI Releasing and Sony Pictures Television via selective markets since September 2015, although a few stations had started airing the show during a test run prior to the push to expand it in more American television markets, it had been targeted for a soft 2014 US launch but was held back in order to give the show enough time to find its footing. Official website

The Face of Appalachia

The Face of Appalachia: Portraits from the Mountain Farm is a 2003 hardcover book by photographer and author Timothy Lee Barnwell. It is a mixture of photography and oral history text about the culture of Appalachia, it was first published on December 17, 2003 W. W. Norton and includes over 100 black and white photographs as well as interviews with the Appalachia inhabitants depicted; the book presents interviews taken over a 25-year period. Photographs cover elements of Appalachia life such as farming, hunting and religious activities. Material is compiled into eight chapters, each of which focuses on specific things associated with the community and with Appalachian life. Critical reception for The Face of Appalachia has been positive. Black and White Magazine and The New York Times both gave positive reviews of the book, with The New York Times noting that the work was "a notable work of anthropology." Official website

D Teck

Dwayne Domonick Grant, known as D-Teck, is an American hip hop recording artist, record producer, songwriter and label owner. He was born in Kingston and was raised in the Bronx, New York, he has worked with and produced the likes of Common Kings, Cara Braia, IamStylezMusic, Richie Loop, JQT, DJ Pain 1 and most serves as CEO of Wazzup Media Group. In 2001, D-TECK began writing and rapping in part by his love of hip-hop. In 2004, D-Teck was introduce to Christopher "Spida" Boswell, former member of the Refugee Camp and of Konvict Yard Muzik. Christopher "Spida" Boswell was the one who gave Dwayne the name "D-Teck". In 2010, Qwes Kross, elevated D-TECK as an official member of the 50/50 Konvict Muzik. Today, D-Teck serves as A&R and recording artist. In early 2012, D-teck was promoted as A&R Director for Konvict Muzik Group by the Co-CEO and Founder Melvin E. Brown; as A&R Director, D-Teck presented Common Kings to both Melvin E. Brown and Co-founder of Konvict Muzik Group Megastar Akon. Common Kings were subsequently signed to Sony Music division in Australia.

D-Teck was instrumental in discovering K-pop Girls group JQT. As a result, JQT was signed to Konvict Muzik. D-Teck is the Director of Artist & Repertoire, Talent Scouting, Music Production. In 2015, Dwayne "D-Teck" Grant created Wazzup Media Group under which he serves as CEO. D-Teck realized the need for a platform that covers entertainment in a broad sense without media bias. D-Teck expertise and connections in the industry pivots as the engine behind Wazzup Media Group which expands radio, internet marketing, a recording label. On November 7, 2016, Wazzup Media Group launched the company to the public with a gala that included performances by Ted Park, Muscle Team Fuzz, perishable items for charity provided by celebrity chef, Shawnae Dixon. 2010: A-Wax feat. D-Teck -If I'm Arrested 2011: JDIAMONDZ feat. D-TECK -MURDERER 2012: D-Teck feat. Rassel -Your Love 2013: Akon feat D-Teck -One Time 2013: I'm So Necessary Rashaun Will 2012: D-Teck feat. Choclair and Koncreto - We Run It Now 2018: IamStylezMusic -Who God Bless One Rpm, "Artist", One Rpm, 2015 SoundCloud, "D-Teck, Common Kings", Melvin Brown Interview, 2012 ITunes, "Itunes Profile", Itunes profile, 2015 HipHopVibe, "50Cent and Drake Collaboration", Hip-Hop Vibe, 2014 Times of India, "RaOol's new track'Dhuwan'", India Times, 2013 ThisIs50, "D-Teck signs Uganda Producer", ThisIs50, 2013 Madison Hip-hop Awards, "D-Teck Awards Committee", Madison HipHop Awards, 2013 ChartSong, "A-Wax feat.

D-Teck", If I'm Arrested, 2013 Official website

F. Michael Christ

Francis Michael Christ is an American mathematician, specializing in harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, several complex variables. He is known for the Christ–Kiselev maximal inequality, he received in 1977 from Harvey Mudd College his bachelor's degree and in 1982 from the University of Chicago his PhD under the supervision of Alberto Calderón with thesis Restrictions of the Fourier transform to submanifolds of low codimension. At Princeton University, Christ was from 1982 to 1984 an instructor and from 1984 to 1986 an assistant professor, he was at the University of California, Los Angeles from 1986 to 1988 an associate professor and from 1988 to 1996 a full professor. In 1996 he became a full professor at the University of Berkeley. Christ was a Sloan Fellow for the academic year 1986–1987, he was an invited speaker of the International Congress of Mathematicians in 1990 in Kyoto and in 1998 in Berlin. In 1997 he shared with David E. Barrett the Stefan Bergman Prize. Christ, Michael.

"Hilbert Transforms Along Curves: I. Nilpotent Groups"; the Annals of Mathematics. 122: 575–596. Doi:10.2307/1971330. JSTOR 1971330. Christ, Michael. "Weak Type Bounds for Rough Operators". The Annals of Mathematics. 128: 19–42. Bibcode:1988InMat..93..225C. doi:10.2307/1971461. JSTOR 1971461. Christ, F. M. I. "Dispersion of small amplitude solutions of the generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation". Journal of Functional Analysis. 100: 87–109. Doi:10.1016/0022-123690103-C. Christ, Michael. "Best constants for two nonconvolution inequalities". Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. 123: 1687. Doi:10.1090/S0002-9939-1995-1239796-6. Christ, Michael. "Global C ∞ irregularity of the ∂ ¯ –Neumann problem for worm domains". Journal of the American Mathematical Society. 9: 1171–1186. Doi:10.1090/S0894-0347-96-00213-5. Christ, Francis Michael. "Asymptotics, frequency modulation, low regularity ill-posedness for canonical defocusing equations". American Journal of Mathematics. 125: 1235–1293. Doi:10.1353/ajm.2003.0040. Christ, Michael.

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YouTube. 24 November 2017