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Tattoo Parlours Act 2013

Tattoo Parlours Act 2013 is an anti-gang, anti-crime act of the Parliament of Queensland to establish a regulatory framework, including occupational licensing, for the tattoo industry in Queensland, Australia. The associated Acts enacted on the same date were the Criminal Law Amendment Act 2013 and the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act 2013; the Acts were passed on 16 October 2013, as of 17 October 2013, the Attorney-General of Queensland had indicated that they had received Royal Assent. The rest of this Act was to commence "on a day fixed by proclamation." The relevant Minister is required to review the Act after 3 years. The Act places restrictions on who can hold a permit, including a requirement that the holder must be an Australian citizen over the age of 18, must not be a "controlled person" as defined by Criminal Organisation Act 2009, it requires permit applicants to provide finger prints and palm prints. The Act amends the Liquor Act 1992, in particular to prohibit patrons from wearing or displaying material associated with criminal motor cycle gangs, such as club jackets, while in liquor licensed premises.

It amends the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 to expand the use of detection dogs in tattoo parlours from drug detection to include explosives detection. Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act 2013 Criminal Law Amendment Act 2013 Tattoo Parlours Act 2013 PDF. Brad Ryan, Brad. "Qld Government's tough anti-bikie laws passed after marathon debate in Parliament". ABC News. "Bikie laws criminalise innocents in Qld". Civil Liberties Australia. Retrieved 2 April 2016

The Crew (comics)

The Crew was a comic book series published by Marvel Comics in 2003. The series was cancelled with its seventh issue; the series was written by Christopher Priest, illustrated by Joe Bennett. The Crew takes place in the No Man's Land between the streets of Little Mogadishu and those of the exclusive gated community of Princeton Walk in Brooklyn, NY. Princeton Walk was developed by multimillion-dollar investments and tax incentives to Grace & Tumbalt, a black-owned corporation, who cleaned up a section of Brooklyn and moved the criminal element and the poverty line residents out. Jim Rhodes War Machine but now down on his luck, came to Little Mogadishu to look into the murder of his estranged sister, when it became apparent that the police were not going to get any results, he took the matter into his own hands, he delivered the men responsible for his sister's murder to the police in a neatly tied up package for them, coming across the local Muslim preacher Josiah X along the way. However, this was not enough to satisfy Rhodey, he set his sights on the 66 Bridges leader, Triage.

His covert, vigilante action and contact with Josiah put him on Kasper Cole's radar, making Kasper suspicious of what a guy like Rhodey was doing in a place like the Mog. Rhodey hit Little Mogadishu like a force of nature, derailing the secret money train that delivered bribes in bulk to a large number of corrupt officials; this action drew in Junta, who smelled opportunity to leverage his way back into the spy business if he could get a piece of the action. He found himself drafted into Rhodey's plan along with Kasper Cole and a reluctant Josiah X. Together, the Crew blackmailed a long list of corrupt officials to turn in evidence against 66 Bridges and Triage and went after Triage directly; as Triage was no lightweight, the situation got messy and some of the Crew had to decide between their self-interests and being heroes. For Josiah, the decision to do the right was instant. Junta reluctantly turned Triage into the authorities, blowing his chance to use Triage to get back in with his former bosses.

Kasper Cole kept busy saving lives as the White Tiger, sacrificing his chance to get in on the big bust as Kasper Cole and further his police career. The Crew did not remain together after this event. Rhodey soon went back to being War Machine, Josiah was said to have disappeared. Little Mogadishu, or The Mog as the locals call it, is a side effect of the gentrification process, that displaced criminal and poverty elements who are now concentrated in a war zone outside Princeton Walk's walls; the Crew was to be about family. According to Christopher Priest's pitch, the Crew was about four hardened heroes who had all lost their families. Four men who came together out of self-interest, but would soon discover their commonality of loss; the Crew were all, in another, orphans. These men were intensely dedicated to their respective goals; the Crew would have highlighted each man's personal evolution to their state of grace. The seven stories that were released before the book's cancellation were, for the most part, introductory pieces breaking down the lives of each member, his personal pain and the universe he lived in.

The bulk of the first arc, Big Trouble In Little Mogadishu, was focused on the origin of Josiah X, son of Isaiah Bradley from Truth: Red, White & Black. The writer Christopher Priest intended that Josiah would lead the team. While many of the characters in The Crew were represented by minority races in the United States, Christopher Priest chose not to center The Crew around race relations. So I find myself having to say, more than what The Crew is; the Crew is not The Black Avengers. The Crew is not "A Ghetto Book"; the Crew is not remotely about race. Race is never mentioned in The Crew, it is a complete non-issue. Following Black Panther's gathering of evidence of outside influences fueling dissent in Wakanda, T'Challa called on Luke Cage, Misty Knight and Manifold. Luke Cage described the formation as "The Crew." Black Panther - T'Challa, King of Wakanda, member of the Avengers Eden Fesi Luke Cage - Luke Cage Misty Knight Storm - Ororo Monroe and member of the X-Men Junta - Daniel "Danny" Vincent, freelance intelligence agent and con man.

Justice - Josiah "Josiah X" Bradley, son of Isaiah Bradley the black Captain America. Kasper Cole - Kevin "Kasper" Cole, the White Tiger is heir in waiting to the Black Panther. War Machine - Jim Rhodes, friend of Iron Man. Truth: Red, White & Black Crew at the Marvel Universe wiki The Crew by Christopher Priest


Grayskul is an American hip hop duo based in Seattle, consisting of rappers Onry Ozzborn and JFK Ninjaface. Since its formation in 2003, the group has released ten solo albums; the duo collaborate with artists from the Pacific Northwest hip hop collective Oldominion. In 2003, Onry Ozzborn and JFK, both members of the Pacific Northwest hip hop collective Oldominion, teamed up with bassist Rob Castro to form Grayskul, they recorded about 55 songs in 8 months at ATB Studios. After opening for Eyedea & Abilities, their music was brought to the attention of Rhymesayers Entertainment. Grayskul's label debut, was released in 2005, it featured guest appearances such as Mr. Lif and Abstract Rude; the album featured the song "Secret Wars", which featured the Oldominion emcees, in the group at the time. In 2007, Grayskul released their second album on Rhymesayers Entertainment, Bloody Radio, this time with Onry Ozzborn going by the name Count Draven and JFK going by the name Count Magnus. While this album excluded Rob Castro, Cage and Aesop Rock provided guest verses.

In 2009, Grayskul in collaboration with producer Maker released Graymaker on Taxidermy Records. In an interview with Seattle Weekly, Onry Ozzborn said: "Of the albums we've done in the past, we've never had a whole project that's straight-ahead hip-hop... People always say our stuff is dark, bugged-out, but I think this one will catch people by surprise. Beats in general made us write different, he uses more breakbeats, slower BPMs, so you'll be able to hear that."In 2013, Grayskul released Zenith on Fake Four Inc. Members of Grayskul cited Cannibal Ox's The Cold Vein as an important influence. Creature Thee Adventures! Deadlivers Wand and the Gun Name in Vain Blood Sweat and Fears Facefeeder Bloody Radio Graymaker Zenith "Prom Quiz" "Scarecrow" "Mod Volatile" b/w "At the Time" Boom Bap Project - "War of the Roses" from Reprogram Fakts One - "Set the Mood" from Long Range The Insects - "Fear" from Gone Sleep - "Hesitation Wounds" from Hesitation Wounds IAME - "Tight" from I Am My Enemy Sapient - "Cold How We Keep It" from Famine Friends The Kid Espi and The Wright Family - "Am Flag" from Here and Happy Grayskul discography at Discogs


ENZSO was an orchestral project started by former Split Enz keyboardist Eddie Rayner. It combines the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra with contemporary pop singers to perform Split Enz songs; the project began with Eddie Rayner. He wanted something more from the old Split Enz songs, doing orchestral arrangements seemed perfect. Creating the arrangements on his synthesiser, with help from Dave Woodcock, Eddie approached Mark Keyworth of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra to ask the orchestra to play his arrangements. With conductor Peter Scholes, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Dave Dobbyn, Annie Crummer, Sam Hunt, Neil Finn, Tim Finn and the New Zealand Youth Choir, they recorded and released their first album in 1996 titled ENZSO. Again in 1999 ENZSO recorded a second album titled ENZSO 2. A film of the collaboration was made by director Justin Pemberton called ENZSO: Dirty Creature. Page about the ENZSO project Interview with Eddie Rayner about ENZSO

Mister Butler

Mister Butler is a 2000 Indian Malayalam-language comedy-drama film scripted and directed by Sasi Shanker. It is a remake of the 1996 Tamil film Gopala Gopala; the film stars Ruchita Prasad. The music was composed by Vidyasagar. Gopalakrishnan a chef by profession, has to leave the village because of his friend's wrongdoings, he heads to the city and becomes a chef at a hotel after having his talents recognised at a carnival. The women there become close to Gopalakrishnan and the men there nickname him as "Krishna", their husbands get jealous of Gopalakrishnan. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Radhika, he decides to marry her with the support of her household. During the marriage, Radhika learns that Gopalakrishnan was married. Gopalakrishnan got married with a girl but she was pregnant and eloped with her lover that evening. Radhika refuses to live with him. Gopalakrishnan finds a forsaken baby in his car and leaves the baby to an orphanage. Gopalakrishnan's friend, posing as his father comes to live with him and he and the neighbors and Radhika's household help Gopalakrishnan to win back Radhika's heart.

Dileep as Gopalakrishnan Ruchita Prasad as Radhika Menon Innocent as Captain K. G. Nair Jagathy Sreekumar as Achayan Nedumudi Venu as Radhika's father Lalithasree Manju Pillai as Anandham Renuka Banu as Manju Kalabhavan Mani as'Major' Kuttan Kuthiravattam Pappu as Shivaraman Janardhanan as Ramakrishnan Cochin Haneefa as Thirupathy Philomina as Grandmother Sonia as Gopalakrishnan's first wife Madhupal as Madhu Vijayan as Vijayan The film's soundtrack contains six songs composed by Vidyasagar with lyrics by Gireesh Puthenchery, it was released on 19 July 2003 by Satyam Audios. Mister Butler on IMDb