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Fredrikstad is a city and municipality in Viken county, Norway. The administrative centre of the municipality is the city of Fredrikstad; the city of Fredrikstad was founded in 1567 by King Frederick II, established as a municipality on 1 January 1838. The rural municipality of Glemmen was merged with Fredrikstad on 1 January 1964; the rural municipalities of Borge, Onsøy, Kråkerøy, Rolvsøy were merged with Fredrikstad on 1 January 1994. The city straddles the river Glomma where it meets the Skagerrak, about 20 kilometres from the Sweden border. Along with neighboring Sarpsborg, Fredrikstad forms the fifth largest city in Norway: Fredrikstad/Sarpsborg; as of 1 January 2018, according to Statistics Norway, these two municipalities have a total population of 136,117 with 80,977 in Fredrikstad and 55,140 in Sarpsborg. Fredrikstad was built at the mouth of Glomma as a replacement after Sarpsborg was burnt down by the Swedish Army in the 1500s; some of the citizens stayed behind and rebuilt their old town at its original site and got their city status back in 1839.

The city centre is on the west bank of the Glomma, while the old town on the east bank is Northern Europe's best preserved fortified town. Fredrikstad used to have a large sawmill industry and was an important harbour for timber export later on shipbuilding, until the main yard was closed in 1988; the main industries are various chemical plants and other light industry. In 2005, Fredrikstad was the final host port for the Tall Ships' Race, attracting thousands to the city. In 2019, it was the first host port. In 2017, Fredrikstad won the national award for most attractive city; the award is given yearly by the Norwegian government on the basis of social and environmental factors. The city was named after the Danish king Frederick II in 1569; the last element stad means "city". Prior to 1877, the name was spelled Frederiksstad from 1877–1888 it was written as Fredriksstad, since 1889 it has been spelled in its current form: Fredrikstad; the coat-of-arms is from modern times. They were granted on 21 April 1967.

The old arms are based on the oldest known seal of the city, which dates from 1610. They showed a fortress being guarded by a bear. Strangely, Fredrikstad had no fortifications in 1610. Fredrikstad was founded by citizens of Sarpsborg and both the fortress and the bear are taken from the old arms of Sarpsborg; the composition of the seal was used as arms since the beginning of the 19th century. The new arms were granted at the 400th anniversary of the city in 1967 and show a more modern variation on the fortress and bear. After Sarpsborg was burned to the ground during the Northern Seven Years' War, the ruling king, Frederik II of Denmark, decided by royal decree to rebuild the city 15 kilometres south of the original location; this new site's proximity to the sea and the accessible open land surrounding it made it a better location than the old one. The name Fredrikstad was first used in a letter from the King dated 6 February 1569; the temporary fortification built during the Hannibal War between Sweden and Denmark-Norway, became permanent in the 1660s.

The work on the fortifications was first led by Willem Coucheron and Johan Caspar von Cicignon. During the next 60 years, several fortifications at the Fredrikstad Fortress were built, including Isegran and Cicignon. In 1735, a suburb on the western side of Glomma, was founded; this part grew faster than the old city, became the dominant city centre. Most of the buildings in the old city burned down during a fire in 1764. In the 1840s, timber exporting from Fredrikstad started to gain momentum. In the 1860s, several steam powered saws were built along the river, in 1879 the railway reached Fredrikstad, leading to further growth. With the decline of the timber exports as a result of the modernization of wood-processing industries in the early 1900s, Fredrikstad's production changed to other types of products, it became one of Norway's most important industrial centres, famous for its large shipyard, Fredrikstad Mekaniske Verksted. Fredrikstad has three high schools. Frederik II secondary school offering general studies and financial / administrative studies.

Frederik II high school is a merger of former Frydenberg gymnastic and Christianslund Handelsgymnasium. Glemmen high school offers professional study. Wang Toppidrett Fredrikstad offers sports, languages, social sciences and economics. In addition, one finds Steiner, a private educational alternative to primary school higher step. Østfold University College offers higher education at the Academy of Performing Arts, Faculty of Health and Social Care and the Faculty of Engineering at Kråkerøy. Here we find Østfold College, which offers short professional courses built on a craft / journeyman, authorization or at least five years' experience in technical sciences and health / social science; the Department of Journalism has its seat in Fredrikstad. The department offers continuing education of journalists and editors. Fredrikstad Museum is located in Old Fredrikstad; the museum shows the history of the surrounding region. The museum manages Elingaard Manor in Onsøy and Torgauten Fort. Fredrikstad Museum was founded in 1903.

Since 2003, the museum's management has been located in Tøihuset in Old Town. Fredrikstad is home to nine time Norway football winners Fredrikstad FK who play at the Fredrikstad Stadion, it is the city where the famous and successful manager for the norwegian nathional football team Egil Olsen were b

Robert Planquette

Jean Robert Planquette was a French composer of songs and operettas. Several of Planquette's operettas were extraordinarily successful in Britain Les cloches de Corneville, the length of whose initial London run broke all records for any piece of musical theatre up to that time. Rip Van Winkle earned international fame; the son of a singer, Planquette was educated at the Paris Conservatoire. He did not finish his studies, lacking the funds to do so, worked as a café pianist and composer and singing. A few romances that he composed brought less fame than did his song, "Sambre et Meuse", first sung in 1867 by Lucien Fugère, who went on to be one of the foremost French opera singers of his day. In 1876, the director of the Théâtre des Folies-Dramatiques gave Planquette a commission to compose his first operetta, Les cloches de Corneville, it opened in Paris in 1877, running for an successful 480 performances, enjoyed an astonishing London run, beginning in 1878, of a record-breaking 708 performances.

Planquette's music has been praised for romantic feeling. Le Chevalier Gaston was produced in 1879 with little success. In 1880 came Les Voltigeurs du 32ieme which had a long run in London in 1887 as The Old Guard, La Cantiniére, translated into English as Nectarine, though never produced. In 1882 Rip Van Winkle was produced in London and subsequently given in Paris as Rip, in both cases with great success; the libretto is an adaptation by H. B. Farnie of Washington Irving's famous tale. In 1884 the phenomenon of an opera by a French composer being produced in London before being heard in Paris was repeated in Nell Gwynne, modestly successful, but failed when produced in Paris as La Princesse Colombine, it was followed by La Crémaillere, Captain Thérése, La Cocarde tricolore, Le Talisman and Mam'zelle Quat'sous. Another Planquette composition, the march Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse, has achieved fame in an arrangement for brass band; the original orchestral version has been recorded by the Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by Arthur Fiedler and appears on the RCA Living Stereo CD Marches in Hi-Fi.

"The Song of the Cabin Boy," a barcarolle from Planquette's Les cloches de Corneville was played on the violin by W. K. L. Dickson in the first experiment in history in synchronizing sound and motion pictures, it is viewable online as The Dickson Experimental Sound Film. All operettas and all premieres in Paris, unless otherwise noted. Méfie-toi de Pharaon, one act, 1872, Eldorado Le serment de Mme Grégoire, 1874, Eldorado Paille d'avoine, one act, 12 March 1874, Théâtre des Délassements-Comiques Le valet de coeur, saynète, one act, 1875, Alcazar d'Eté Le péage, c 1876, Eldorado Les cloches de Corneville, opéra comique, four acts, 19 April 1877, Théâtre des Folies-Dramatiques Le chevalier Gaston, one act, 8 February 1879, Opéra, Monte Carlo Les voltigeurs de la 32ème, three acts, 7 January 1880, Renaissance La cantinière, three acts, 26 October 1880, Théâtre de Nouveautés Rip van Winkle, three acts, 14 October 1882, Comedy Theatre, London Les chevaux-légers, one act, 1882 Nell Gwynne, three acts, 7 February 1884, Avenue Theatre, London La crémaillere, three acts, 28 November 1885, Nouveautés Surcouf, three acts, 6 October 1887, Folies-Dramatiques Captain Thérése, 1887, three acts, 25 August 1890, Prince of Wales Theatre, London La cocarde tricolore, three acts, 12 February 1892, Folies-Dramatiques Le talisman, three acts, 20 January 1893, Théâtre de la Gaîté Les vingt-huit jours de Champignolette, 17 September 1895, République Panurge, 1895, three acts, 22 November 1895, Gaîté Mam'zelle Quat'sous, four acts, 19 April 1897 Gaîté Le fiancé de Margot, one act, 1900 Le paradis de Mahomet, three acts, completed by Louis Ganne, 15 May 1906, Variétés This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed..

"Planquette, Robert". Encyclopædia Britannica. 21. Cambridge University Press. Sadie, S; the New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians. Obituary: Robert Planquette in The Musical Times, Vol. 44, No. 721, p. 177 Robert Planquette on Information about Planquette and Les Cloches de Corneville Dickson Experimental Sound Film brief discussion of film's recovery and restoration, with downloadable version of the film.

Corey Lof

Corey Lof is an English-speaking Canadian actor. He is known in the world of web series, to be Kenny, in the award-winning LGBT webseries, Out With Dad. 2013 - Blood Riders: The Devil Rides with Us: Janek 2009 - The Congress of Vienna: Stewart Castlereagh 2010 - Bunked!: Adam Isaacs 2010 - 2009: A Delayed Night: Steve 2011 - Kaizen: Donald 2011 - Neighbourhood Heroes: FBI John 2011 - Withinsanity: Mason Reid 2011 - The Ties: Nick 2011 - Monday: John 2012 - Shadow Weaver: Andrew 2013 - For Now: Riley 2014 - After the Break: Adam 2014 - Bitten: High Teen #2 2010/... - Out With Dad: Kenny Lof has received the following nominations and awards: LA Web Series Festival 2012 award: Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Drama for Out with Dad ": Academy of WebTelevision Awards nomination: Best Ensemble Performance for Out with Dad 4th Indie Soap Awards nomination: Best Supporting Actor, Drama for Out with Dad Academy of WebTelevision Awards 2015 award: Best Ensemble Performance for Out with Dad Corey Lof on IMDb Out with Dad Cast

Adam Smethurst

Adam Smethurst is an English actor and writer. He has appeared in TV dramas including Casualty and Lewis, is the son of Love Thy Neighbour star Jack Smethurst, is married to fellow actress Rakie Ayola, with whom he has two daughters. Smethurst is the son of Love Thy Neighbour star Jack Smethurst. During a 1998 production of Hamlet at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Smethurst met his future wife, Rakie Ayola. Ayola has stated that there was "no spark" between them, however they met again two years during a production of Twelfth Night, went on to become a couple. Asked to describe what attracted her to Smethurst, Ayola responded: "He's a nice, uncomplicated man, but I saw something deeper in him. I liked his incredible cheerfulness and openness and he has grown up with sisters so that made him easy with women." Smethurst proposed to Ayola by giving her a locket, containing a scroll which read "Will you marry me?". They married in May 2004, Ayola gave birth to their daughter Tansy in July that year.

Ayola has explained that they planned the wedding before discovering her pregnancy, although they had been trying to conceive for around eighteen months, she failed to recognise the initial symptoms and instead believed herself to be diabetic. In the early years of their marriage and Ayola struggled financially, she has spoken of her worry that she may have to cease acting, shortly before being offered the role of Kyla Tyson in the BBC medical drama Holby City. In October 2008, Ayola announced. Smethurst has undertaken the following roles from his televisual debut to the present day. Adam Smethurst on IMDb

Luis R. Visot

Luis Raul Visot Sauza is an American educational administrator and former Army commander, a major general and Chief of Staff of the United States Army Reserve. Visot was born in the son of Luis Raul Visot and Lolita Sauza, he attended Marquette University, graduating with a bachelor's degree in Spanish, earned a master's degree in higher education from the University of Georgia in 1980. Visot was commissioned as 2LT in 1978, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a master's degree in Education from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. Visot received a master's degree in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College, he is pursuing his doctoral degree in Human and Organizational Learning from The George Washington University, where he intends to more examine mentorship for Hispanic females within the United States Army Reserve in Puerto Rico. He has held general officer command positions with the United States Army Forces Command, the 377th Theater Sustainment Command, the 4th Sustainment Command and the 1st Sustainment Command.

Other commands Visot has held include that of the 6th Transportation Battalion. In addition, he has been deployed to serve in the Gulf War, the Iraq War and Operation Unified Response, as well as with the Implementation Force. Visot has held various commands and staff positions within the US military. On May 16, 2009, Visot assumed command of the 377th Theater Sustainment Command, New Orleans, Commanding General, 4th Sustainment Command, San Antonio, TX, Deputy Commander, 1st Theater Sustainment Command, Fort Bragg, NC and deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, he has served as Commander, 3rd Transportation Command Element in Anniston, AL. As Commander, 32nd Transportation Group, he deployed his unit in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom to Kuwait and Iraq in 2003-2004. Previous assignments include Commander, 6th Transportation Battalion at Fort Eustis, VA under the 7th Transportation Group, as part of the Battalion Command Exchange/Integration Program; as Commander, 146th Transportation Detachment, Visot deployed his unit in support of Operation Joint Endeavor to Taszar and Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

During Desert Shield/Desert Storm, he served as the 32nd Transportation Group Liaison Officer to 22nd Support Command in the Logistical Operations Center and as a Logistical Planning and Analysis Cell Analyst, 22nd Support Command, in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Parachutist badge Army Staff Identification Badge Media related to Luis R. Visot at Wikimedia Commons

D. R. Karthikeyan

Devarayapuram Ramasamy Kaarthikeyan is an Indian Police Service officer from Tamil Nadu, a former Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation and Director General, National Human Rights Commission. D. R. Kaarthikeyan was born to an agricultural family in a small village called Devarayapuram in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India, he obtained a B. Sc. degree in Chemistry and Agriculture from the Annamalai University. He worked in the field of agriculture in the ancestral farm of his native village for a year, he obtained a Bachelor of Law degree from the Madras Law College and was enrolled as an Advocate in the Bar Council of Madras. After passing the Combined Competitive Examinations for Senior Civil Services, he joined the Indian Police Service in 1964. Kaarthikeyan went through extensive training in that field which included being trained at the National Police Academy in Mount Abu. Kaarthikeyan has held various offices: Deputy Commissioner of Police and Order, Bangalore Deputy Inspector General of Police, Karnataka State Intelligence Department Head of Karnataka State Police Academy Inspector General of Police, Central Reserve Police Force, Southern Sector, Hyderabad First Secretary in the Embassy of India, Russia Embassy of India, Australia, promoting Indian exports to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji Special Director General, Central Reserve Police Force Director, Central Bureau of Investigation Director General, National Human Rights Commission President President, Foundation for Peace and Good Governance Kaarthikeyan was awarded the Padma Shri in 2010 for his contribution to the field of Indian Civil Service.

Kaarthikeyan headed the Special Investigation Team. At the invitation of INTERPOL, he made an audiovisual presentation of the investigation before an assembly of top police officers, who commended Kaarthikeyan for the model investigation