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Free Georgia
Leader Kakha Kukava
Founded 2010
Ideology Left-wing nationalism
Political position Centre-left

Free Georgia is a centre-left political party in Georgia. The party was founded in the fall of 2010 after the local self-government elections. The party's leader is the Chairman of the City Council’s Human Rights and Public Relations Commission.


Political party Free Georgia was founded in 2010 by party’s current leader Kakha Kukava together with his fellows. It considers itself as an ideological heir of the electoral bloc Round Table - Free Georgia. The second congress of the party was held on 6 November 2012 in the city of Kutaisi.


Free Georgia participated in the 2012 parliamentary elections, in which the party took 0.27% of votes. In a few months, in the mid-term elections Free Georgia took the second place (17.26%) in the Nadzaladevi district; thus, the party lost to the Georgian Dream candidate (39.48%) and outpaced the United National Movement (former ruling party) candidate (15.11%). In the 2013 presidential elections Free Georgia did not have its presidential candidate.

Currently the party is represented by one member in Tbilisi, Tsalka , Lanchkhuti, Sagarejo and Chiatura Councils.


The main trends of home policy in the party’s program are conduct of free and fair elections, restoration of justice, reforms of judiciary and self-government. The main areas of social policy are public service reform, state funding of health and education sectors, pension reform and implementation of demographic program. The party's economic program includes support of national production and peasants, as well as fight against monopolies. The party's foreign policy priorities are protection of Georgia’s identity, European integration and resolution of conflicts.


The party’s supreme body is a congress. Between the congresses the party is ruled by a seven-member political board, the members of which are: Kakha Kukava (Chairman), Alexandre Shalamberidze, Zaza Abashidze, Magda Gabrichidze, Tengiz Omanidze, Vladimer Bulbulashvili. The party has a youth organization.

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