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Ralida Island

Ralida Island is the 320 m long in west–east direction and 80 m wide rocky island lying in Belimel Bay on the southwest coast of Trinity Island in the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica. It is “named after the ocean fishing trawler Ralida of the Bulgarian company Ocean FisheriesBurgas whose ships operated in the waters of South Georgia, the South Orkney Islands, South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula from 1970 to the early 1990s; the Bulgarian fishermen, along with those of the Soviet Union and East Germany are the pioneers of modern Antarctic fishing industry.” Ralida Island is located at 63°53′36″S 60°54′03″W, 1.12 km north of Asencio Point, 180 m southeast of Glarus Island, 4.16 km south-southeast of Bulnes Point and 2.86 km south of Tizoin Point. British mapping in 1978. British Antarctic Territory. Scale 1:200000 topographic map. DOS 610 – W 63 60. Tolworth, UK, 1978. Antarctic Digital Database. Scale 1:250000 topographic map of Antarctica. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. Since 1993 upgraded and updated.

Ralida Island. SCAR Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica. Bulgarian Antarctic Gazetteer. Antarctic Place-names Commission. Ralida Island. Copernix satellite imageThis article includes information from the Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria, used with permission

Quintus Pompeius Rufus (consul 88 BC)

Quintus Pompeius Rufus was a consul of the Roman Republic in 88 BC. His colleague in office was the future dictator Sulla; the son of the Quintus Pompeius, Plebeian Tribune in 132 BC, Rufus was elected Tribune of the Plebs in 99 BC. He, alongside Marcus Porcius Cato Salonianus, put forward a bill to recall Quintus Caecilius Metellus Numidicus from exile, but it was vetoed by Publius Furius. In 91 BC, Pompeius was elected Praetor urbanus, followed by his election as consul in 88 BC, alongside Lucius Cornelius Sulla; the outbreak of the First Mithridatic War during their consulship saw the command of the war given to Sulla. This was opposed by the former consul and general Gaius Marius, who had a tribune of the Plebs, Publius Sulpicius Rufus, firstly bring forward a law which would enrol the Italian allies who had just received Roman citizenship across all of the Roman tribes, thereby giving Marius a large enough body of voters to pass a law to strip Sulla of his command; this was opposed by Pompeius and Sulla who declared a Justitium, during which no laws could be passed.

During the riots which followed, Sulla fled, Pompeius’s son was killed, the consuls were forced to withdraw the Justitium. The people passed the law which stripped Sulla of his command. Pompeius continued his attempts to support Sulla in Rome. Pompeius accompanied Sulla on his march on Rome, gave him his complete support in his actions against Sulpicius and the occupation of Rome. Together, the consuls passed a series of laws, including the exile of Marius and his supporters, a limiting of some of the powers of the tribunes, the expansion of the senate by adding some 300 additional senators, the provision that all laws were to be reviewed by the Senate before being submitted to an assembly of the people. Most important of all was the provision that laws could now only be carried in the Centuriate Assembly. Sulla was soon put back in charge of the war against Mithridates, leaving Pompeius in charge of Italy; the Senate gave Pompeius the proconsular command of the ongoing Social War, with specific instructions to take over the armies of Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo, still in charge of the theatre of war against the Marsi tribe.

Unwilling to give over his command, he incited a mutiny. Pompeius had at least one child, his son Quintus Pompeius Rufus, who married Sulla’s first daughter Cornelia Sulla. Pompeius was the brother of the tribune Aulus Pompeius, he appears to be the first in his family to bear the cognomen Rufus. However, the origins of him gaining this cognomen are unknown - although it may be that he was red-haired. Cicero states. Pompeius possibly held the position of Decemviri Sacris Faciundis until his death. Pompeius is a character in the Colleen McCullough novel The Grass Crown. In it, Pompeius is murdered after Sulla writes to Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo, asking Strabo to have Pompeius killed, as Pompeius was unhappy with Sulla's actions in his march on Rome. T. Robert S. Broughton, The Magistrates of the Roman Republic, Vol II. Smith, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol II. Smith, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Vol III

United Nations Security Council Resolution 379

United Nations Security Council Resolution 379, adopted on November 2, 1975, considered a report by the Secretary General relating to the situation concerning Western Sahara. The council reaffirmed resolution 377, General Assembly resolution 1514 and noted the grave situation with concern; the resolution urges all parties concerned and interested to avoid an action which might further escalate the tension in the area and requests the Secretary-General to continue and intensify his consultations with the interested parties and to report back as soon as possible. No details of the vote were given, other than that it was "adopted by consensus". Green March List of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 301 to 400 United Nations visiting mission to Spanish Sahara Western Sahara War Text of the Resolution at Works related to United Nations Security Council Resolution 379 at Wikisource

Edgar R. Bassett

Edgar R. Bassett was a United States Navy officer who received the Navy Cross posthumously for his actions in combat during World War II. Edgar Rees Bassett was born in Philadelphia, on 10 March 1914, he enlisted in the United States Naval Reserve at New York City as a seaman second class on 13 February 1940. After flight training, he was commissioned as an ensign on 20 May 1941, he joined Fighting Squadron 42 aboard the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown on 9 June 1941 as the squadron was preparing for its first Neutrality Patrol cruise in the Atlantic Ocean aboard Yorktown. Bassett was considered one of the more colorful characters among the fighter pilots of Fighting Squadron 42, remained associated with Yorktown for the rest of his life. Bassett was noted more than once for his aggressive performance of duty in the first few months of World War II for his strafing of Japanese gun emplacements and barges during the aircraft carrier raid on Lae and Salamaua, New Guinea, on 10 March 1942. During the Battle of the Coral Sea, which took place between 4 and 8 May 1942, Bassett shot down a Mitsubishi F1M2 "Pete" floatplane over Tulagi in the Solomon Islands during the Yorktown air group attack on Japanese shipping there on 4 May and strafed the Japanese destroyer Yuzuki as she fled Tulagi harbor.

On the morning of 7 May, he flew one of the fighters that protected Torpedo Squadron 5 in its attack on the Japanese aircraft carrier Shōhō. That same evening, he helped to disperse a group of Japanese dive bombers and torpedo planes in the vicinity of the Yorktown task force. On the morning of 8 May, he flew combat air patrol over Task Force 17 and assisted in the downing of one Japanese plane during Japanese attack on Yorktown. Assigned to Fighting Squadron 3 aboard Yorktown along with several other Fighting Squadron 42 pilots just before the Battle of Midway, Bassett flew one of the six Grumman F4F Wildcat fighters covering Torpedo Squadron 3 in the attack on the aircraft carriers of the Japanese Mobile Force on the morning of 4 June 1942; when the Japanese combat air patrol swarmed over the torpedo planes and their escorting fighters, Ensign Bassett was shot down in flames at the outset and killed. Ensign Bassett was awarded the Navy Cross for "extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty" during the Battle of the Coral Sea.

He was awarded the Air Medal more than once for his aggressive performance of duty in the first few months of 1942 for his actions during the March 1942 raid on Lae and Salamaua. The U. S. Navy destroyer escort USS Bassett was named for Ensign Bassett, she was converted during construction into the high-speed transport USS Bassett and was in commission as such from 1945 to 1946 and from 1950 to 1957. This article incorporates text from the public domain Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships; the entry can be found here

Giovanni Pernice

Giovanni Pernice is an Italian dancer and choreographer, best known for the Italian Open Latin Dance Champion and the Guinness World Record holder for Jive kicks and flicks, as well as Charleston swivels. Pernice was born in Sicily. At the age of 14 he moved to Bologna to concentrate on dance, he chose to become a dancer after watching the British ballroom dance television show Come Dancing. Specialising in Latin style, Pernice has won a number of competitions including the Italian 2012 Championships. In 2015 Pernice appeared as a professional dancer on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing for its thirteenth series, he was partnered with Georgia May Foote. They reached the finals of the competition, but finished as joint runners-up alongside Kellie Bright and her professional partner, Kevin Clifton, they participated as partners for the 2016 Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour. In 2016 Pernice returned to Strictly Come Dancing for its fourteenth series, he was partnered with television presenter Laura Whitmore.

They were eliminated Week 7 in a dance-off with Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton, the Series 14 champions, finished in 9th place. In 2017 Pernice returned to Strictly Come Dancing for its fifteenth series as a professional dancer, his celebrity partner was Debbie McGee and radio presenter and former ballet dancer. They reached the finals of the competition, but finished as joint runners-up alongside Alexandra Burke, her professional partner Gorka Márquez, Gemma Atkinson, her professional partner Aljaz Skorjanec. In 2018 Pernice competed in the sixteenth series of Strictly Come Dancing, with singer-songwriter and stage actress Faye Tozer. For the third time in four years Pernice reached the final, but finished with Tozer as joint runners up alongside Joe Sugg, his professional partner Dianne Buswell, Ashley Roberts, her professional partner Pasha Kovalev. Pernice has appeared on a number of episodes of BBC 2 Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two with Zoë Ball. Pernice is the current Guinness World Record holder for Jive kicks and flicks, performing 55 in 30 seconds in a challenge held in December 2016.

The next year, in December 2017, he broke the world record for the most Charleston swivel steps in 30 seconds, completing 24. Both records were achieved on It Takes Two with supervision by Guinness World Records. Pernice has taken part in the national Strictly Come Dancing - The Live Tour in 2016. and again in 2017 as part of the professional dance troupe for group numbers and professional dances. In 2018, Pernice announced his 2019 dance tour'Dance is Life' with his professional partner Luba Mushtuk. In 2016, Pernice announced his first dance tour'Dance is Life', translated from the Italian expression'Il Ballo è Vita'; the tour comprised 32 dates in England and Wales between April to July 2017 to positive reviews. The opening night was 26 April 2017 at The Albany Coventry; the last performance took place on 23 July 2017 at the Marina Lowestoft. Pernice is a member of the Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva, part of the World DanceSport Federation and competed at Youth and Adult levels between 2007 and 2014.

Notable results include winning the Italian Open Latin Championships in 2012 with his dance partner Erika Attisano and 2nd place in the International Open Latin in Slovenia 2014. Pernice has won further Open competitions including Pieve di Italy, his competition dance partners include Alexandra Koldan. The couple were runners up. Due to an ankle injury Laura was unable to dance in week 5 they were given a bye, able to automatically progress to the next week; the couple were eliminated in week 7. The couple were runners up; the couple were runners up. Green number indicates Giovanni were at the top of the leaderboard; the couple were eliminated at Blackpool. Green number indicates Michelle & Giovanni were at the top of the leaderboard Red number indicates Michelle & Giovanni were at the bottom of the leaderboard