Fremont Indian State Park and Museum

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Fremont Indian State Park and Museum
Utah State Park
Fremont Indian State Park behind the Visitors' Center.jpg
Rock art at Fremont Indian State Park
Country  United States
State  Utah
County Sevier
Coordinates 38°34′39″N 112°20′06″W / 38.57750°N 112.33500°W / 38.57750; -112.33500Coordinates: 38°34′39″N 112°20′06″W / 38.57750°N 112.33500°W / 38.57750; -112.33500
Highest point
 - location Big Bench Trail
 - elevation 6,102 ft (1,860 m)
Lowest point
 - location Clear Creek
 - elevation 5,709 ft (1,740 m)
Area 889 acres (360 ha) [1]
Founded 1987
Management Utah State Parks
Visitation 101,993 (2011) [2]
IUCN category V - Protected Landscape/Seascape
Location of Fremont Indian State Park and Museum in Utah

Fremont Indian State Park and Museum is a state park of Utah, US, which interprets archaeological remains of the Fremont culture. The park is located in Sevier County, Utah in the Clear Creek Canyon.

The park directly adjoins Interstate 70 as it travels up the Clear Creek Canyon, and thus is highly accessible by auto. The nearest town with full services (motels, etc.) is Richfield. There are campgrounds and RV parks in the area as well.

The site was discovered during construction of Interstate 70, and thousands of artifacts have been excavated from the ancient village and put on permanent display at the museum there.[3] The museum offers hiking trails and picnic areas.

The Fremont Indians were agriculturalists who lived from about 400 to 1300 in north and central Utah and adjacent parts of Colorado, Idaho and Nevada. The Fremont are thought to have come from hunter-gatherers who previously lived in this location and were influenced by the Ancient Pueblo Peoples who introduced corn and pottery, making year-round settlements possible.


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