Denis Shvedov

Denis Edouardovich Shvedov is a Russian actor, best known for his role in The Major. Denis Shvedov was born in Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. After school he entered a tourism institute. However, he studied there without enthusiasm, his friend described his studies at a higher theatre school which inspired Denis to try this himself. In 2006 Denis Shvedov graduated from the Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School, the course of N. Afonin, he was accepted into the troupe of the Russian Academic Youth Theater. He started to act in film in the year 2006, he began to get episodic and background roles. The first major role he played was in the film A Good Friend for All - a New Year's romantic comedy. Further, there was a successful role in the film To Live, he played the role of Andrey, trying to escape from his pursuers. The psychological drama won the Grand Prix of the festival of Russian cinema in Sweden "Cinema Rurik", Denis Shvedov and Vladislav Toldykov received prizes for the best male role.

Wide popularity came to him in 2013 after the role of police major in the film The Major by Yuri Bykov. For this picture, he received an award for the main male role of the XI International Festival "Pacific Meridian". More success followed Denis Shvedov; the plot of the television show is built around the tragedy of Igor - the son of a high-ranking man, a typical burner of life portrayed by Pavel Priluchny - a boy born with the silver spoon. His character is Danila Korolev. In 2016, the second season of Silver Spoon aired on television. In 2016, Denis Shvedov and his unofficial wife Aleksandra Rozovskaya had a daughter. Denis Shvedov on IMDb

The Cheeky Girls

The Cheeky Girls are a Romanian singing duo consisting of identical twin sisters Gabriela and Monica Irimia. After appearing as auditionees on Popstars: The Rivals, they achieved success in the UK charts with four top 10 hits between 2002 and 2004, they are best known for their debut single, "Cheeky Song", which has sold more than 1.2 million units internationally. The Cheeky Girls released their debut studio album, PartyTime, in 2003 which reached number 14 in the UK Albums Chart. Gabriela and Monica were born on 31 October 1982 to Margit Irimia. Gabriela is older by 10 minutes, their early life in Romania consisted of studying gymnastics and ballet and touring with the Hungarian National Opera. Moving to the United Kingdom with their mother in 2002, the girls shot to fame as the Cheeky Girls after auditioning on two British TV shows, Channel 4's Model Behaviour and more Popstars: The Rivals. Following two appearances on the show with their audition, which had judges Pete Waterman and Louis Walsh not knowing what to say – Waterman was quoted as saying they were the worst act – various record companies approached the Granada Press Office.

The Press Office contacted Paul Holland at Granada Ventures, able to secure them a deal with the Multiply label, part of Telstar Records. "Cheeky Song" was swiftly released in the first week in December. Entering the chart at number two, the single remained in the top five for five consecutive weeks, four of them at number two; this was followed up with two more top three hits, "Take Your Shoes Off" and " It's a Cheeky Holiday!". Their style of music is disco-pop, aimed at the pre-teen market. Most of their songs are written by their mother, who acts as their manager. On 4 August 2006, the Evening Standard reported that the Cheeky Girls were "at rock bottom" and facing bankruptcy action in court owing to not having been paid by their now-defunct record company, Telstar Records; the article said that the women owed £4,500 in unpaid taxes, along with other bills, that Telstar owed them £2.2 million. It was reported that they owed £130,000 in total. In September 2009, the act released their Cheeky Girls make-up range, aimed at the young teen market.

In January 2010, Gabriela and Monica auditioned for Britain's Got Talent under the name Cheeky Girls and Darius. The trio performed a Bollywood dance at the Hammersmith London; the judges reacted favourably and they were voted through to continue in the competition. On 7 March 2013, the women appeared on the This Week BBC TV programme discussing the subject of Romanian immigration to the UK with host Andrew Neil; this followed a short video report by Monica talking about British fears of an invasion of benefit-seekers from their homeland. They appeared on the show on 10 July 2008. In December 2006, it was revealed by the tabloids that former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Öpik had broken up with long-time fiancée, ITV weather presenter Siân Lloyd, was now romancing Gabriela. Öpik "passed documentation on to the singers' constituency MP and spoke to a Home Office minister," when the Irimias were facing deportation to Romania. The couple announced their engagement in April 2008 after Öpik proposed in Rome, but the engagement was short lived and a breakup was announced three months later.

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