2017 Manchester City W.F.C. season

The 2017 season is Manchester City Women's Football Club's 29th season of competitive football and its fourth season in the FA Women's Super League and at the top level of English women's football, having been promoted from the FA Women's Premier League before the 2014 season. Following a reorganisation of top-level women's football in England, the 2017 season will only cover half of a traditional season's length, with the league season only running to nine games total, while the FA WSL shifts its calendar to match the traditional autumn-to-spring axis of football in Europe. For the same reason, there is no Champions League qualification nor relegation to be competed for. Campaign continued from the previous season As of the end of the seasonAppearances numbers are for appearances in competitive games only including sub appearancesRed card numbers denote: Numbers in parentheses represent red cards overturned for wrongful dismissal. Includes all competitive matches; the list is sorted alphabetically by surname.

Correct as of 25 May 2017


Eushully is a Japanese eroge studio based in Sapporo, Hokkaidō. Games produced by the studio reach high positions on Japanese sales charts gaining the top rank among eroge, but as of 2019, none have been released outside Japan. Eushully was organised in 1998 as a development team within Arkham Products. In March 2005, the members of the team made the decision to incorporate as the limited company Eukleia under the direction of Yukihiro Fujiwara; the company produces JRPG themed games with their most famous franchise being Ikusa Megami. War Goddess Maid in Bunny Phantom Shogun Princess War Goddess 2: Requiem to Forgotten Memories Phantom Shogun Princess 2: Genealogy of the Guiding Souls War Emperor: Sinking into Twilight Slave Princess of Darkness: Slow Ruin in the Blue Coral Forest Song to the Rapids on Mount Fukaki War Goddess ZERO Himegari Dungeon Meister War Goddess VERITA Kamidori Alchemy Meister Soukoku no Arterial Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ La DEA of Libra.

War Goddess MEMORIA Rhapsody of God Sankai Ou no Yubiwa The studio's first game, War Goddess, met with neutral or somewhat negative reviews, due to technical issues, repetitive music, the story, regarded as mediocre at best. Some sources cited the original nature of the battle system and well-produced CG images as positive aspects. War Goddess 2 received positive reviews for its characters and gameplay system, but was criticized as, like its predecessor, having a weak main plot and requiring excessive time to be spent on levelling in order to advance. Maid in Bunny was praised for its Zelda-like gameplay.