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Gavin Esler
Gavin William James Esler

(1953-02-27) 27 February 1953 (age 65)
Glasgow, Scotland
  • Journalist
  • television presenter
EmployerBBC (1977–2017)
Notable credit(s)
Salary£150,000 - £199,999[1]
Spouse(s)Patricia Esler (1979–2010)
Anna Phoebe (2008-present)

Gavin William James Esler (born 27 February 1953) is a Scottish journalist, television presenter and author. Esler was previously a main presenter on BBC Two's flagship political analysis programme, Newsnight, from January 2002 until January 2014, and presenter of BBC News at Five on the BBC News Channel. He is the Chancellor of the University of Kent.

On 11 March 2017, Esler confirmed via his Twitter profile that he would be leaving the BBC at the end of the month to concentrate on his writing activities.[2] He returned to the BBC later that year as host of Talking Books.[3]

Early life[edit]

Esler was born in Glasgow on 27 February 1953,[4][5] the first son born to a manager of a building company.[6][7] During the first weeks of life he suffered from a condition that made him unable to digest milk and his parents feared for his life.[8] He had an operation at just three weeks old.[5] His family lived in Clydebank[5] before they moved to Edinburgh. He began his education at Duddingston Primary School in Edinburgh, before gaining a scholarship to George Heriot's School at the age of 7 years.[7] His Scottish childhood had a profound and long-lasting effect on him.[9] His parents moved to Northern Ireland but he remained in Edinburgh.[7] Esler was the first in his family to go to university.[7] He studied at the University of Kent, graduating with a BA in English and American literature in 1974.[10] Alongside his studies he also wrote for Incant, the university newspaper.[7] He then gained an MA in Anglo-Irish literature with distinction from the University of Leeds.[11]

Journalism career[edit]

Esler began working as a journalist in 1976, aged 23, with a junior reporter position at the Belfast Telegraph.[6]

He joined the BBC in 1977 as Northern Ireland reporter, working under Bernard Cornwell, and extended his role after joining Newsnight in 1982. Esler was appointed Washington correspondent in 1989 and then, a year later, became the BBC's chief North America correspondent.[12] Based in Washington,[13] Esler's responsibilities now extended to shaping the corporation's coverage across the whole of North America, which included reporting on both the earlier George H. W. Bush and Clinton administrations. Esler has also reported for news and documentary programmes across Europe, Russia, China and North and South America.[12]

Esler combined reporting with presenting from the mid-1980s on BBC One's regional news programme for London and the South East of EnglandNewsroom South East. He worked as an anchor on the BBC News channel (then known as "BBC News 24") from its outset in 1997.[12] He co-presented its prime-time slot with Sian Williams for several years.[citation needed]

In January 2003 he joined Newsnight,[14] replacing Jeremy Vine, who had left to take over from Sir Jimmy Young on Radio 2.[15] During his career Esler has interviewed heads of state and government including Bill Clinton, Jacques Chirac and King Abdullah II of Jordan. He has also interviewed a wide range of cultural figures including Dolly Parton, Doris Lessing, Penélope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, V. S. Naipaul, Roger Waters, Vikram Seth and Seamus Heaney.[13] Esler left Newsnight in January 2014, and was replaced by Laura Kuenssberg.[16]

In 2005 Esler interviewed George Galloway on Newsnight about the London bombings. The BBC was reported to have received hundreds of complaints about Esler's interview alleging his questioning was "rude and aggressive". Peter Barron, editor of Newsnight, defended Esler's questioning of Galloway's tactics:[17]

The thrust of Gavin's questioning was to ask if it was wise to express these (Galloway's) provocative views – effectively 'I told you so' – at a time when many politicians and Muslim leaders had been appealing for calm. I believe that was a fair and appropriate line of questioning.

In 2007 a BBC publication investigating impartiality in the organisation criticised an unnamed BBC news presenter for writing an article in the Daily Mirror newspaper entitled "Why the World Needs Hillary", stating they had been "unwise" for doing so. The article appeared to endorse Hillary Clinton to be the next US President and it soon emerged that the news presenter in question was Esler. The BBC report noted that "the apparent endorsement of one presidential candidate in elections in a country which, in his words, 'now seems seriously off course' could make it hard for that presenter to conduct American political interviews".[18][19][20]

Until 2017, Esler was the main presenter of Dateline London on BBC News and BBC World News most Sunday mornings at 11 am. Between 2008 and 2017 he also presented the BBC News at Five on the BBC News channel on Fridays and when Huw Edwards was away. Esler has also hosted Radio 4 factual series, Four Corners along with fellow Scottish broadcaster, Anne MacKenzie. He had a regular slot on Saturdays and Sundays, working across BBC World, BBC News and BBC1,[citation needed] and co-presented the regular Film Review with Mark Kermode.[21]

On 11 March 2017, Esler confirmed via his Twitter profile that he would be leaving the BBC to concentrate on his writing activities.[2] The Film Review was presented by other presenters although he continued to present Dateline London. He returned on 31 March 2017 to present his final BBC News at Five and Film Review.


Esler is the author of five novels and two non-fiction books. The novel A Scandalous Man was described by fellow author Bernard Cornwell as "a compelling book, its political sophistication made luminous with wisdom sympathy and story telling".[13] His fifth novel, Powerplay, was published by HarperCollins in August 2009. Esler's first non-fiction book, The United States of Anger published in October 1997 by Penguin, explores America's discontent with itself and was described by the New Statesman as "a vivid portrait of America in the 1990s". Esler's most recent book is Lessons from the Top published in August 2012 (Profile). In it Esler examines how leaders use stories to mould their audience's perception of who they are. For several years he wrote regular columns for The Scotsman, The Independent and other publications.[citation needed]

Awards and honours[edit]

Esler's report on the military build-up in the Aleutian Islands as part of the Reagan administration's New Maritime Strategy earned him a Royal Television Society award.[14]

In 2007 he won a Sony Gold Award for his radio documentary report Letters From Guantanamo on Sami al-Hajj, one of the detainees in Guantanamo Bay.[22] Following the broadcast al-Hajj was released from American custody.

Esler has received two honorary degrees from the University of Kent: an honorary MA was awarded in 1995, followed by an honorary Doctorate in Civil Law in 2005.[23]

Political views[edit]

In August 2018, Esler spoke at a People's Vote rally in Edinburgh. People's Vote is a campaign group calling for a public vote on the final Brexit deal between the UK and the European Union.[24]

Personal life[edit]

Esler is married to rock violinist Anna Phoebe, his second wife.[25] They have two children.[citation needed] He was first married in July 1979, to teacher Patricia Warner, and they had two children together. The couple's separation was reported in 2008 and a divorce granted in 2010.[26][27]

Esler was appointed as the sixth Chancellor of the University of Kent on 24 January 2014[28] and he was installed as Chancellor in July that year.[29]

Esler's hobbies include camping, hiking and skiing.[5] He is a fan of progressive rock,[30] citing King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Colosseum and Pink Floyd as favourite bands, and presented Prog magazine's Progressive Music Awards for three consecutive years between September 2012 and 2014.[31][32][33]


Esler has written the following books:

Non fiction[edit]

  • The United States of Anger. Penguin. 1998. ISBN 978-0140269277.
  • Lessons from the Top: The three universal stories that all successful leaders tell. Profile. 2013. ISBN 978-1846685002.



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