George Noble Plunkett

George Noble Plunkett was an Irish nationalist politician, museum director and biographer, who served as Minister for Fine Arts from 1921 to 1922, Minister for Foreign Affairs from 1919 to 1921 and Ceann Comhairle of Dáil Éireann in January 1919. He served as a Teachta Dála from 1918 to 1927, he was a Member of Parliament for Roscommon North from 1917 to 1922. He was the father of Joseph Plunkett, one of the leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916, as well as George Oliver Plunkett, Fiona Plunkett and John Plunkett who fought during the rising and subsequently during the Irish revolutionary period. Plunkett was part of the prominent Irish Norman Plunkett family, which included Saint Oliver Plunkett. George's relatives included the Earls of Fingall—his great-grandfather George Plunkett was "in the sixth degree removed in relationship" to the 8th Earl of Fingall—and the Barons of Dunsany, whose line had conformed to the Church of Ireland in the eighteenth century. One of that line, Sir Horace Curzon Plunkett, had served as Unionist MP for South Dublin but became a convinced Home Rule supporter by 1912 as an alternative to the partition of Ireland, served as a member of the first Irish Free State Senate.

Born in Dublin, Plunkett was the son of Patrick Joseph Plunkett, a builder, Elizabeth Noble. The family income allowed Plunkett to attend school in Nice in France at Clongowes Wood College and the University of Dublin. In Dublin he studied Renaissance and medieval art, among other topics graduating in 1884. Plunkett spent much time abroad in Italy. In 1884, he was created a Papal Count by Pope Leo XIII for donating money and property to the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, a Roman Catholic nursing order, he was a Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre. That year he married Josephine Cranny, they had seven children: Philomena, Moya, George Oliver and John. From 1907 to 1916, he was curator of the National Museum in Dublin. Plunkett's interest in politics came through his sons Joseph and John, though it was following the execution of Joseph that he became radicalised, it is that Joseph swore him into the Irish Republican Brotherhood some time before the Rising, his daughter Fiona, in an RTÉ interview in 1966, described how in the months before the Rising he went to Switzerland on behalf of the IRB leaders to try to make contacts with the Germans.

Joseph and Jack were all sentenced to death following the Easter Rising, but George and Jack had their sentences commuted to 10 years' penal servitude, both were released in 1917. At least two of his daughters and Fiona, were involved in preparations for the Rising, he was expelled from the Royal Dublin Society for his sons' role in the Rising. The new politics was indebted to its youth wing's vocal support: they gathered in numbers at Carrick railway station to cheer on Plunkett's campaign. Amongst the crowds were the women of Cumann na mBan, "a big percentage of youth...large numbers of young men... more curious still for those days, young women."On 3 February 1917, running as an independent candidate, Plunkett won the seat of Roscommon North in a by-election. At his victory party in Boyle he announced his decision to abstain from Westminster, he called a Convention in the Mansion House in April 1917, where after some debate it was agreed to set up a'Council of Nine' bringing all nationalists together under one banner.

He continued to build up the Liberty League Clubs. The different groups were merged in October 1917, under the newly elected Éamon de Valera, at the Sinn Féin Convention; the League of Women Delegates protested. It was de Valera's genius to adopt a flexibility that incorporated Count Plunkett and other non-republicans, their common aim was "an Irish government". They intended to be active citizens taking part in the nomination of elections, he was re-elected in the 1918 general election and joined the First Dáil, in which he served as Ceann Comhairle. At the first public session, during a sober address given by Father Michael O'Flanagan, Count Plunkett warned the small crowd not to cheer; the Catholicity of the meetings confirmed the divisions to unionist communities. Nominally Count Plunkett was given the foreign affairs portfolio, owing to his seniority, but Arthur Griffith conducted policy abroad. De Valera moved the Count to a Fine Arts portfolio in August 1921, in an effort to create an inner cabinet of only six.

De Valera's green modernism marginalized the old nobility, however correct. Following the Irish War of Independence, Count Plunkett joined the anti-treaty side, continued to support Sinn Féin after the split with Fianna Fáil, he lost his Dáil seat at the June 1927 general election. In a 1936 by-election in the Galway constituency, Plunkett ran as a joint Cumann Poblachta na hÉireann/Sinn Féin candidate. Losing his deposit, he polled only 2,696 votes. In 1938, he was one of the former members of the Second Dáil that purported to assign a self-proclaimed residual sovereign power to the IRA, when they signed the statement printed in the 17 December 1938 issue of the Wolfe Tone Weekly, he died at the age of 96 in Dublin. COUNT PLUNKETT COLLECTION – National Library of Ireland. Note-book of an eccentric philosopher – 1868 IE UCDA P79

Nina Las Vegas

Nina Elizabeth Agzarian, better known by her stage name Nina Las Vegas, is an Australian radio host, DJ and music producer. From 2009 to 2014 she was the host of House Party on national radio station Triple J, she released compilation albums, House Party Volume 1 and House Party Volume 2, which have appeared on the ARIA Dance Albums of the Year. In 2015 she started her own music recording label "NLV Records". Artists signed to NLV Records include Melbourne electronic producer Swick, Adelaide grime artist Strict Face, Melbourne producer Lewis Cancut and Dutch-born New Zealand DJ Air Max'97. Las Vegas is signed to the label. Nina Elizabeth Agzarian was born on 18 December 1984 in Wagga Wagga, the second daughter to an Armenian-Egyptian father and Australian mother, Janine née Bishop. At eighteen, she moved to Sydney to commence university, where she started working in radio production. In 2004 she began an internship at national youth radio broadcaster, Triple J, where she adopted the stage name of Nina Las Vegas.

In 2007 Agzarian, Andrew Levins and Diplo established Heaps Decent as a non-profit organisation which supports emerging underprivileged and indigenous musicians. Heaps Decent offers ongoing music programs at schools, juvenile justice centres and youth drop-in centres in New South Wales. From 2009 to 2014 Agzarian was the host of House Party on Triple J. On 3 August 2012 Triple J released a double CD, House Party Volume 1, where she mixed the tracks for various artists; the album peaked at number 2 on the ARIA Compilation Albums chart, was certified gold by ARIA. On 2 August 2013 Triple J issued a follow-up compilation album, House Party Volume 2, again with Agzarian mixing for various artists, which reached number 1 on the Australian iTunes chart and was certified Gold. Both compilation albums made the ARIA top 25 dance albums of the year for the respective year of their release. During this time she curated and toured with acts such as Flume, What So Not, Flight Facilities, Wave Racer, Indian Summer and Tyler Touché across the country as part of the Triple J House Party and'NLV Presents' National Tours.

She performed at Stereosonic and Splendour in the Grass in 2014, which attracted some criticism as she was a DJ and not a musician. She selected the soundtrack for the Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks to bring in 2015. In 2014 Agzarian released her first official EP, Don't Send, with Melbourne producer Swick on, American DJ and music producer, Skrillex's online label, Nest HQ, it was a two track release, "Don't Send" and "Flash Auto". In 2015 Agzarian announced her tour of the United States including performances at South by Southwest and the Winter Music Conference; as of February 2015 Agzarian produces and presents Mix Up Exclusives on Triple J, on Saturdays from 9 to 10 p.m. Agazarian has since resigned from Triple J to pursue her record label'NLV Records' and solo career. Profile at triple j Nina Las Vegas on Facebook

No. 1310 Flight RAF

No. 1310 Flight RAF is a flight of the Royal Air Force. No. 1310 Flight was first formed at RAF Llandow on 10 April 1944, equipped with Avro Anson I transport aircraft. The flight was disbanded on 21 July 1944 at RAF Bognor, absorbed by 83 Group Support Wing. 1310 Flight was re-formed at RAF Lyneham with Avro York transport aircraft to provide transport services for the early nuclear weapon tests in Western Australia, disbanding at RAAF station at Mallala on 7 December 1953. The next incarnation of 1310 Flight was at RAF Odiham, where the Flight prepared to transfer to British Guiana, in South America, to assist the nascent government of the newly independent state, its first role with helicopters flying Westland Whirlwind HAR 10s, with three helicopters, three pilots and thirty ground crew deployed to Atkinson Field. This mission was carried out alongside five Alouette II helicopters of 24 Flt. Army Air Corps, in joint support of the British Army for two years before its helicopters were flown back to RAF Fairford with the Flight disbanding on 14 October 1966.

Following the Falklands War, the Flight was reformed at Kelly's Garden near to Port San Carlos, as'ChinDet Falkland Islands', flying Boeing Chinook helicopters from Nos. 7 and 18 Squadrons, renamed as No. 1310 Flight RAF. 1310 Flt was amalgamated with 1564 Flt to form 78 Sqn at RAF Mount Pleasant. 1310 Flt was re-formed again at Split in Croatia in December 1995 for saw service in Bosnia, flying support for British units in the Implementation Force and Stabilisation Force until relieved by Chinooks of 298 Squadron RNLAF in December 2000. More it was again formed in southern Iraq to provide helicopter support to the British-commanded division based in the area and operated from a Main Operating Base at Basra Airport, from a Forward Operating Base in Al Amarah, it was replaced by 1419 Flt. From 2005-2006, 1310 Flight operated Chinooks in Afghanistan's Helmand and Kandahar Provinces, supporting the International Security Assistance Force; the Chinook's role in Afghanistan includes air assault, forward operating base resupply, casualty evacuation.

The flight has eight Chinooks under its control, during November 2014 five of these were returned to the United Kingdom and the three remaining were moved to Kabul to support the personnel training the Afghan Armed Forces. Three Chinooks were based in Kabul until March 2015 and were replaced by Puma HC.2s. From 2016- late 2017, 1310 Flight consisted of two Chinook HC.4s based in the Falkland Islands. RAF Mount Pleasant