Something Upstairs

Something Upstairs is a young adult historical thriller fiction novel written by Avi first published in 1988. It concerns a 12-year-old boy named Kenny Huldorf who has moved to a new area and discovers a ghost, Caleb, in a room. Caleb was the slave of a previous owner of the home, is stuck there until someone can help set him free. Kenny travels back in time with Caleb to find his murderer and comes to a dilemma on whether he can return to the present or save his new friend; the novel has won several awards in children's writing. Something Upstairs is about a twelve-year-old boy, Kenny Huldorf, who tells a story to Avi who had visited the school on a book tour, he moves from Los Angeles to Rhode Island. He lives in a house of past events, built in 1789. Kenny's room is in the attic. One night Kenny wakes to a scraping noise in the old slave room; when he looks inside, he sees a ghost. It moves a box full of books out of the way. Once it is out, the ghost feels the attic walls, in search of something.

Kenny and the ghost see each other. Kenny tells his father there is something upstairs, but his father interprets that as a metaphor for “something you don’t want anyone to know about. Secrets.” Kenny visits the local library, where he meets an old historian, Pardon Willinghast, curious about the property. Kenny tries to talk with the ghost boy, who mutters the word “slave.” He asks Willinghast if any former owners had slaves. After getting a sample of the floor analyzed by a chemist, Kenny talks with the slave boy, whose name is Caleb, who affirms that's his blood, that he was murdered in his sleep, he wants Kenny to help him find. Kenny doesn't think that's possible, but as he leaves, he finds. Kenny finds himself in an earlier time period, he follows a man, staring at his window. Another man sees Kenny and asks him to pass a message, which he does, but he reads it, noting it concerns a meeting aboard The Gaspee. Kenny runs back to his house and returns to his own time. Kenny asks Caleb. Caleb says his death was unnatural, so he's a memory fixed in time and space.

Caleb affirms the men were slave traders, gives Kenny the approximate day he was killed. Kenny confirms in the news articles that Caleb was found dead in the locked attic room in an apparent suicide. Caleb denies the suicide, they go back in time and listen in on the conversation aboard The Gaspee, which includes Pardon Willinghast! The men talk about how they can preserve their slave trade, by motivating the slave trade workers outside to go to Olney Lane to silence the blacks who live there. Caleb disappears. Kenny tries to leave but is stopped by Willinghast, who tells Kenny that he is a memory as well, that Caleb's running and the men leaving are all going according to plan, he takes Kenny's keychain and states that Kenny could be stuck in this time period forever as a ghost because of altered events. Kenny goes to Olney Lane and finds Caleb who has a musket; the angry drunken mob approaches, but Caleb confronts them, gets hit in the face with a rock before Kenny pulls him back. The mob sets fire to one of the nearby houses.

Caleb is so furious that he kills one of the mob. The mob tries to go after Caleb and Kenny. Kenny and Caleb retreat to their house. After figuring a way to lock the room from the inside, Kenny goes out to seek help, but is stopped by Pardon Willinghast, who has a proposal for Kenny. In order to return to the present time, Kenny will have to kill Caleb in the room, lock it from the inside to fulfill the suicide scenario. Willinghast reveals that he killed Caleb, that others were given a similar situation and had killed Caleb, he gives Kenny a double-barreled pistol. Kenny returns to Caleb and says that he was the murderer, but it was Willinghast who blackmailed him; the boys think of a way to change the situation. They fake Caleb's death using the blood from his cheek, lure Willinghast into the room. Willinghast finds he is still alive, he orders dangles the keychain. Kenny shoots. Kenny sees there is no stain on the floor; the library article now reads that Willinghast committed the slave boy is missing.

Kenny wonders if Caleb is free or whether he is stuck in another house as a memory. Kenny Huldorf Kenny is a 12-year-old boy who moves from Los Angeles to Providence, Rhode Island, where, in his room, he is haunted by a ghost, who turns to be Caleb, he has light hair and freckles. He carries around a Los Angeles Dodgers keychain, he agrees to help Caleb find the murderer, goes back in time. He learns that the slave traders want to send a message against the abolitionists, setting up the reason why Caleb was killed, but Willinghast grabs Kenny's key chain and blackmails him into choosing whether to kill Caleb and return to his own time, or to save him and risk being a ghost forever in the past. Caleb Caleb is a slave boy estimated to be 16 years old in 1800, but is a ghost in the present time whose memories are tied to the house, he was killed in a room in the attic, after being asked to stay at the house while his masters, the Stilwells, were out. He is seen by Kenny searching the walls for a way out.

Caleb wants Kenny to find his murderer. He has a blood stain on his back. Caleb doesn't trust Kenny, but decides to follow him after Ken


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