Ralph H. Bonnell

Ralph H. Bonnell was an American auto dealer and political figure who served as a member of the Republican National Committee as the Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party. Bonnell was born in Littleton, Massachusetts to Charles Bonnell, a factory worker, Hettie Claflin Bonnell. Bonnell's mother was the grandniece of former Massachusetts Governor William Claflin. In 1916, Bonnell graduated from Stow High School, he went to Boston to look for a job, where he found work delivering parcels. He worked for a wholesale plumbing company, first as an office boy later as a salesman. Bonnell needed a new car to do his sales work, however, a freight embargo prevented the car he ordered from being delivered, he and a group of Boston men traveled to the Ohio factory where the cars were built and drove them home. One of the men on the trip was the sales manager of the car company, he was offered him a job with the company, which Bonnell accepted. In 1925, Bonnell moved to Winchester, where he founded an auto dealership.

He was active in Winchester's civic affairs. He served on the town's Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, School Planning Committee and was president of the Winchester Rotary Club and the Winchester Country Club. Additionally, he led the fundraising drive for the construction of Winchester Hospital. In 1950, Bonnell was named vice-chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Finance Committee, he became chairman of the party's executive committee. In 1952 he was a member of the Electoral College, casting one of Massachusetts' votes for Dwight D. Eisenhower. On January 8, 1953, Bonnell defeated Frederick H. Deaborn 79 votes to 14 to become the Republican national committeeman for Massachusetts. In May 1956, Bonnell defeated incumbent Elmer C. Nelson to become Republican State Committee Chairman. Nelson's ouster came after Lieutenant Governor and the presumptive Republican nominee in the 1956 gubernatorial election, Sumner G. Whittier, called for his removal because of Nelson's "hostility" towards his candidacy.

Bonnell became chairman on the condition. He resigned as chairman on Election Day, but remained state committeeman until his resignation in 1962. Bonnell married Mildred Sullivan, one year below him at Stow High School, they had five children. Bonnell died on February 6, 1975 at the age of 75

Kaew Korravee

Korravee Pimsuk is a Thai actress and fashion model who works in Myanmar. She is best known for her breakthrough role as Emily in the 2018 film Deception, which propelled her to fame in Myanmar. Korravee was born on 4 April 1992 in Thailand, she is the youngest daughter of four siblings. She graduated with broadcasting from Bangkok University. Korravee started modeling at her age of 21 and acted magazine cover photos, she made her acting debut with a leading role in the Thai-Burmese film Myanmar In Love In Bangkok which screened in Thailand and Myanmar cinemas in 2014.. The film about the love between a Thai woman and a male migrant worker from Myanmar; the film is led to increased recognition for Korravee. In 2015, Korravee starred in her second film 67 Plaza alongside Burmese singer and actor Hlwan Paing, the film released in June 2018. In 2017, she portrayed her role as Emily in the 2018 film Deception, alongside Zenn Kyi and Thet Mon Myint, which premiered in Myanmar cinemas on 19 January 2018 stayed in local theaters for a record seven weeks and was screened in Singapore.

The film, a huge commercial hit slot nationally, topping film ratings and becoming the most watched film at that time. Korravee's portrayal of the character earned praised by fans for her acting performance and character interpretation, experienced a resurgence of popularity. Kaew Korravee on Instagram Kaew Korravee on Facebook Kaew Korravee on IMDb